Sunday, October 22, 2017

LDT Masterchef Hong Kong Style Cafe @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant nearly has all types of Chinese foodl covered in its menu- from Chinese dim sum to noodles to English breakfast, there is something for every appetite! The new Hong Kong style cafe, Master Chef Lok Deng Tin (LDT), is the latest addition to the eateries in the Sri Petaling neighbourhood. Other than its comprehensive menu and extensive opening hours (8am till 2am) this cafe exudes classy Chinese elegance and displays commendable cleanliness.
The entrance of Master Chef LDT
Comfortable and clean environment
Master Chef LDT started their business with two dishes that they were skilled in- the Superior Soup Xiao Loong Bao and their 'la mien' which they have called it their signature Master Chef Noodles. It is when they realized that their valued customers deserve much more that they have decided to expand their concept from a two-dish specialty restaurant to a cafe which caters to all sorts of tastebuds.
Master Chef Superior Soup Xiao Loong Bao RM12.90
Their xiao loong bao was up to expectation as the thin skin was skillfully made to bundle up sweet superior soup and a ball of pork meat. Every dumpling was a pouch of treat. I handled each with utmost care to not spill the precious soup.
Onion Sauce Wanton with Master Chef Noodle RM11.90
Springy and toothsome was their house-made noodles. Seasoned with spicy sauce, it is served with three wantons which contains well prepped ingredients, including prawns.
Wanton with prawn
Brunch with mummy at Master Chef LDT
Steamed Spare Ribs RM6.90
Thai Style Prawn Parcel RM7.90
The needs of those who likes the sight of bamboo baskets on their table is taken care of by their dim sum menu. Each dish is exclusively made to bring out the flavour of the steamed ingredients the original Hong Kong way.
Dim sum, one of my favourites for breakfast 
Steamed Custard Salted Yolk Bun RM6.90
Salted egg has been capturing the hearts of people through lau sar pau long before we thought the frenzy started. Feel the elation of having the savoury golden filling spill when the bun is torn apart although it is very well expected it will happen with those yellow buns.
Deliciously flowy filling
Feel the burst of flavours of salty and sweet when eating the lau sar pau
Dried Oyster Vegetable Groundnut Porridge RM10.90 (1pax) RM18.90 (2 pax)
Try their smooth Dried Oyster Vegetable Groundnut Porridge which is invested with generous amounts of dried oysters to give that appetizing taste. This bowl contains homemade goodness that even my mother approves of.
Korean Rice Bowl with Chicken Chop RM11.90
Master Chef Ginger Milk Tea RM4.90
If your gut is not ready for food then refresh with their beverages. Their Master Chef Ginger Milk Tea makes great fuel for chats and catch-ups during afternoon tea.
Yumcha with mom
Those with an appetite of the West can opt for their English breakfasts served all day. Healthier choices would be their fibre-rich Apple Salad Breakfast.
Cheese Sausage and Ham Breakfast  RM14.90
Apple Salad Breakfast RM9.90
Pork Burger RM7.90
Cream of Mushroom "Brulee" RM7.90
Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in their wide selection of desserts like their Chinese sweet soups and ice kacang- perfect for those moments between meals.
Red Bean Tong Shui RM4.50
Cendol Snow Mountain RM7.90
Master Chef at Sri Petaling
Master Chef LDT
No 38G, Jalan Radin Anum Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening hours: 8.00am-2.00am

03-9054 2626

Friday, October 20, 2017

Nights of Fright 5 @ Sunway Lagoon

You have been warned months before October arrived. Gates that hold all evil and horror opens and hell breaks loose. This is no longer your realm. Thrill junkies, rejoice! But don't think you can ridicule any creature there for you can never be too sure of reality and fantasy at the Festival of Fear!
I laugh in the face of the devil
Nights of Fright is Sunway Lagoon's trademark festival in October. The joint production with Lynton V. Harris from the Sudden Impact Entertainment sees meticulous preparation throughout the year. The team injected a slice of true events and myths with some Asian flavour. From 7th till 31st October, 7.30pm-11.30pm, Sunway Lagoon will be a playground for spirits and ghouls and lost souls. 
My annual scare fair
Some blood from the pharmacy  wont hurt
Unleashing the devil within
Opening dance at Nights of Fright 5 where ghosts come out to play
Nights of the Undead Run
More than 1,300 participants ran for their lives to the finishing line by completing obstacles such as Outbreak, Spider Web and Survivor at various stations.
Chee Cheong Fun
Something has an eye on you
Further heighten the chill in your bones at Ouija by gathering around to experience a scaryseance in the mysterious and long abandoned attic of Mr. E. J. Bond Esquire's home.
Day of the Dead in 3D
There is a belief that says if you die, everything grows dark around the edges until there is only darkness. Prepare yourself with death at Day of the Dead in 3D where you will be exposed to the phenomenon of life of the dead. Stay alert as those with low spirit might be spotted by the dead souls and they would always want some company.
You'll be sorry for what you did to the inmates
Ever wondered what goes behind the bars of Pudu Jail? Experience it first hand as you walk through the judgement lane. where you are given the closest representation of how prisoners are hung alive!
Don't call yourself brave before you enter the Island of Dolls
Do not call yourself brave until you have entered the Island of Dolls, a replica of an accidental tourist attraction in Mexico which became famous due to a tragic disaster.
Wait till I break free
Overrun with squalor, human misery, oppression, disease and overcrowding, haunted hospitals have one thing in common, the deceased lingering their halls. Dystopia exposes you to a horrifying experience of patient treatments that are frightful to hear and daunting to see in the year 2147.
Bloody Food Street
Feed your fear and gut with some food. After all the screaming and frights, your tummy will guide you to the Bloody Food Street.
Ghostbusters HQ
All within Scream Park, amp your fear levels and call up the Ghostbusters while wandering through the iconic Firehouse HQ and some infamous ghost locations such as Aldridge Manson and Sweard Street Subway.
Magic show
Meet the scariest movie characters of all time who will come to life and celebrate a night of horror at Horrorwood Studios.
Horrorwood Studios
If you think you are fearless, enter the Zombie Apocalypse with simply no escape once you step foot into the land of the undead who will show you the worst of fears. 

Face the curse of the sea at Zombie Pirates with the undead guardians shunning you away from bay into a pool of their horrifying tormet. 
And someone stole my heart
Then move on to Pontianak vs Pocong, a bloody affair of a lover returning as a pontianak and unfaithful husband as a Pocong- seeking what is rightfully theirs in a classic battle of evil versus evil.
What do you think you are looking at?
The Forest of Fear lures. Walk through different tombstones, haunted trees and leafy vines making your stroll in the forest vulnerable to surprise encounters. 

Join the parade at the March of the Undead, the street where scare characters walk about in different hauntingly beautiful make up and costumes. Decorated with Mexican paper flags and accompanied by large puppet processions honouring the dead, it will surely send chills down your spine.
Just a fantasy or is it?
Air brush body art and fortune telling
When the moon shines into the deepest dungeons of torture
Nights of Fright 5 comes to life at 7.30pm-11.30pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7th-31st Octobere 2017.

Tickets are priced at RM64.
My personal advice, go for the express tickets. More thrill in the fast lane!

For more information, call +6035639000
or connect to

This event is recommended for guests above 12 years old. Visitors dressed in their coolest and spookiest costumes will not be allowed to wear face masks or theatrical make up to the event nights. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Brooklyn Day Out @ Sky Avenue

It is always exciting at Sky Avenue, Genting's latest lifestlye mall. Just after their inaugural fashion week, they brought New York City to the peak!

The birthplace of Motorino Pizza, Brooklyn is the most populous of New York City's 5 boroughs. 

So what did we do at Brooklyn Day Out at Sky Avenue Genting? Chillin' and eatin' just like a New Yorker baybeh!

Motorino pizza, meatballs, dance, music, games, photobooth, popcorn, candy floss...what's not to love!

Thank you for the wonderful day RW Genting!

Back in New York city
Brooklyn Day Out
Eating pizza while chilling with music all day long

All that jazz
Photobooth fun!
I can play with props all day long
Superb performance by Octopussy Dance crew
Performance by Ameera
Cotton candy!
Look who I found! Skinny D from!
And Jay!
Salad and tiramisu
The morning crew playing games with the guests
When you are at Sky Avenue Genting, remember to catch their Sky Symphony at the atrium level 1. I love being entranced by their magical show.

Sky Symphony is the largest permanent winch installation in Asia. Watch how the ceiling comes to life and forms a spectacular dance!

There are 3 theme shows which you can catch every day, every 2 hours from 10am to 6pm and 6pm till midnight every hour.

Back to Brooklyn
Pizza, chicken wings and OJ
Tattoos for fun!

For more information go to