Friday, July 26, 2019

Chinese Dessert Tong Sui @ Pudu

This tong sui stall still manages to draw customers although situated in a maze of shoplots in Pudu. Known as King of Chima Wu (sesame paste), this stall doesn't take your money if it doesn't satisfy you.

Tong sui time!
Upon arrival, I was greeted by a delightful sight of cauldrons containing thick liquid. My eyes were excited capturing quaint details of the store.

Cauldrons of desserts
While I paused to digest the menu, I caught a glimpse of bowls of pastes with lovely patterns being dished out, just like coffee art. Watching the master deftly creating the patterns with swift whips here and there was quite satisfying.

Price of desserts
Taste wise, sugar was used in moderation but the pastes were a little too starchy that the original flavours were overshadowed. Perhaps that sort of consistency is needed for dessert art to be created? Nonetheless, the winner among the flavours I tried was the almond paste.

Dessert art
This shop is still worth a visit as the restaurant is decorated with time-honoured things, bringing me back 2 generations ago. While treating the tastebuds, my eyes feasted on their fancy displays. CNY songs that were plated non-stop did give a very merry ambience and threw me off track of the time of the year. While having your dessert, absorb words of virtues that are placed at corners of the eatery.

Moral teachings pasted at every corner
Old stone grinders still used. No electricity needed.

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  1. lousy review - no focus on food - chimawu taste bad , probably unfiltered water