Thursday, December 29, 2016

Morning Hike @ Broga Hill Semenyih

If you are searching for a hill to hike, may I suggest to you a hill that needs no introduction- Broga Hill! If you have not been to Broga Hill, you most probably have at least heard of it from your fitness junkie friends who make you seem like the laziest person on earth for choosing sleep over hiking early in the morning. The 400m high hill is really quite a popular hiking place in Selangor that is famous for its sunrise view.
Reached foot of Broga Hill when still dark
Well, your fitness friends are not all wrong. Hiking Broga Hill IS worth waking up for. There is so much positivity to receive and pure happiness from standing at the peak welcoming the day at the first peek of the sun. The air is bursting with freshness and tingles with its chill.

6 Things to Prepare and Expect when Hiking Broga Hill

1. Prepare a hiking buddy. At least 1.
It is best not to hike alone. A buddy should be there in case of anything. But please don't let that 'anything' deter you from the adventure and reward that awaits

Food stalls are open early in the morning at the foot of the hill
2. Expect to wake up very early and have some food
Sun rises from 7.00 am- 7.30 am. Therefore, you need to plan time to reach Semenyih, park your car, reach the top and wait for the sunrise. Do not hike with an empty stomach or a stomach too full.
When the city glows before dusk is an extremely beautiful view. Makes you want to stop time to admire it all day. Bring a good camera.
3. What to wear
  • Sweat absorbent shirt (a change of shirt if you like)
  • GLOVES- you will need it as you will be holding ropes to help ascend and descend the hill. You won't want to skin your delicate hands.
  • Shoes with good grip. The bald earth can be slippery especially after rain.
Hike up up up! It is going to be worth it
Reached the first peak!
4. Essential things to bring
  • Torchlight/ Headlamp
  • Water and energy bars but there are stalls at the foot hill, so you are not totally cut off from food supply.
  • Good camera/ handphone camera/ selfie sticks, tripod (there will be breathtaking views at the top and not to mention, the grand sunrise)
  • RM3- RM1 for parking, RM1 for restrooms and RM1 for hiking fee which I have further commented at the end of the post.
So cool and fresh
5. Be prepared to hike for 30 minutes and meet some challenging terrains
While the duration (approximately 30 min) for hike is not too long even for an amateur, the terrain is quite a challenge. Do expect steep and slippery slopes.
There are now 4 peaks at Broga Hill due to more visitors which leads to more exploration...not exploitation hopefully
6. Bring a positive mind and appreciation
This is a great way to practice positivity and cleanse the aura. All virtues are needed in this activity- perseverance, discipline, responsibility (to not throw rubbish), appreciation etc. Sometimes, when the weather is cloudy, sunrise might be blocked by mist. That was what happened when I hiked the first time. But I didn't give up and went up again!
I managed to reach the 3rd because the 4th is a little narrow and crowded although higher
Nothing better than to just chill and wait for the birth of a new day
Witnessing the birth of a new day is so REWARDING and AWESOME!
The sun is out! The beautiful yolk is a sight to behold
Let it float up to sky
Yeay! I did it!
Whoop dee doo daaa
Get ready to descend the mountain
Becareful because the bald slopes are slippery adding to the danger factor
Use the ropes to help you down
Nothing happier than food waiting after all the arduous climb
Quenching my thirst with a good cool coconut
However, when things become popular, there is bound to be some exploitation. Recently there is a hiking fee of RM1 collected at the foot of the hill. RM1 is also collected for parking and use of restrooms. Although I resent these fees, I understand that certain facilities like toilets, banister ropes and poles needs funding. Attempting to be positive, RM3 for a good sunrise view is still acceptable to me. Lets hope there is control over these fees and it stays that way for many years to come. If not, those fee collectors better be ready for an up roaring protest!
Photo from my 1st climb
It is misty but still worth the climb. The air is bursting with freshness
Broga Hill is approximately 400m in altitude
For hiking guides, do contact 

GSA Event Management at 03-87370019 or 019-3808889 or visit them on FB at
Badrul Hisham at 017-6245344

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bangi Wonderland @ Bangi Selangor

There is no reason to feel unentertained in Selangor with more and more attractions coming up in the state! Bangi Wonderland is one more place where you can spend fun and jolly times with your family and friends without burning a hole in your pocket.
Bangi Wonderland, one of the newest attractions in Selangor
5 reasons why you should grab your suit and splash away at Bangi Wonderland!

1. It is Affordable
At a mere investment of RM58 for adults and RM48 for childresn below 130cm, you get to experience attractions of standard. Children below 90cm enters for free and senior citizens and disabled enjoy a 50% discount. Non-Malaysians will be charged a different rate
Entertainment and fun for the whole family at an affordable price
2. It is New and Clean
Cleanliness is something that I observe wherever I go. This place passes the cleanliness criteria. Water is clear and no unsightly and eeky views so far. Having said that, this place is only a few months old. Therefore, cleanliness is expected. Let's hope Bangi Wonderland remains this way! And dear Malaysians, play your role to keep filth at bay.
Kids Adventure
Everyone becomes a child when it comes to water themeparks

3. All-time Favourite Attractions In Store
You expect to find your favourite attractions like the river tubing, beach, the funnel slide, slides and surf simulator for some good old fun.
Meander River for you to relax and float all your problems away
Swirl in the big Magic Funnel
Pirate's Bay/ Beach
The Insane Racer
The Surf Rider is a surf simulator that thrills anyone on the wave
4. Exclusive Attractions
Also, be prepared for some attractions to be exclusively only in Bangi Wonderland that are new and feed your adrenaline in ways you have never experienced.
The Boomeriang
The Green Pearl slide
Enjoy some jacuzzi at the Pirate's Spa
The Water Canon lets you sit at the curve of the slide with much suspense
Like its name suggests, a gush of water shoots the person out like a canon!
5. Attractions Are Close-by and Manageable
Bangi Wonderland may not be as big as other theme parks but that can be a blessing. Its size is manageable with attractions all within 5 minutes walk. Therefore, you don't have to worry about tiring yourself out by walking and covering all the attractions in the Wonderland

Bangi Wonderland Waterpark

Open Mondays to Fridays, weekends, school and public holidays 10am -6pm
Closed on Tuesdays except on Malaysian school and public holidays

2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue,
Bangi Avenue,
43000 Kajang,

Paradise of Herbs at Kem Herba @ Sungai Congkak Selangor

There is a paradise in Selangor just next to Sungai Congkak that not many people know of. This beautiful compoud of herbs does not deserve the eclipse from public because this is no ordinary garden. Kem Herba belongs to a former lecturer from the Forestry Faculty in University Putra Malaysia. He has lived in Australia and have decided to return to contribute to his home country through plants. A visit here will change your perspective of the 'boring' plants and will literally turn you over a new leaf. 
Arriving at Kem Herba, near Sg Congkak
When I heard Dr. Mohd Noor speak, I felt that he was a plant in his last life. His love and passion for herbs is profound and so is his knowledge of every leaf and flower. Stay at Kem Herba or just arrange for an introductory tour with him and you will experience his conviction in every plant as though they are humans. The great histories that he relate to the plants are eye-opening and yes, although they are all regarding plants, you will be wanting for more of Dr's interesting stories!
Kem Herba, a paradise of herbs and plants
Located by Sungai Congkak
Where flora and fauna live in harmony
The story behind every herb keeps you interested even if you are not a plant lover
My mom helping herself to study each of the plant. She is a herb lover!
Dr. Mohd. Noor has an interesting way of explaining the plants. His uncanny way of addressing certain points will keep you attentive throughout. He amazed us with some supernatural abilities of plants that are too common for our unrefined observation.
Cats have a strong reaction to the Catnip plant
Stevia leaves can be dried or crushed to replace sugars in drinks
Eating the sweet Lembia makes water taste exceptionally sweet!
My favourite yield of the day the Miracle Fruit
My biggest yield of the day is getting to know about the Miracle Fruit that makes ANYTHING sweet after sucking the cherry's juice. Even lime will tastes like syrup. With food tasting this sweet, the miracle fruit will make people consume more unpopular and funky-tasting herbs that are extremely beneficial to health.
Even the most sour of things will magically turn sweet!
My mom surprised that the lime tastes more like mandarin orange
Daun Gelugor, a sour leaf tastes so deliciously sweet after eating miracle fruit

Dr Mohd Noor Shamsudin was a lecturer in the Forestry Faculty in University Putra Malaysia
Dr Mohd Noor holding the Lidah Jin
or Mother-in-law's tongue that produces oxygen
 at night
Daun Ketum that has intoxicating ability
but also energizing properties

A flower that looks like a brush for bottles
This flower is originally white and turns red
when in hot condition

The Achiote fruit providing natural orange-red colouring
called Anatto
The moringa leaves and seeds that is sought for its medicinal values
Pedilanthus bracteatus a.k.a the bird plant
This place is apt for team building, school educational trips and family getaways. The chalets offer basic facilities like fan and unheatered showers but they are all an interesting part of a different life away from the city!
Fire pit for fans of BBQ
Serene compound of Kem Herba
Spacious land for that country feel
Mummy is loving the river

Bamboo at the entrance suggests a Zen atmosphere here
Humble homes and hostels 
In the company of graceful plants always

For bookings and more information, kindly contact
Dr. Mohd. Noor 012-3057161 
Pn Zalinah  012-9025852 
En Hafiz for marketing 013-2563630 (whatsapps only)

Visit for more information