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Bangi Golf Resort Ramadan- Iftar Sesama

This Ramadan, one delicious Iftar option would be at the Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) with their theme Iftar Sesama which means breaking fast together. Their spacious hall can very well accommodate massive numbers of guests, in line with the togetherness that they are promoting with a sizeable array of food to match with over 200 food selections to satisfy any palette.

I decided to convene a much needed gathering for my girl friends for a night of food and fun. The spread of food filled our tummies with much satisfaction as flavours are authentically traditional and skillfully curated. The buffet is served outside the dining hall in a neat canteen-style set up where the sight and smell of food at every corner makes fasting more rewarding.

The price offered for online bookings at the website starts from as low as RM59.00 nett for adults and RM29.00 nett for children.

Buffet themed Iftar Sesama with my girl friends
Guests must get their hands on the roasted mutton.
Having the whole goat skillfully turned over the tamed fire makes perfectly tender and juicy pink meat
Spending iftar at BGR comes with charity as BGR Restaurant will donate 1% of its profits throughout this Ramadan al Mubarak to the Islamic Relief Malaysia fund. Through this contribution, it is hoped that the organisation will be empowered to hold more charitable activities, in particular those held to help the less fortunate.

Also, BGR Restaurant will work together with the Food Aid Foundation, to donate and save any surplus of food from the Ramadan buffet to give to those in need.

Not only that – throughout this Ramadan, BGR Restaurant will also create an Iftar Sesama
contribution box for the people who want to donate food and clothing to the underprivileged,
something that no restaurant has previously done before.
Sup kambing right from the kuali- the sufficiently spiced mutton broth deliciously warms the gut for a start.
But do be mindful that thick soup can be filling up the tummy quickly.
From farm to fork at the Bangi Farm Resort
The Bangi Farm Resort will also be showcased at the BGR Restaurant, featuring raw ingredients that are specially planted and harvested for Malay and traditional cuisine, bearing the concept of a "Farm in a City".

Nasi Kerabu for example, together with its organic vegetables is a delight to have especially if eaten together with serunding, coconut fish, stir-fried sambal gravy, fish crackers, fried chicken with spices and additional dishes like bunga kantan, kobis bulat, king fish, selom leaves, long beans and flavoured with slices of lime and chillies.

With so much raw ingredients needed, having them plucked fresh from the farm makes the dish even more toothsome. Even the Telang flowers (blue pea flowers) that give the rice its blue colour comes from the farm.

Delicious mix of nasi kerabu simply refreshes the palate with lots of raw and fragrant greens while being daring with crispy fried chicken
Live stall serving sous vide eggs with mushroom espumma
The ambrosial feeling when humble eggs are cooked right
Satays cannot be misssed
A decent nasi ayam for to satisfy chicken lovers
Chicken varuval
Kari ikan tenggiri
Kambing masak hitam mamak
Pasta for those with a western appetite
Singapore laksa gained approval at the first mouthful!
Ipoh chicken hor fun for those who needs something more demure
Ulam, kerabu and fish crackers to enhance the appetite
Live performance

Durians are not included in the buffet but if  you have a predilection for durians, do visit Bangi Farm Resort as durian farming is a highlight of the farm which is situated in the compounds of BGR. Bangi Farm Resort organises the annual Bangi Golf Resrot Durian Festival and Awards which comprises of a series of durian-focused activities. Durian lovers and producers come together to share their passion for the king of fruits.

Check out or email or call 03-89299888 for more information.
The heap of durian just excites guests
My turn finally- I dress for durian
Simply to die for!
Happy faces of durian afficionados
In the dessert section, you will find yourself overwhelmed with Bandung lychee cheese cake, pina colada cheese cake, blueberry crème brulee cake, red velvet Swiss roll, orange Jaffa Swiss roll,  purple velvet and cream cheese Swiss roll, green tea cheese cake, caramel blueberry filling cake, chocolate cake with choco cream, chocolate cake with peanut cream sweet potato with tam, caramel mousse, G3 mousse, pandan gula Melaka mousse, cendol mousse, Ong Lai mousse, purple
velvet yogurt and Oreo cheese cake.

Thirst quenchers are mango cordial, grape cordial, sugar cane, soy rose, flower tea, teh tarik,
coffee and tea, as well as fruits.
All sorts of traditional Malay cakes
Cakes for the sweet toothed
Ondeh-ondeh with sugar outside
More sweet choices for your sweet tooth
Fresh tropical fruits
The surau has been made more spacious in order to accommodate a larger congregation comfortably while avoiding long queues. The restrooms have had five to sixteen cubicles added and have been upgraded to 5 star facilities. In addition, 800 free parking lots have been prepared for guests to avoid congestion.
Inflatables to keep the children delighted
Jalan-jalan cari makan with Maria Tunku Sabri
An evening with legendary Dayangku Intan
Listening to Lan Solo serenading the crowd with Raya songs
The right Iftar brings family and friends closer
Bangi Golf Resort Restaurant
1, Persiaran Bandar, Bandar Baru Bangi.
Selangor 43650 Malaysia
Instagram: @bangigolfresortofficial

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