Sunday, March 29, 2020

When Corona Virus Conspires with Poverty and Hunger Against Humans

The Covid19 lockdown is most probably the worst thing that some of us have to endure in our lifetime. Footprints restricted to the compounds of the house, now likened to a penitentiary. Recreation freedom is curtailed. Food stock is to be rationed within the family. Grocery shopping becomes a pain, requiring extra gear of masks and gloves before leaving home, abundance of patience during and thorough sanitazation after. Boredom expedites your slow 'death'. You actually know the amount of grains in your rice jar. You are out of fresh movies on Netflicks. Such a torture staying home. Can anything be worse?

The so called "torture" you are facing is luxury to some. Daily wage workers experience this adversity in ways fixed salary workers can never imagine. What seem to be a frustration to those who have a roof above their heads is what some can only dream of. Those living from hand to mouth find their survival system collapsing. Unpaid rents and bills force them onto the streets. Without shelter, there is not much of staying home that can be done, exposing them to illnesses. It doesn't take the notorious Covid19 to claim their lives. Those hanging on the brink of health have to endure hunger. People with hands that roll breads everyday have to beg for bread now. Forget about medicine and health supplements when all they can afford is to line up for food from the government. They may not even survive for the virus to reach them.

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