Friday, January 29, 2016

Sumptuous CNY Dinner at Genting Palace @ Resorts World Genting

Chinese New Year meals are always about propitious meanings and blessings. If you want to take your CNY meal to the next level of auspiciousness, try dining 6000 ft above sea level. What else can beat this epitome of 步步高升 (bu bu gao sheng- reaching higher level with each step). Genting Palace Restaurant at Resorts World Genting offers a multitude of special menus to usher the year of the Monkey in style. 
Genting Palace
The array of tables in the restaurant
With classic Chinese interior, guests are soaked in classy oriental ambiance while enjoying delectable Chinese cuisine during the festive season.
Classy ambiance
Private room
My favourite dish during the CNY
Lucky Salmon "Yee Sang"- RM138.00 nett (L)
Toss for luck!
The menu starts with my favourite CNY dish. We tossed the Lucky Salmon Yee Sang boisterously while uttering good wishes. The platter of colourful crisps and slivers of vegetable was mixed till fresh salmon slices became hidden gems. This restaurant's version is nuttier, drizzled generously with aromatic sesame oil and bound by sweet plum sauce that never goes out of fashion. I was not the only one salvaging the bits with the chopstick after we were done with the dish.

Chef Jacky Yap- the man behind the sumptuous dishes
Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with American Ginseng- RM68.00 nett per pax
Extremely soothing, this clear broth inherits the essence of chicken that is solidly nutritious. Redolent with scents of herbs, this bowl of goodness contains collagen-rich fish maw and ground chicken meat set with blended toufu. Every spoonful warms the gut with sweetness that made us silent with appreciation.

Braised Pork Knuckle & Baby Abalone with Sea Moss and Sea Cucumber- RM298.00 nett per order
Prosperity describes this pot of pork knuckle braised with baby abalone, seamoss and sea cucumber. Every bit representing wealth and riches, the braised gravy is at the right thickness macerating its ingredients. Pork meat is tender and melts in the mouth, best eaten with its layer of fat that imbues more satisfaction than guilt. Baby abalones score with al dente texture and toothsome oceanic taste. Embrace abundant of fortune with sea moss and springy sea cucumber infused with a woody herbal flavour.

Steamed & Baked Mountain Chicken with Chinese Herbs & Red Dates
Steamed and Baked Mountain Chicken comes appetizing with a heady fragrance. The marriage of wine and herbs accentuates the flavour of chicken meat. Do not be deceived by its lack of colour as the taste turns out to be piquant with potency that will make you nod in agreement at the first bite.

Stewed Preserved Meat with Arrowhead Fried Rice- RM45.00 nett per order
Chinese New Year somehow makes lap cheong (waxed meat) more valuable than usual as they simply enhance the festive zing. Saltiness is balanced with slices of arrowhead making the rice a pleasant medley of comforting staple.

Pan-fried River King Prawns Vietnam Style- RM188.00 nett per order
Hot and steamy sweet and sour sauce poured over the sugar globe
When the globe melts, it hatches the delectable dish
The next dish stole our hearts with an impressive globe embellishment made out of malted sugar caging the crimson king prawns. Hot and steamy sweet and sour sauce is poured over the globe which then cracks to divulge the delectable crustaceans. King prawns are meaty and its sweetness spoke a lot about its freshness. Slathered with sweet chili gravy rich with ginger and garlic, every bite is an indulgence. My father and I were moping the thick gravy with the garnishing lettuce.

Chilled Creamy Green Tea Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Chilled Creamy Red Bean Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Chilled Osmanthus Flower Jelly Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Towards the end, we calmed the palates with Chinese chilled cake that comes in three flavours. The Chilled Creamy Green Tea Cake gained most popularity as its matcha fragrance is pronounced, filling the mind with a refreshing comprehension of Chinese sticky cakes. The red bean version could be better with a little more flavour although there were whole beans embedded. The Osmanthus Flower flavour tastes a little simpler but with more jelly texture.

Special Traditional Pineapple Tarts- RM25.00 nett for 12 pieces and RM35.00 nett for 20 pieces
If you have the chance, do try Resorts World Genting's Special Traditional Pineapple Tarts which are distributed at Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant and Hainan Kitchen. Its pastry has a hint of crisp amid the soft buttery texture which makes it special, encasing a big lump of pineapple filling.

My papa and I savouring CNY prosperity menu at the Genting Palace
Genting Palace 
Guests can choose from 2 8-course menus, both at RM1600 nett for table of 8-10 people. 
Opening hours 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 9.30pm for dinner.

Prosperity Reunion Meals at Ming Ren
Guests can expect an equally wonderful time with 10-course meals priced at RM1800 nett for a table of 8-10 people

Fine Imperial Reunion Menu at Imperial Rama
Dine in with 10-course meals priced at RM2000 nett for a table of 8-10 people

Coffee Terrace Buffet Gets Festive

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet at the Coffee Terrace on the Lobby Floor of Genting Grand for only RM98 nett (adult) and RM49 nett (child). The coffee house opens for dinner from 5.00pm to 9.30pm

Rajawali's Impressive CNY Buffet
Eat to your heart's content at Rajawali Coffee House at the Lobby Floor of Awana that is well-known for its generous buffet and lovely mountain scenery. Available only for dinner on 7th February and for lunch and dinner on 8th and 9th February the lunch buffet is priced at RM48 nett (adult) and RM24 nett (child) and dinner buffet at RM65 nett (adult) and RM32.50 nett (child)

Specialties at Food Factory
During the festive season, the restaurant offers a special CNY buffet from 8th-13th February 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and from 6pm to 9pm for dinner. At only RM36 nett (adult) and RM18 nett (child) guests can enjoy so much for so little. 




Friday, January 22, 2016

Barclays Premier League- That Night When Liverpool vs Manchester United

The pandemonium could not be contained. The showdown of 2 eternal rivals in the football realm was destined to be on that day. The Liverpool and Manchester United clash-out at the Barclay's Premier League brought about legions of red fans to Sunway Giza before the giant HD screen at the LIVE Match Viewing Party hosted by FOX International Channels (FIC) 
All about football
Those who know me would be wondering which monsoon wind brought me to the event as I cannot even kick a ball straight. Well, an avid fan as a boyfriend would explain why. His favourite team was not playing but it is always uplifting to draw energy from the revelry and it was great opportunity to improve my football vocabulary.
It's the day of the 2 legendary rivals
Celebrating the match, there were some exciting activities for the all who were game enough before the live telecast began. The Fox Sports Football Simulator was very welcomed as it made everyone an instant football player while The Double Dribble Challenge was there to test adroitness of the legs.
The Fox Sports Football Simulator
Fox Sports Double Dribble Challenge
Starting them young
There was also a corner to put your foresight to use. If your score is right, prizes awaits at the end of the game!
Guess what I predicted
The merchandise store was an interesting scene with eye-catching red souvenirs spreading over the whole patch. The ones that caught my eye was the RM1200 authentic player autographed jersey. The team pack also appeared cute and the plush toy would not go wrong if anyone got that for me.
Merchandise concept store
Red items
Liverpool vs Manchester United
Authentically signed jerseys for RM1200
Fan's collectibles- Team Pack
I wouldn't mind a red plush toy
Sky was the limit when it comes to fans' love and emotions for their favourite clubs. It was my first time witnessing the clamour and vehemence of a football match. My boyfriend told me to look out for the taunts among the teams that amped up the already-heated situation. No wonder guys or rather football fans (girls included) take so much pleasure in communal viewing of a match may it be at mamak stalls, pubs or parties like this.
The attentive crowd during the match
Loyal Liverpool fans
Enthusiastic Manchester United fans
Fans go to lengths to invest in props and flags to display their undying support for their teams. I spotted a little boy sporting a devil's mask and a red pitch fork to announce his sports religion. Songs and jingles were sung passionately. I admired in awe the spirit that no mortal could break.
Fans displaying their love for their football club
Manchester United fans were particularly energetic. They paraded into the area before the match started
Yours truely not missing out on the excitement
Emcees hyping up the spirit even more
Fans showed off their football knowledge in the trivia session and went all out to win merchandises as well as prizes from FOX Sports and sponsors such as BAC, MyEG and Wonda Coffee. Loyalty was proven to be cemented when a fan refused to answer a question related to the other team! Pardon my surprise...I was new. 
My view at the event
Uproar during a close goal
The match started at 10pm and everyone's eyes were glued to the giant HD screen. Every goal attempt and defense was cheered and jeered. Even I was at the edge of my seat. At the end of the game...
Man United-1 Liverpool-0
Congratulations Manchester United!
Great game Liverpool! Try again. You Will Never Walk Alone
Best dressed fan
Manchester United fans rejoiced!

Fans can tune in to FOX Sports (ASTRO Channel 812) and FOX Sports HD (ASTRO Channel 832) to catch all the action of BPL Live, week in and week out!

For more information on the match fixtures and times, please visit

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fine Dining at The Olive @ Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting again proves that the one-stop entertainment center can provide laudable F&B of every class. The Olive Restaurant is Resort World Genting's pride and joy in fine dining having secured multiple awards under its belt. Prestigious and of top-notch quality, The Olive purveys exquisite fine-dining of Continental cuisine. 
The Olive, Fine Dining Restaurant Resorts World Genting
Entering the restaurant, we were greeted with an air of opulence balanced by the humility of its waiters. We were immediately informed of its extensive stock of wines by the display of its bottles at the entrance. Silk table clothes and napkins spoke of exclusive taste making us excited over what is installed for us.
The racks of wine at the entrance
The cosy interior of The Olive
Fine Dining- a culinary experience
Private room
Walkway with photos of reknown visitors
There has been a breath of change in The Olive, making our visit even more meaningful. Resorts World Genting specially head hunted Chef Steve Chou, an American-raised Taiwanese, to hold the helm of the kitchen as the Research and Developement/ Corporate Chef. Cut from Hong Kong's Prive Group, he was Head Chef at the Bungalow, an upscale French-Asian supper club which morphs into a nightclub on weekends. I was lucky to be able to be there to taste Chef Steve Chou's first new menu.
Awards won by The Olive
Open kitchen concept- nothing to hide
First of all, let us adjust our expectations. 
Chef Steve Chou teaches us what to expect when we go for Fine Dining:
1. Service
Excellence in service is something inevitably expected in fine-dining. It is a meal to feel pampered and taken care of.
2. Environment
Ambiance cannot be neglected as the whole experience of this sort of dining includes incubatin good feelings.
3. Timing
The perfect timing or interval between dishes is studied to optimize the experience, providing the guests time to absorb what has been tasted and psychologically playing on the guests' appetite to         hanker for more. 7-8 minutes interval between first dish and starters and 10-15 minutes before             main course.
4. Plating
You can always tell when it is fine-dining by looking at the garnishing of the plate. It is important       to feast the eye before anything else. Finger prints on the plates are a no-no. 
5. Food quality
Food quality should of course do justice to the price that has been paid. Palates have to be whet           and impressions should be made. In the end, you should expect to say, "No wonder the price"
6. Portion
Don't expect big portions of food every dish. Chef Chou explains that the whole course is designed     to be marginally sufficient for a person. Thus, the small portions on ridiculously oversized plates.       We are talking about dining stylishly here, not all-you-can-eat buffet. 
The Olive ensures the best efforts as one of their ingredient
The Olive's 5 Course Menu:
1. Baked Romaine- Winter fruit & vegetable, gruyere skin
2. Hokkaido Scallop- Espelette, compressed cucumber, jalapeno vinaigrette
3. Korshihikari Rice- truffle, sea urchin butter, umani broth
4. Spiced Lamb Belly- almond, baby carrot, brown butter yogurt
5. Bubur Cha Cha inspired Compressed Melon- sweet potato crystal, pineapple tapioca, coconut broth fresh basil

Bread basket- black squid ink bun, butter roll and what loaf
Starting the experience, we were served with the restaurant's namesake. Soft and warm in-house baked breads were served with freshly ground black and white olives and virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar. The black squid ink bun is said to be very special and found only at the restaurant. My favourite was the soft butter rolls, with a scrap of butter and a dip of the sweet balsamic-dropped virgin olive oil.

Baked Romaine
Baked Romaine- Winter fruit & vegetable, gruyere skin
The Baked Romaine is a one-piece tangy salad that has been engineered by Chef Steve Chou to be savoured like a piece of steak, cut by cut, unlike the usual tossed fashion. The structured salad, made out of mushrooms and beetroots blanketed with cheese on a fresh romaine, introduced an alerting piquancy. A delightful sweetness then ensues from the combination of mandarin orange, pear, pomogrenade and grape slipped in between the leaves of the salad.

Hokkaido Scallop
Hokkaido Scallop- Espelette, compressed cucumber, jalapeno vinaigrette
The rose of heavenly taste
The Hokkaido Scallop, is oil-poached and tastefully arranged in a shape of a rose seated atop a puddle of simple syrup blended with hazelnut oil and japaleno vinaigrette. Petals of scallop meat were unctuously soothing with texture of silk that melts in the mouth. The natural taste of the scallop elegantly disclosed itself as it is chewed with a touch of nutty flavour from the hazelnut oil. Overall, a heavenly dish.
If I were to pick a favourite, it would be the Hokkaido Scallop

Korshihikari Rice
Korshihikari Rice- truffle, sea urchin butter, umani broth
Risotto soaked in Japanese techniques
Chef Steven Chou's Japanese adeptness is showcased in the Korshihikari Rice. Japanese rice is cooked with umani broth that takes 2 days to prepare, bringing this risotto to the next level. Sea urchin butter and truffle is added into the equation for an oceanic scrumptiousness gelled by a dainty confit quail egg.
Chef Steve Chou is knowledgeable in techniques of the East and West

Spiced Lamb Belly
Spiced Lamb Belly- almond, baby carrot, brown butter yogurt
Meat, nuts and yogurt a good marriage
The Olive's fine dining experience continued with Spiced Lamb Belly that features Australian lamb belly braised for a solid 4 hours. Chef Chou believes in bringing out the best of natural flavour without stifling the original taste. Honey butter is used to glaze the tender meat, making it more succulent. Paired with a modicum of toasted almond, every bite was divine. At the side, Chef Chou parked a salted baby carrot with a spread of delicious self-made herb-infused Greek yogurt.
Enjoying my Spiced Lamb Belly
One thing you can expect from Chef Chou's dishes is that everything is made from fresh and raw ingredients. Devoid of premixes and instant powders, Chef Chou is able to create quality food that inherits substantial characters from its origins. He said his inspirations are from looking at nature which is reflected in his style of cooking.
Exclusive steak knives

Bubur Cha Cha inspired Compressed Melon
Bubur Cha Cha inspired Compressed Melon- sweet potato crystal, pineapple tapioca, coconut broth fresh basil
A medley of colourful delights
The curtain-downer would be the bubur cha cha inspired Compressed Melon. I felt proud that our local desert reached the menu of The Olive under the Chef's creation. In a segregated style, this dessert immediately evokes the charm of the bubur cha cha. Crystalized tapioca and sago soaked in pineapple juice accompanied by fresh coconut broth is simply refreshing while the variety of melons gave bite-size pleasures. 
A little chat with Chef Steve Chou
Asked if the change between frenetic pulse of Hong Kong to the semi-solitary confinement on top of Genting would cause adverse effects, the coy chef revealed," I actually like my quiet time and space. In Hong Kong, the food media portrayed me as this very glammed, buff young chef who sometimes had a man bun. But in truth, I am looking forward to be in Genting with exciting city of Kuala Lumpur just 45 minutes away brimming with different laksa."
Chef Steve Chou- chef of his own beliefs and character

The Olive Bar Lounge
The Olive Bar Lounge is just adjacent to the Olive Restaurant, providing a convenient and posh place to unwind with a spectrum of drinks and spirits that will not disappoint. Overlooking the hotel frontage, sit back and relax while observing the mist of 6000ft above sea level.
Bar counter
Cosy couch to relax in
Partitioned space for more privacy 
A wide range of spirits and alcohol
Cigar to complete the luxurious experience
Operations hours:
The Olive Restaurant
6:00pm to 11:00pm (last order 10:30pm)

The Olive Bar Lounge
Sunday to Thursday 3:00pm to 1:00am
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday 3:00pm to 2:00am

Lobby Floor,
Genting Grand Hotel
Tel: 03-61059668 or 03-61011118 Ext 7706