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Arrison Aiyu Jelly @ Sunway Pyramid

The Aiyu jelly has been mistaken as ordinary gelatin by many people including yours truely but somehow I knew that Aiyu jelly is special. Just when I was about to learn more, Arrison Aiyu which specializes in Aiyu jelly desserts gave me the lowdown on the source of Aiyu and its benefits.
Aiyu jelly dessert at Arrison Aiyu
Aiyu jelly is made by peptides, a substance that envelopes the seeds of a fig fruit, setting into water forming a jelly-like mass. Aiyu jelly was first discovered by the indigenous people of the AliShan mountain 1800m above sea level in Taiwan. The fig fruit has to be dried and 'washed' or massaged into water to allow the peptides to be released into the water.

Authentic Aiyu jelly is not absolutely clear like the gelatin ones. If you examine Aiyu jelly closer, there will be spots of sediments from the fig seeds that escaped the filtration which is beneficial as fibre. So that is a tip on how to tell the knock-off products sold at night markets apart!
Arrison Aiyu, Sunway Pyramid at LG2.08A
The original aiyu jelly 
Value added desserts are no longer a mono-funtional as thrist quenchers. Customers like me would be looking out for its nutritional content and calorific values. Being currently obsessed with youth preservation, I am drawn to collagen boosters and vitamin C rich food.

Aiyu jelly is also known to:

1. have 20x peptine more than strawberry
2. lower cholesterol
3. lower blood pressure
4. prevent swelling
5. promote slimming
6. be good for complexion
7. sooth the internal system
8. alleviate constipation as it has lots of soluble fibre
9. contain lecithin that is used to treat memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer's
10. beneficial to kidney.

It is unbelievable that aiyu jelly is derived from the fig fruit
Authentic aiyu jelly has micro spots embedded within the jelly
Being colourless and tasteless on its own, Aiyu jelly is added into Chinese dessert soups for that springy and chewable texture. Peach gum and snow fungus are some of the favourite oriental ingredients to be paired with Aiyu jelly in these sweetened by longan, red dates and dried fruits. Chilled or warm, they bring delight to the consumer.
Peach gum aiyu
Snow fungus Aiyu
For youth and plumper complexion
From left strawberry aiyu tea, roselle aiyu tea and mango aiyu tea
Their fruit teas are also a delicious and healthy option to quench thirst. Every cup is of course added with the signature Aiyu jelly for that jolly good bite. Other than that, chunky fruit pulps also adds to the pleasure of each sip. The tea is derived from 100% fruit concentrate for that natural nourishment.
Bites of fruit pulp in the tea
Arrison Aiyu
Sunway Pyramid, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 018-663 4188

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