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Crazy Rich Chinese New Year @ Lost World of Tambun

While visiting family and friends can be very warm, it is no harm to give Chinese New Year gatherings a new twist of venue and of course, new topic of discussions other than *ahem* marriage.

The Lost World of Tambun showed me the epitome of just the place that would host my family and friends in a fun and exciting environment. Although "Crazy Rich Chinese New Year" sounds like it is all about the money, I am sure that it is love and happiness that I am going to be richer with. I'll tell you why.

Crazy Rich Chinese New Year at Lost World of Tambun
The entrance by night
At the opening ceremony of Crazy Rich Chinese New Year
CNY special activities from 5th to 19th Feb 2019
The Lost World of Tambun is all bedecked to the occasion with lanterns, banners and flowers, ready to imbue every visitor with abundant of prosperity and luck. Every corner of the park is graced with auspicious wordings and charmed with red and gold trinkets. I have never felt so showered with auspiciousness walking in any theme park!

The fun-filled park has a list of activities that will make waves of excitement amid the joy of the festival to guests of all walks of life. To begin with, those who visit the theme park on 5th and 6th February will be treated to the electrifying Neon and LED lit lion and dragon dance prancing at the beat of the drums. Other happenings at LWOT include meet and greet sessions with the God of Prosperity and the ‘Crazy Rich Dynasty’ play, that revolves around Chinese virtues. The display of martial art history also revives the appreciation of the Chinese roots. 

There are more reasons to celebrate with the ‘Spin It Rich’ game at Malayana Village from
1.00pm to 1.30pm every Friday and Saturday. For craft enthusiasts, the ‘Awesome Playhouse’ for a creative ‘Prosperous CNY Ornaments’ craft and skills session is there to keep you entertained. Register online also for the ‘Lou Sang’ session for a prosperous toss and better luck with loved ones throughout the year!

General Manager of Lost World of Tambun officiating the "Crazy Rich Chinese New Year'
Be sure to catch these neon lions that not only prance to the beat of the drum but glows
Be ready to be feted by performers of The Lost World of Tambun 
Look out for the appearance of the LED dragon too
Cultural dance
Register online for the ‘Lou Sang’ session for a prosperous toss and better luck with loved ones throughout the year!
Gong Xi Gong Xi at the beach
Of course, there are also the loyal attractions to fete you. Let not only the standard restaurant outing dominate your memory of your family but also enchanted experiences like in the Luminous Forest. This forest is created with much thought on details in every dimension- the sights, the sounds, the smell and the spirituality of the Malayana tribe.

The Luminous Forest
A transcendent kind
Immerse in natural hot spring water
A trip to Lost World of Tambun will not be complete without a dip into their famous hot spring. The park cleverly creates aesthetically matching pools to hold the spring water at different temperatures and accentuated the atmosphere with colourful glows of light.

Mixing the best of both Mother-nature and man's creations, the experience was so therapeutic that my longing for a revisit has never worn out. It transcends you to another world, away from all the complexities of the materialistic world.
The famous hot spring pools at Lost World of Tambun
Super indulgence
The Flaming Percussion
Being in Perak, the park is surrounded by limestones over 400 millions years old, creating an unrivaled cool atmosphere, uniquely one of its kind. A hidden gem within Malaysia, Sunway Lost World Of Tambun successfully converts what was previously a tin-mining wasteland into an iconic landmark, without destroying its natural surroundings – a site that’s historic, educational and entertaining at the same time, making it a must-visit site, unlike any other within the Southeast Asian region. This, among many others, truly befits Sunway Lost World of Tambun’s slogan of being “More Than Just A Theme Park!”

Falling in love with the park was easy
I fell in love with Lost World of Tambun when I felt the earnest efforts of the park to bring the best of nature to the people while preserving it. It gives nature and animal lovers a great opportunity to be one with organic life. Animals are well taken care of and the beauty of Perak's mountains and history is not forgotten here. Look up anytime when in the park and you will be soothed by the sight of lush vegetation and grand limestone mountains.

Nature all around
Got the chance to take a microscopic look at, Juwita, the park's celebrity hippo
Understanding wildlife from a safe place
Tiger taking a cooling soak

The pride of Lost World of Tambun, Mas Rain the Giraffe. He was born on a rainy day

I didn't expect that a place so close to home managed to fulfill one of my bucket list which I thought I had to go to Africa to do!

Zuzu, the baby zebra was born in Lost World of Tambun which means he is a pure Malaysian!
Guests are allowed to pet the giraffe, zebras and camels. But do be gentle!

White rabbit at petting zoo came to greet
At the hamster house
At the bird park
Take a break at Dulang, a cafe fused into a limestone cave
Absorbing the pristine environment
Show casing the origins of Perak as a mining state
Take a ride also on the first roller coaster in Perak, Lupe's adventure
Quaint rows of shops that is replicated from the colonial buildings in Ipoh
My visit to the Lost World of Tambun is perfected by the executive suite at The Lost World of Tambun Hotel which discounts the factors of traveling to have a good rest after all that play. 

Alternatively, you can choose for a more rugged way of living with the Glamping variety, which combines you with nature when you sleep out in well-equipped and well-guarded camps with roaming deers beside the lake that mirrors the mountains.
Therapy of spaciousness
King-sized bed
Ample space
Living room
Glamping sites
The Lost World of Tambun restored my harried soul and gifted me with happiness that was sincere and pure. Cheers to many more visits with my family and friends!

Thank you Lost World of Tambun for the fun and memorable experience

For more details on Lost World Of Tambun, call +605 542 8888, visit or connect to its Facebook page at

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