Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Garrett Popcorn is 66 Years Old and Opening at Gateway@KLIA2

Every time I am in One Utama, I will be lifted by the nose by the aroma of Garrett popcorns. They are not only normal snacks, they are called gourmet popcorns. It simply means, if Musang King is the cream of all durians, Garrett is the Musang King of all popcorns.
This bucket of gold

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ghosts Wanted!- Scare School @ Nights of Fright 3 Sunway Lagoon

In Monsters University, we saw how Mike and Sulley ace in Scare School where they teach monsters how to be the scariest, creepiest, most horrifying creatures in the human world. Guess what! Scare School exists! And I am one the lucky ones who sat among the ghosts of Nights of Fright 3 at Sunway Lagoon.
Looks friendly and all at first...wait till you scroll down

Monday, September 28, 2015

Star World's Woman of Worth

The return of Olivia Pope and Cookie Lyon on our domestic screens was celebrated with much glamour. FOX International Channels (FIC) drew inspiration from hit series Scandal and Empire to celebrate women at the posh Le Meridian Pool side. Not only women were invited to the event, supportive men and die hard fans of the series attended the event themed corporate chic or luxe and glam. Beautiful people dressed up to the nines in heels, shimmering in diamonds and sequins graced the event.
Woman of Worth by Fox International Channels on Star World

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Mooncake Festival 2015!

The Mooncake Festival always has a special place in my heart because it is always only a few days apart from my birthday. Since young, I look forward to this day because it is when family and friends will gather to seong yuet (admire the moon in Cantonese). The moon never fails to be at its fullest and brightest on that night. The luminescence of the moon will involuntarily lure us into a hypnotic gaze. Gatherings will be al fresco, articulated with tit bits, pomelo, baby yams with sugar and of course the celebrated food of the night, mooncakes!

I think paper lanterns are very elegant and romantic

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Calling for Stuntmen Wannabes in Malaysia- The Stunt Training Academy MAPS

My heart was pumping like crazy. “Ready?” he asked. He jolted the gear and the car catapulted to the fore! Before I could establish my bearings, the car shrieked into a drift and flung 180 degrees. All motion then stopped. The car purred back to the clapping crowd. In the vehicle with me was Cameron Ambridge.
Just got down from my stunt vehicle

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lacelle Jewel Coloured Contact Lens by Bauch and Lomb

You see the guy across the table. You find him quite cute and you might regret if you leave the place without saying at least a tiny “hi”. You force yourself to speak but your mouth feels as tight as a stubborn bottle lid. What are you going to do? It is time to let your eyes do the talking! 
This is how single-lidded oriental eyes are decorated with colours
Sporting green eyes with Peridot Green. It spells subtle and bold at the same time.
At a glance they look dark but they can scream for attention and make people look again with the gleaming colour.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Crazy Bites @ Subang Jaya

There is a new kid in town. His name is Kirikuru. I met him in his new restaurant in Subang Jaya. The Crazy Bites is the latest addition to the many eateries in the student-populated area near Taylors College and Inti College. The Crazy Bites is just over one month old, having opened its doors on the 14th Aug 2015. I went to see how crazy my dinner would be.
Kirikuru- maskot of The Crazy Bites.
The plush toy is not for sale yet but there will be future plans 
Happy thoughts

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Survival Guide for MTV World Stage

So it was my debut appearance at the MTV World Stage 2015 that Saturday and boy was I nervous!
With 20 000 fans waiting for me....Sorry, I meant with 20 000 people partying with me, I did learn a few things through observation and through my own painful experience.
My debut appearance at the MTV World Stage 2015

Here are some tips to first timers like me going for the next MTV World Stage or for any concert or rave party for the matter. 
Where there is light

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MTV World Stage 2015 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

The most anticipated event of the year had finally arrived. The thought that has been playing in my mind for weeks was finally happening. It is the...

I remember the last few hours jamming towards Sunway Lagoon were anxious moments. Will I get a parking in time? Is the Surf Beach already flooded with people? What should I eat before the concert? See survival tips when going for an MTV concert here.
MTV glow ring

Monday, September 14, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 4/4)- Resort Seafood Steamboat

The sun retires and the night pulls its crisp cold blanket of mist over Genting. While the chilly atmosphere endeared to my face and the hands, my stomach growls for some warm affection. A steamboat meal is the perfect choice for the temperate weather. In the most happening highlands in Malaysia, make your way to Resorts Seafood Steamboat.
Resort Seafood Steamboat

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 3/4)- First World Hotel

First World Hotel has always been known for its two towers- Tower 1 and Tower 2. Now, the towers have a baby called Tower 2 Annex! Just kidding. First World Hotel now opens a third tower that adds 1286 more rooms to the world largest hotel making it a staggering amount of 7351 rooms. Having a multi-billion Ringgit tourism plan, including the most anticipated Twentieth Century Fox World, it is a sure thing that throngs of people will be drawn uphill. Genting cannot let their patrons sleep on the street, can they? 

I stayed on the 28th floor which is also the highest floor of Tower 2 Annex

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 2/4)- Superstars of Magic 4

During the days when I still believed in tooth fairies my eyes would be surgically attached to the TV when magic shows were on air. I screamed to the universe and back wondering how were all the tricks possible but yet a part of me rather not know because I enjoyed the lure of mystery. Although I spent all my childhood believing in rabbits born from hats and levitating humans, magicians and I were always separated by the TV screen. Slowly, I started believing that they were somewhat camera tricks and did not pursue more.
Superstars of Magic 4
Magic did not give up on me

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Discounts for the school holidays when you buy Resorts World Genting online packages

With school holidays just around the corner and in conjunction with Matta Fair, it’s the best time to buy your holidays now and what better way to spend your holiday breaks at Resorts World Genting.

From 1st to 14th September, book online for First World Hotel room promotion at just RM55 nett for a Standard Room one night stay. Or opt to stay in the new XYZ Deluxe room for just RM80.  If Steamboat is your favorite, stay and dine at Resort Seafood for just RM159 nett for two persons. There is also the XYZ Triple room with breakfast for just RM165 nett for three persons!

XYZ Triple Deluxe Room

Black Paint- Pore Cleansing Soap

I was casually walking in AEON One Utama when I chanced upon a video of a beautiful Japanese lady. As I watched more, I got more curious. Her face was black! Then I looked around the counter and I my eyes caught something relevant- Black Paint. For a moment I actually checked whether I was at the ladies department or the hardware department. There were soaps everywhere. An interestingly strong name for skincare products, I thought.
Black Paint for healthier and more beautiful skin
With Miyuki Maeda,founder and president of Black Paint who humbly gave me a friendly handshake

Friday, September 4, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 1/4)- Behind The Scenes Tour

Laundry. Only 9 kg of laundry, I surmise, an average person in Malaysian weather would have to do on a weekly basis. Ah the wonderful process of washing, drying and folding- my favourite activity…not! I am sure many would feel the same way. Try guessing how much the largest hotel in the world has to do on a daily basis? With 7351 rooms, at least double that amount of towels and a few times that number of linens, laundry is indeed a department that requires its own factory! All this amazing exposure and more was experienced with the Resorts World Behind the Scenes Tour (BTS tour).
At the Behind the Scenes Tour Resorts World Genting

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My First Carbon Laser Peel Experience at Ido's Clinic and I Love It!

I looked at the screen that managed to put a smile on my face on a very hot and hazy afternoon. The screen was showing the before and after photos of my face. So it really works! Before this, I only heard of the efficacy of the treatment which I thought was most probably marketing glib. I did not believe much in aesthetic treatments until I did it and saw the difference myself after only one carbon laser peel treatment. Check out my first post on Ido's Clinic here
Carbon is sourced from coconut husks