Monday, April 1, 2019

Yarl Restaurant @ Brickfields

Tucked at the corner of Brickfields, Yarl Restaurant may look like any ordinary Indian restaurant. Little do many know that it is one of the very few restaurants serving authentic Sri Langkan food. It was impressive to find out their level of commitment to the originality of Jaffna cuisine as all vital ingredients are imported from Sri Lanka itself.

Different from a 'mamak', this restaurant adopted a more modern cafe setting for the comfort of their patrons. One happy observation was the 'A' sign for cleanliness.
A little taste of Sri Lanka with friends
Yarl Restaurant at Brickfields
The restaurant sports a modern interior
Clockwise from bottom right- Egg appam (RM3), sweet appam (RM2.50) and plain appam (RM2)
Perfect as snack, Appams come in 3 variations in Yarl. Although originally a little sweet, it can be savoury with egg or sweetened even more with brown sugar. Idi sambal is spiced coconut shavings that pairs well with the Appams.

Crab curry (RM10 per 100g) with puttu (RM2.50)
Yarl Restaurant's curry dishes marries well with puttu as base accompanied by spiced coconut and coconut milk with turmeric. While the curry is piquantly flavoured with herbs and spices, the fresh crab meat balances the heavy curry with natural savoury sweetness. The contrast of the two kept me digging for more!

Chicken kothu (RM10)
When in the restaurant, you might pick up a rhythmic clanking from the kitchen. It is because of Kothu. Kothu is chopped up roti with your choice of vegetable, egg, chicken, mutton or prawn. Taste wise, it is not much different from what I imagined it to be, but the bite sized roti makes it fun to consume especially over a chat.

Yarl egg dosai (RM3)
If you are an egg fan, Sri Langkan egg dosai is quite convincing. Egg is evenly and generously spread throughout the dosai leaving little spots of plain dough giving the whole piece a fragrant and enjoyable taste especially if pinched with a little idi sambal and dhal.

The interior of Yarl Restaurant
Tucked at a corner of Brickfields

Yarl Restaurant
50, Jalan Padang Belia, Brickfields,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 010-360 6624

Opening hours: 7am-10pm daily

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