Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gai Ye BBQ Satay Lok Lok @ Cheras

Fans of satay celup need not leave the boundaries of Kuala Lumpur when they find themselves hankering to get their hands on lok lok of the Melakan variety. Find your way to Gai Ye BBQ Satay Lok Lok in Cheras to satisfy your cravings for the peanut broth made famous by Capitol in Melaka. Although the concept is derived from that historical state, the recipe Gai Ye established does not taste like they were even aspiring to duplicate the version from Melaka.
That pot of gut warming lok lok
Gai Ye's peanut broth is unique with its own character. A little mellow on the herbs and spices but punchier with chili. The aroma of peanut is not as pronounced as the one from Capitol. Owner of Gai Ye explains that it is because fresh peanuts are inserted in the soup only upon order and not left to be boiled excessively for rounds and rounds of customers. The latter practice is suspected to have caused cases of diarrhea among its patrons. 

Gai Ye's peanut broth however, will eventually thicken and exude more peanut flavour when boiled long enough which also means you cannot rush through your meal to get the best of it.
Gai Ye BBQ Satay Lok Lok in Cheras
The other soup chosen during our visit was the Tomyam based soup which did a good job in sustaining our appetite despite being sated. It is no secret that Tomyam pairs well with large range of food types. Its spiciness made everything more steamy and comforting especially on a rainy day.
Fresh peanuts inserted upon order. Tomyam soup in the other half of the pot
Credit is given to their efforts to innovate the base soups that come in salted egg, kimchi and assam laksa flavour. As lok loks I usually visit are housed in a van, Gai Ye's shop gave me the impression that I was in for a buffet steamboat. It is not guys! Perhaps a concept to be considered by Gai Ye?

The skewers are coloured according to prices that range mostly from RM1-3. Other items like the big-headed prawn is priced at RM10 each.
Make sure you get most out of your lok lok at the seafood section
Big headed prawn
Seafood is fresh on that day
Meat slices and shell fish
Good variety of steamboat ingredients that covers the essentials
And in goes my big-headed prawn
Do not overcook it for it to be sweet and succulent
Premium steamboat fishballs
One other dish that is off the hot pot menu is the Grilled Lamb with mint sauce that makes a great side dish. The meat is grilled till tender with sufficient seasoning and wonderful to be savoured during intervals while tending to the hotpot. 

Pick any of the skewered items too to be BBQed by their amiable staff if you are looking for a little diversion from the soupy affair. 

This place would be my recommendation for those searching for a place to accommodate long meals with lots of accumulated un-chatted topics.
Flavourful grilled lamb 
On the grill
A great diversion from the soupy meal and those who likes the crisp of bbq
Chatting over a bubbly pot of lok lok
Al fresco style on the streets
Gai Ye BBQ Satay Lok Lok
20-0-03 Block C, Jalan 2/101C,
Cheras Business Centre,
Kuala Lumpur

Opens from Monday - Friday 6pm- 2am
Saturday and Sunday 5pm-2am
Tel: 012-7900922

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Juadah Silka Ramadhan Buffet @ Kuala Lumpur

For those seeking for a cosy Ramadhan with a traditional spread, Juadah Silka by Silka Maytower (opposite Jakel Mall) can be a satisfying choice. Get a wide variety of Malay dishes at just a 5-minute walk from Masjid Jamek LRT station or Dang Wangi Monorail. The Juadah Silka Ramadhan buffet is a selection of innovative courses by Chef Mohd Fazi specially for this Ramadhan.
Dijemput Juadah Silka at Silka Maytower, Kuala Lumpur
The stir fried prawns with oats with curry leaves. daging panggang masak lemak cili padi, ikan pari asam pedas, telur itik masak lemak, nasi kabsab kambing, ayam maska kawah and beef rendang are some delights that will keep your appetite appeased. I must say that Silka Maytower provides one of the more worth it Ramadhan buffets in town. The range of food is fulfilling at an affordable price (check price below). From starters to dessert, this is a place recommended for a intimate fast breaking with family and friends.
La Maison Restaurant, Silka Maytower
8 local kerabu to satisfy your appetite
Ayam masak merah
Gulai Darat Daging Tetel
Puyuh Goreng Rempah
Stir Fried Prawns with Oats and Curry Leaves
Kupang Masak Lemak
Telur Itik Masak Lemak
Nasi Bryani
Western Grilled Corner
Rosemary Marinated Lamb Cutlet
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Kawah counter: Daging Masak Kawah, Rendang Ayam Kampung dan Kabsab Kambing
The traditional chicken and beef satay
Kangkung goreng belacan
Bubur lambuk and sup ekor
Sup ekor is worth a second bowl
Gado-gado with delicious peanut sauce
Fresh greens and vegetable salad
Fritters of banana, and tapioca
Create your own ice-kacang
Local kuih-muih
Homemade raya cookies
Sweet cakes
Juadah Silka will be available daily from 17th May till 13th June 2018 starting from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

RM65.00 nett per adult, RM35.00 nett per child (6-12 years old), RM45.00 nett per senior citizen (60 years old and above)

For bookings, call 03-26929298/ 016-2011655 or email

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Selera Warisan Nusantara @ Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA

Visits to KLIA was always about going overseas, homecoming or farewells. This Ramadhan, there is another reason to visit KLIA- to have fun exploring stall after stall of dishes from the Malay Archipelago! Overlooking planes from the nearby airport is indeed cool while breaking fast. Check out Sama-sama Hotel's Selera Warisan Nusantara, providing guests with gastronomic delights full of Asian character.
Now there is another reason to go KLIA
If  you arrive by bus like I did, take the buggy to reach the hotel although it only takes a 5-minute walk
Sama-sama Hotel KLIA
The large compound in the open air
The hotel's decoration took inspiration from the traditional kampung atmosphere and erected elevated platforms as the pangkin and batik motives.
Fresh sugar cane 
Who can resist the Street Kambing Golek
Or the Ikan Bakar
Tandoori Stall to satisfy those with an appetite for Indian food that day
At the porch, diners can feast to a carousel of live cooking stalls such as Satay, Ikan Bakar and Indian Tandoori stall. The best highlight would be at the barbeque stall which features Street Kambing Golek that is served with sauce choices of Black Pepper, Mushroom, BBQ and Rosemary.
For fans of the oriental noodles
Dip away at the Lok lok stall
Satay stall
Durian runtuh!
Free flow of durians
You wont stay yellow and fleshy for long!
Durian enthusiasts can crack as many durians at the designated stall. Sooth the body heat with some coconut water or sugar cane juice!
Enough variety to quench your thirst according to your mood
The garden beside the dining hall
Ghazal music by Suara-suara Otai
Those looking for a more cooling atmosphere in the air conditioning call
Malaysian delights
From the neighbouring country, Indonesia
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Visit Thailand and taste the beloved street food dish, Goi Krapao and the Malaysian street dishes like Red Snapper in Okra Curry. Try your luck also on the Beef Cooked with Bird's Eye Chilli.
The traditional bubur lambuk
The soup ekor will make you ask for doubles!
Malaysian dessert
Local condiments to spruce our dishes
Kerisik for some texture
How can we go without the good old ikan masin
Fresh fruits fashionably in baskets
Dried dates, customary during the Ramadhan month
Sama-sama Hotel capable of pastry desserts too
Tartlets and chocolate mousse
Nothing is more local than the Malaysian rojak
Apam balik, ice kacang, ice cream kampung are all available
Create your own ice kacang!
Sweet tooths will find a delectable display of sweet treats featuring Black Forest cakes, apam balik, local kuihs, ice kacang, ice cream kampung and ice cream potong!
A buffet spread with character
The Selera Warisan Nusantara fast-breaking buffet is available all throughout the season from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Priced at RM135 nett per person on weekdays and RM99 nett per person on weekends the culinary brigade at the hotel also offers gourp bookings of 50 persons and above or Ramadhan banquet. This will be allocated in the hotel's various function rooms for a more private and affectionate dining affair.

For more information and reservatinos, contact 03-8787333 or email