Friday, March 10, 2017

The Time I Went Overseas Just For My Michelin-Starred Chicken Rice

So that day, I joined the likes of the rich and famous, crossing international borders for lunch. I had my passport stamped just for a meal! So there I was, like a celebrity 😎, taking the causeway bus travelling to Singapore for...chicken rice! Yes you heard it right, Hong Kong soya sauce chicken rice! The much talked about Michelin-starred meal remained indelible in my mind, screaming, until I tried it. So, in true Singaporean kiasu-ism, I die die must try!
I braved immigration and crossed the border for this plate of chicken
The stall is situated in Singapore's tourist area, Chinatown. To get there, I took the MRT to Chinatown and followed exit A. From there, it was nearly impossible to miss a the block of concrete that says Chinatown Food Complex.
Chinatown Food Complex at Smith Street
Thinking I can outsmart the public, I arrived a little after lunch hour thinking that I can avoid the queue as the internet cites that the stall closes at 7pm. But to my dismay! There were no more chicken and the workers were already scouring pots by 3pm.
The flagship stall where the chicken rice was bestowed the 
And then I spotted...

Hawker Chan has opened a restaurant and I still had a chance to try the chicken rice!
Hawker Chan has opened a stall
Although I favour trying the dish at the original hawker stall, I cannot be more grateful that Hawker Chan has opened a branch! I believe this has helped avoid many disappointments. Forget that 'original is better' principle. I came from overseas and I will not let that go to waste! Besides, just in case you need assurance, they sell the same good stuff that won Hawker Chan the award. 
As expected, there was a queue
As expected, there was a queue but it was forgivable. Hawker Chan must have received lots of recommendation to make it a national attraction. Their restaurant is not fancy or pompous but is appealingly designed. It is, after all, Singapore's pride and an impression to be taken home by many tourists.
There is even an automated payment machine!
In the Hawker Chan Restaurant
Chan Hon Meng, the man behind Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice hails from Ipoh. (biasa lah...Malaysia will claim our part of fame after those who left the country become successful)

His chicken rice is the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the WORLD! Therefore, believe it or not, its cheapness is another selling point that differentiates Hawker Chan from other lavish fine-dine Michelin-starred restaurants.
Look at the beautiful roasted chickens lined up behind
The Michelin starred dish!
Hong Kong Style Soya Sauce Chicken SGD 12 (half chicken) SGD 23 (whole chicken)
SGD 3.80 per plate with rice
SGD 4.50 per plate with noodles or hor fun
The star of my overseas trip finally arrived on my table with me smiling in glee! The anticipation was worth it when I sunk my teeth into the beautifully braised chicken. You do not have to fight for the leg because the chicken breast meat is unbelievably just as tender. The chicken is marinated thoroughly and is more than skin deep. Skin is gelatin-like but not fat. The sauce is brimming with herbal goodness which we could guess is the winning ingredient. There is indeed great master work in that plate of chicken. Best eaten there and then. 

3 combination platter - from left, siew yuk, char siew and pork ribs SGD 10
SGD 4 per plate for 1 pork type and rice
SGD 4.80 per plate for 1 pork type and noodles or hor fun
I would visit Hawker Chan again for its chicken but maybe not for its porky selections. Siew yuk could be crispier and the char siew lacked fat. Apart from that, it is a little on the sugary side. The pork ribs also did not make an impression. Oh by the way, I know an excellent Char Siew place in Malaysia. Wait for my next review.

Plain noodle and Hor Fun SGD 1.50 each
The plain noodles are wan tan noodles which are fairly springy. Hor fun is smooth but not the finest I have had. At the side, is the shrimp chilli paste which makes the noodles even more flavourful.
The overseas customer!
After lunch, I fashionably braved the immigration queue and went back to Johor Baru with great admiration for Hawker Chan. His hardwork paid off and he deserved it, making hawker food proud. How I wish Malaysian hawker food too is visible in the Michelin food guide because I know, Malaysia has better and a lot of potential unearthed. 

I will be back in Singapore for another Michelin-starred dish- Tai Hwa Pork Noodle!

Hawker Chan's Stall
Blk 335, Smith Street #02-126, Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335
Opening Hours: 10:30am to 7:00pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Fri)
8:30am to 7:00pm (Sat – Sun) 
Closed Wed
Chinatown MRT (Exit A)

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle 
78 Smith Street Singapore 059872
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
Chinatown MRT (Exit A)

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle – Tai Seng
18 Tai Seng Street #01-02 Singapore 539775
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Look Through Glass at The New Awana Skyway@ RW Genting

As if it is not exciting enough to be transported in a cable car, Resorts World Genting now can send you up to a mountain 6000ft above sea level in a glass bottom gondola! Joining holiday destinations like Langkawi, Singapore and Hong Kong, Genting now can boasts their much awaited glass gondola available at the new Awana Skyway. What can be better than an uninterrupted view of the beautiful Titiwangsa range vegetation.
Excitement riding all new glass gondola!
The new cable car at the Awana Transportation Hub to Sky Avenue
Out of the 99 new gondolas, only 10 gondolas are built with glass bottom where visitors can enjoy a birds eye view of the beautiful forest and Twentieth Century Fox World theme park. Departing from the Awana Transportation Hub, the cable car will stop over Chin Swee Temple in 6 minutes from departure, making the place of worship even more accessible and attractive.
Levitating above the forest
Cable cars always excite me no matter how old I am
Enjoy the mist and cool air
Every gondola is fitted with not only one but two life savers- the USB port, allowing visitors to charge their mobile phones for lots more photo taking when they reach the top!
Every gondola is fitted with 2 USB ports 
Totally immersed in the view
The new system is slightly faster, offering a shorter ride than the old Genting Skyway that is 3.4 km long. The cable cars will escalate visitors to 620 meters in a 2.8 km journey that takes 10 minutes. Genting Skyway will be temporarily closed while Awana Skyway is in operation. Both systems will take turns to ferry customers.
It takes 6 minutes to reach the first stop at Chin Swee Temple
Ticket price for standard gondola is RM8 or 5GP for Genting Rewards card members
Express boarding pass can be purchased at RM40
Ticket price for glass floor gondola is RM50 or 40GP for Genting Rewards card members

Awana Skyway opens 7 days a week from 7am- 12 midnight
Visitors can take cabin-sized luggage on board the gondola while larger luggage can be stored at the new Awana Bus Terminal for RM5 for 24 hours

Everything looks so small
Reaching the peak, the newly opened Sky Avenue greets guests with a majestic display of LED screens at the pillars and any vantage points. Sky Avenue allows a satisfying shopping experience by housing all the retails and brands that you can think of. Do check out also their wide food and beverage selection, some of which like Burger & Lobster, Cafes Richard, Malaysian Food Street and Motorino have been reviewed by yours truely. Click on the links to find out more!
The coming phase of Sky Avenue

Extravagant LED screens
New shopping mall at Sky Avenue that has almost every retail and brand that you need
The street that will be flanked by speakeasies
Check out the Burger & Lobster review here
Check out Cafes Richard review here
Food aplenty at Malaysian Food Street
In mood for pizza? Check out Motorino's review here
Feeling dwarfed
I am hooked!
Mom had her fair share of fun too!
For more information, visit

A Message from The Offshore Girl on International Women's Day 2017

Before I became a lifestyle blogger who swishes skirts, flicks eye-liners and rides on heels, I was this girl. 
Offshore on Naga 3
I was an offshore engineer who worked with and, at times, led teams of testosterone-infused colleagues. I must say that it was how I learnt most about being a woman. My tenure at sea failed to transform me into a burly, bra-burning, men-shaming chauvinist. In fact, I accept that men and women are different so that they can compliment each other. 
On Merdeka Day
Although I am capable of striking iron with a hammer and climbing vertiginous ladders in boots, it never appealed to me that a strong woman is the one doing all the DIYs at home while her man cooks in the kitchen. Why not, some might challenge. Yes but my point is that a strong woman is defined more by how she respects herself enough for others to do the same, not by how she questions or challenges the stereotyped roles.
Directional Driller
Women have come a long way since the days when they were not even allowed to receive education. Yet, some traces of male superiority prevails. When a man and a woman conveys the same message in an office in a male dominated environment like at offshore, who do you think will be taken more seriously? Honestly, sometimes it can take more effort for a woman to be trusted. And it can be for reasons as simple as her humps. 
Out at sea
The experience coached me to be a woman whose words hold the same weight as men. A strong woman in my opinion is a woman who can earn the respect of men while making her opinions heard. Think Michelle Obama. 
On the helideck
Not to be confused with arrogance, respect for herself attracts many other strengths that she needs to overcome life's challenges. So yes, this lady offshore engineer might be still be cooking in the kitchen and changing diapers but she shall not be disrespected as she respects herself enough to not let it happen.
Happy Women's Day!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Motorino Pizza @ RW Genting

Outside the 1920s New York styled restaurant, there is always a group of audience peering through the glass window, looking hypnotized by the acrobats of the pizza maker. The brick oven holding wood-fueled flames and fed with handmade pizza never fails to garner attention. One of Genting's most lavish investments, Motorino, ensures that their dedication to pizza is like no other. Although in an American setting, the restaurant commits to serving authentic Italian Neopolitan pizzas.
Pizza time!
Motorino at Sky Avenue Level 1
The New Yorkish styled pizza joint
Pizza made at the open concept kitchen
The process of making pizza is clearly captivating as it constantly attracts a mini group of audience at anytime of the day
Other than the superstar pizzas, there are a selection of antipasti (appetizer) to choose from. In true Italian fashion, antipasti is not about quelling hunger pangs before the main event. Italians know that antipasti set the tone for a meal.
Motorino's Meatballs RM24 (member)/ RM26 (non-member)
Find delight in Motorino's meatballs where balls of ground beef are braised in tomato sauce, pecorino and basil.
Roasted Chicken Wings in lemon RM18 (member)/ RM20 (non-member)
No self-respecting pizzaria is without chicken wings. Motorino offers its roasted variety flavoured with lemon, mint and chilli flakes.
Now lets try some freshly made pizza!
5 Fun Facts About Neopolitan Pizza:

1. Crazy hot! It is cooked in a special wood-fired oven at 800-900 degrees Celsius

2. Timing. Perfect timing for a pizza so that it is not under cooked or overdone is between 60-90 seconds and well rotated.
Margherita RM47 (member)/ RM52 (non-member)
Amatriciana Pizza RM48 (member)/ RM53 (non-member)
3. Soft and chewy crust. Unlike crispy American pizza crusts, the Neopolitan ones are soft and chewy due to specific finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives

4. Good balance between crust, sauce and cheese. The Neopolitan pizza strikes a balance between these three. So forget the over the top cheesyness.
Cherry Stone Clam Pizza RM53 (member)/ RM58 (non-member)
5. A typical Neopolitan pizza is about 12 inches in diameter. Just nice for one!
Pizza party!
Cutlery is taboo in pizza eating. To appreciate pizza in the bona fide way, use hands. Pick the pizza up with your thumb and forefinger, bringing the crust where it is held to a V-shape. Then fo for that cheesy pull before you dig in all the goey goodness! Buon appetito!
Pizza has to be eaten folded with hands
Motorino Pizza
Level 1, Sky Avenue.

Opening hours is from 10am to 10pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 10am to 12 midnight (Friday, Saturday, Public Holiday and Eve of Public Holiday)

For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit