Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eat Free with Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016

My friends noticed a difference in me ever since I got 'the book". Whenever it is time to eat, I whip 'the book' out, eagerly studying the pages as if there is free food. IS INDEED all about free food! The Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016 is a compilation of freebie and discount coupons.

Not only that, it has also become the Google of places to eat. Whenever we start asking "eat what ah?", we refer to the Worthy Book for ideas. Even my friends enjoy being with me...or rather being with the book hehe. The pages are flipped till the edges and corners are blunt and peeled. 

Read on to see what I mean!
The Worthy Book is not only a compilation of coupons, it is a collection of ideas of where to eat

To give you a better picture, it is like Groupon just that all the coupons are already in your hands. For a mere RM30.00, you get to save RM3000 in freebies and discounts. 180 vouchers ready to be used at over 100 malls and restaurants in Malaysia. The wide range of restaurants and stores participating in Worthy Book will keep you fueled with goodies and ideas till September 2016.
Worthy Book F&B Edition 2015-2016

8 things I like about Worthy Book:

1. The coupons allow you to save. You know how eating out is getting more expensive these days? But I still long for a splash of lifestyle. Worthy Book gives me the satisfaction of maintaining that lifestyle at a lower price with their discount coupons.

2. The Worthy Book is a great gift itself, rewarding the receiver with multifold perks that would cost you a bomb and a lifetime to give if they were given on its own.

3. The contents are thoughtfully categorized according to cuisine, area, shopping mall and state. I love how they made it very clear. I find no hassle in finding the coupons and I always get to my pages within seconds.

4. It is handy. I slip it in my handbag and it goes wherever I go so that I wont miss out on any offers.

5. The coupons are genuine deals with no hidden agenda. Read the terms and conditions written clearly behind and redeem accordingly. What is written is what you will get!

6. It gives ideas of places to eat. Deciding where to eat is no longer unfavourable. Refreshing ideas are neatly displayed in hardcopy and at the pleasure of turning the pages. At times, it even makes me look forward to the usually disliked decision-making!

7. I give Worthy Book a thumbs up for furnishing sufficient information about every restaurant they feature. Address, telephone number, website, facebook, opening hours and their specialties are systematically printed. I discovered that I do not need to look elsewhere for information.

8. Coupon stubs are easy to tear. Do not underestimate the make of a coupon book as it can make or shake your meal. Stubs are firmly attached while smooth tearing is still possible only when needed. Keep the rest of the page for future reference on where to eat.

My suggestion to Worthy Book is to allocate a note section so that sentimental users like me can jot their experience throughout their culinary journey with the book.   

KGB (Killer Gourmet Burgers) @ TTDI
My colleagues and I were clueless about where to have lunch and wanted a change of environment from the chicken rice shop conveniently opposite our office. Burgers at KGB came to perspective when we flipped through Worthy Book. 
KGB coupons
Merry chatters were created while we discussed how to optimize the coupons for the four of us.
Deciding what to eat can be a jolly occasion with friends
Free milkshake with purchase of 2 burgers
More fun with colleagues
Value meal
Bobcat Burger discount 20% saved RM3.20
Tornado Burger discount 20% saved RM3.40
Free Nutella Milkshake saved RM12.00
Total saved RM18.60

MBG Member Card for Life
Free member card with purchase worth RM10.00
Free member card saved RM10.00
Gives you MBG card member price, free 1 fruit juice on your birthday and points for redemption

Juice Work Member Card
Juice works member card gives you 
Free member card saved RM11.30
10% discount on all regular priced items, free drink on your birthday, 10%+10% on birthday month, monthly specials

Gelato afer dinner
Buy 1 Free 1 coupon saved RM10.00 for my date and I that evening

There are some luke warm offers that make you feel that the restaurants could be more generous. But those are just a fraction of the book. You'll find many good steals in between them.

While Worthy Book is doing a good job in compiling the goodies, restaurants might want to make the promotions known to their staff. There were times that I had to wait for them to call their HQ to verify my authentic coupon.

Another advice is to call the restaurants first before heading there. One year is a long time and many things can change. The Little Pantry for example is no longer in business.  I did not get my free chicken chop that day :(

Having said those, Worthy Book is definitely a book that I recommend. It makes my meals cheaper and adventurous! What else can you ask more for RM30. Next, I am heading to Sushi Tei for my FREE SALMON SASHIMI...without purchase!

Worthy Book 
Available at MPH, Times, Kinokuniya,, Popular, Borders and 7Eleven
Check out the Ladies edition at

Friday, December 25, 2015

Eat Healthier and Easier with Dah Makan

If you cannot go to your food, let the food come to you. Dah Makan is a kitchen and food delivery service that brings healthy meals right to your doorstep. I decided to check it out to see if they live up to their words and how efficient are they in delivery.
If you cannot go to your food, let the food come to you
The website is user-friendly and easily understood with simple lay-outs. Visuals of the menu are aligned neatly that it engaged me to click!
Simple lay-out and user-friendly website
I like the way Dah Makan only offers 2 choices every lunch and dinner. Too many choices give fickle minds like mine a headache and only diminishes the appetite. On that day, I decided to order dinner and chose the Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken with Herb and Raisin Wild Rice and Roasted Vegetables. I had an inclination towards rice that day so it was easy to decide between the grain and bread. 
Receiving my order from Dah Makan
There are 3 time slots to choose from. The 1-hour slots starts from 5:30pm and ends at 8:30pm. I had a problem getting the time slot of my choice as it was greyed out. If problems like this occur, just give Dah Makan a call to sort it out. Mine was resolved with friendly service in a jiffy.

Neat packaging with cutleries
The delivery boy called me 5 minutes before reaching my house. Dah Makan was not only punctual, food was protected in a foil bag and delivered like a treasure. I received my meal warm and my juice chilly.

Main course: Moroccan chicken stew with herb and raisin studded wild rice pilaf with crunchy roasted cauliflower florets and carrots RM20.00

Drink: Watermelon and Lime Juice RM6.00

Snack: Coconut curry lime nut mix by Amazin' Graze RM5.00

Total: RM31.00
My dinner box came in an adequate portion for 1 person
Every meal has its ingredients listed to you when you order. To health conscious people who eats clean, this is the perfect delivery for you. Calories are also stated so that you can watch your intake. My Moroccan chicken has these ingredients and gave me 690kcal.

Wild rice
Olive Oil
Curry Powder

Wish you could smell it from the picture
The Moroccan Chicken was piquant with tomato with a hint of curry flavour that gave it an appetizing appeal. Wild rice will naturally taste peculiar with more fiber content but no one said healthy food is the most yummy. The rice was still soft and warm and articulated with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots that were roasted to the hardness that I was pleased with.
Wild rice pilaf tasted good
Having dinner at the comfort of my own home
Order this as a surprise treat or gift for your hubby or friend who is a health freak. You will be thanked profusely.
Eat right, eat healthily
Compliment your meal with their concoction of juices. I chose watermelon and lime juice. Like I expected, it turned out to be refreshing. It had me burping out the word healthy after dinner.
Watermelon and lime juice
Later in the evening, my appetite was tickling again. I needed something to nibble on. My little packet of coconut curry lime snack by Amazin' Graze extinguished the craving on a healthy note. I chose this snack because I was intrigued by the uncommon combination of curry and lime. The curry did a great job in making the pecans irresistibly delicious! There was no spiciness. The lime and brown sugar gave it an interesting twist, giving my palettes a world of a time.
Coconut curry lime snack
Dah Makan food and delivery service definitely scores a thumbs up for contributing to healthy eating. This contemporary business has been featured in NTV7, Women's Weekly and Malay Mail. Delivery is at the moment free within the Klang Valley. 

I personally think this service offers a fuss free situation for your lunch and breakfast. Totally easy and convenient. It may be a little pricey but it is one kitchen you can count on for healthier food compared to the char kuey teow accross the road. Plus, the food is guaranteed to reach you, rain or shine.

Dah Makan feeds some giant corporations like Petronas, KPMG, Maxis, Maybank. So if you happen to attend a lunch meeting with these companies, you might be served with healthy lunch boxes from Dah Makan. 

Dah Makan does not open every day though. They are closed on weekends and public holidays. After having the food taste approved, let's hope that they turn their service into a daily affair for greater convenience.

Now here is a great deal for you to try Dah Makan!
Put in the code EWENHOOI to get RM10 off your first order with Dah Makan 
and experience it yourself

Find out about Dah Makan's corporate prices and long term packages at
To order, go to

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Molten Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Frenzy from Le Bread Days Cafe @ SS2

I had enough! What is all this hype about the molten salted egg yolk croissant?! What spell has this bread casted on the people that caused so much chaos and hype. This is definitely no ordinary situation. The dough that could command people to queue, quarrel and talk incessantly about it. I nearly died of curiosity. Thus, I became one of them on that faithful Saturday.

I had to try the much talked about Molten
Le Bread Days Cafe shot to stardom in such an instant with its croissants until it was apparently too overwhelming for them to manage. I am not sure whether Rebecca Saw's post made it popular or Rebecca reviewed it BECAUSE it is already popular. 

When they first became famous, they were quite fickle with the time they bring out their batches unleashing an uproar of dissatisfaction among about-to-be patrons. They ended up empty handed as the bread was (and still is) always sold out and people did not know when to catch it.
The line spans up to 2 shoplots
The bakery must have groped their way to be more organized by establishing a system. Croissants come out at a fixed time now- 11:30am and 3:30pm. A waitress would match names and their orders (maximum 4 croissants per person) while they queue. Customers who came just for the Molten would have to wait outside. I look at the line with envy and admiration. The line was 2 shoplots long. From the photo, it would be until 7-Eleven. How I wish I had a line like that queuing for whatever I will be selling! I arrived at 11am and I was number 8 in line while my sidekick was number 9.
The croissants are out only at 11.30am and 3.00pm daily
Inside the cafe, it was a little crowded. If you are planning to go to the cafe for a sit-down visit, remember to avoid the table near the back counter at 11-ish and 3-ish. You will not able to eat in peace. In fact, the customer had to relocate to another table for fear of being squished.
The crowd in the cafe, all waiting for their turns to collect their bread
After paying, we loitered at the back counter and waited for our names to be called. The celebrity bread came out and all were full of anticipation and cannot wait to sink our teeth into the croissants. Will it really be THAT GOOD? Is it overrated? Will it be worth my 1-hour queue? I wouldn't mind making bread if my business is THIS GOOD!
The celebrity bread, freshly out of oven at RM6.90 each before GST, RM7.30 after GST
I wouldn't mind making bread if my business is as overwhelming as this
My sidekick and I got 4 croissants each. Well, it was not that we were influenced. We were not planning to use all the time and effort just to get one each! 
My sidekick and I got 4 breads each
At last! There was nothing in between me and the croissant. I lodged myself at a coffeeshop with a clear and unbiased mind. There was no sign of salted egg yolk at my first bite. The croissant itself did not disappoint! It was crispy and flakey on the outside. Inside, it was tissue soft and had an appetizing buttery fragrance. On top, there were sprinkles of a mixture of butter and sugar which gave it a pleasant crunch.
Crispy on the outside and molten on the inside
When I got to the core, I immediately could recognize that I reached the heavenly part! The filling was piping hot and redolent of the popular flavour. It was creamy and rich with a good balance of sweet and salty. There was just the right amount of salted egg. The runny filling was part of its luscious texture as it is not too thick. It will tease you by flowing all over your mouth and hands. The combination of the pastry and molten filling in a bite will launch you to bliss for a moment.
"No wonder the queue," my sidekick concluded.

I'd like to ask a variation of a question I saw on the web:

Are you willing to line up for the croissant?
A. Definitely
B. Can I pay someone to do it?
C. No. I'll wait for the hype to die down

Which is your answer?

Le Bread Days Cafe
    68, Jalan SS 2/72, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    (next to New Paris Restaurant)
    Tel: +60 3-7932 0868
    Opening hours: 7:30am – 10:00pm

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shopping at Freeport A' Famosa Outlet @ Melaka

The I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome kicked again. More so, when Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are coming one after another. Joining the success of Outlet Malls in the south and near KLIA2, A' Famosa launched Malaysia's latest outlet on 5th December 2015. I answered the calling and made my trip down to Melaka for my festive clothes hunt!

Dutch themed architecture welcomed me when I arrived. It is the perfect portrayal of the historical state. The single story mall is arranged in a 180,000 sqft open air space accommodating over 60 fashion, sport and accessory brands. This place is structured with beautiful landscapes, featuring a lake, fountains, carousel and windmill. 
Dutch themed buildings
The waterfront backdropped by the trademark windmill
Freeport A' Famosa houses 60 premium brands like Nike, Cotton On, Esprit, Puma, G2000, Carlo Rino, Clarks, Forever 21, Samsonite, Folli Follie, Sacoor Brothers and more. To those who just cannot get enough, 40 more shops are expected to open in 2016 to satisfy your shopping fetish.
The windmill, the centerpiece of the outlet
Forever 21 made an impression with their inevitable sale. It was hard not to get something from there. The "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer got almost everyone hooked. Scroll down to see what I got.
Forever 21
Be prepared to brave the crowd at the outlet
Nature Repulic
Freeport A' Famosa has amenities that facilitates your shopping experience comprehensively. Not enough money? Fret not as there are money changers and ATMs. Guest Service, Lost and Found and Special Needs counters are all ready to ease your challenges while you shop. Public transport is available from KL to the outlet and those who drive will be pleased to know that there are 1500 free parking spaces. Parents have the privacy of Parents Room to carry out their duties.
Open air concept makes it relaxing and casual
Carousel to add to the fun
Shopping on a bright sunny day makes me happy!
A lot of buzz happening at the Luv Lux
Moschino bags at Luv Lux
In Freeport A' Famosa, you can find deals up to 80% discount, everyday, all year round. Go ahead and comb the mall for steals that will make you feel like a champion. Mirrors after mirrors, fittings after fittings, I managed to find a set of clothes that will make my mother proud on Chinese New Year!
Clothes Fitting
This long top with side slits from Forever 21 is striking and refreshing in orange, adequately balanced with white that brightens the face and styled with a black horizontal stripe. The material is very light and flies with slight movements or wind.

Throw a long golden chain around the neck to make it more interesting or more fengshui speaking, to bring the ong (fortune or luck) during the festive season.
My pick for the day
The faux leather pants also from Forever 21 anchors the look with good cutting. The material is a little hot but no pain no gain! I love the cutting of the pants and it is sufficient to give that sophisticated look with any top. I should have paired the pants with black boots or thick strap black heels to elongate my stature but won't go too wrong with any heels :)
My winning photo
The best revelation is the price. All these for only RM160 in total. 

Top Forever 21 RM70
Faux Leather Pants Forever 21 RM70
Golden Chain Accessory Forever 21 RM20

Vote for my look by liking my photo here for 'Style on a Shoestring Contest'
Contest ends on 16th Dec 2015 12am. 

Evy Hooi

Freeport A' Famosa Outlet
Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat,
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka

Tel: 06-5528573/ 06-5528051


Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is located just outside A’Famosa Resort Malacca. The outlet is easily accessible from the North-South Highway, about 55 minutes via the Alor Gajah Interchange from the Sungai Besi toll and only 30 minutes drive from the historical town of Melaka.

Friday, December 11, 2015

AirAsia's Inflight Magazine travel 3sixty Celebrates 100th Issue

The next time you are on a flight with AirAsia, remember to look into the seat pocket in front. Among the sickness bags and emergency cards, there is a compilation of articles waiting for your attention. AirAsia's award winning in-flight magazine travel 3sixtyo celebrated its 100th issue at Marini's on 57 on...guess when...the day the President of the United States called on our country!

Travel 3sixty 100th issue celebration
AirAsia has been my favourite airline because it has made many of my travels possible. During my journeys, travel 3sixtyo has always been there to give me an uplifting read, putting my time to good use before I reach my destinations. Its colourful pages and immaculate editorial pumps good knowledge in me and widens my perspective of the world. Inspiration is in every corner of the magazine and it concurs with my objective to travel- to experience different cultures, see different beauty and eat what people from different parts of the world eat.
My favourite airlines
The in-flight magazine travel 3sixtywas established in 2007 and has grown into the sleek, stylish and informative magazine that it is now. Being the only in-flight publication to be audited and endorsed by the Audit Bureau of Circulations of Malaysia (ABCM) is a testament that AirAsia strives for quality in every aspect (not just a book words for you to read). The magazine showcases the best of travel, culture and lifestyle all over the world.
The celebration of travel 3sixty100th issue
Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (with cap) publisher of travel 3sixtyduring the launch of the magazine
This magazine does not only add value to travellers but is also a legitimate tool to teach English in schools. Larrie Jessika from Tebedu Sarawak thinks that this is the perfect text book for students to absorb the language in a fun way. Its captivating visuals and motivating tales with engaging writing styles not only disseminates knowledge but also cultivates adventurous souls. Teacher Larrie was presented with a watch worth RM30,000 as a token of appreciation for his initiative.
The special 100th edition in its specially designed cover
Larrie Jessika's unique teaching method hatched the idea of AirAsia's special contest "Invite travel 3sixty". Contestants will have to invite the editorial team to their hometown and get their place featured as the cover story, further enriching the insights of places in Malaysia. 
Marini's on 57
I enjoyed the celebration with continuous music and drinks at the prestigious bar, overlooking my spectacular city in the midst of the drizzle. Kuala Lumpur's lights are always a fascination to me. Having visited many cities, I am proud that my home city is no less than others. I also won an American Tourister backpack by lucky draw that promising evening. It is a more travelling! What a rewarding way to end the strenuous week!
Admiring the beauty of night view in Kuala Lumpur
A majestic sight despite rain
De Fam presenting their hit single Supergirls
Music and free flow of drinks
The party at the private lounge
Obama's entourage at Tower 3 KLCC
Travel 3Sixty° is a monthly, English-language magazine. Travel 3Sixty° is produced entirely in-house by a small but passionate editorial team at AirAsia’s headquarters in Malaysia. 

Other achievements by travel 3Sixty° over the years include:

  • SABAH TOURISM AWARD 2009 - Best Tourism Article on Sabah Published in Malaysia (Magazine) 
  • 25th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Manado 2012 - Best ASEAN Travel Article 
  • 26th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Vientiane 2013 - Best ASEAN Travel Article
  • Marketing & Advertising Singapore’s Magazine of The Year 2013 - Third Place Magazine of the Year in (Inflight Magazine Category) 
  • 27th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence, Kuching 2014 - Best Tourism Photo 
  • 28th ASEANTA Awards for Excellence for Best ASEAN Travel Article, Nay Pyi Taw 2015 

AirAsia spreads its content not only to its flyers onboard Malaysia AirAsia, AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia, Thai AirAsia X, Indonesia AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia X, Philippines AirAsia and India AirAsia flights but also generously to all avid readers. Read travel 3sixtyonline at and