Friday, January 29, 2016

Sumptuous CNY Dinner at Genting Palace @ Resorts World Genting

Chinese New Year meals are always about propitious meanings and blessings. If you want to take your CNY meal to the next level of auspiciousness, try dining 6000 ft above sea level. What else can beat this epitome of 步步高升 (bu bu gao sheng- reaching higher level with each step). Genting Palace Restaurant at Resorts World Genting offers a multitude of special menus to usher the year of the Monkey in style. 
Genting Palace
The array of tables in the restaurant
With classic Chinese interior, guests are soaked in classy oriental ambiance while enjoying delectable Chinese cuisine during the festive season.
Classy ambiance
Private room
My favourite dish during the CNY
Lucky Salmon "Yee Sang"- RM138.00 nett (L)
Toss for luck!
The menu starts with my favourite CNY dish. We tossed the Lucky Salmon Yee Sang boisterously while uttering good wishes. The platter of colourful crisps and slivers of vegetable was mixed till fresh salmon slices became hidden gems. This restaurant's version is nuttier, drizzled generously with aromatic sesame oil and bound by sweet plum sauce that never goes out of fashion. I was not the only one salvaging the bits with the chopstick after we were done with the dish.

Chef Jacky Yap- the man behind the sumptuous dishes
Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with American Ginseng- RM68.00 nett per pax
Extremely soothing, this clear broth inherits the essence of chicken that is solidly nutritious. Redolent with scents of herbs, this bowl of goodness contains collagen-rich fish maw and ground chicken meat set with blended toufu. Every spoonful warms the gut with sweetness that made us silent with appreciation.

Braised Pork Knuckle & Baby Abalone with Sea Moss and Sea Cucumber- RM298.00 nett per order
Prosperity describes this pot of pork knuckle braised with baby abalone, seamoss and sea cucumber. Every bit representing wealth and riches, the braised gravy is at the right thickness macerating its ingredients. Pork meat is tender and melts in the mouth, best eaten with its layer of fat that imbues more satisfaction than guilt. Baby abalones score with al dente texture and toothsome oceanic taste. Embrace abundant of fortune with sea moss and springy sea cucumber infused with a woody herbal flavour.

Steamed & Baked Mountain Chicken with Chinese Herbs & Red Dates
Steamed and Baked Mountain Chicken comes appetizing with a heady fragrance. The marriage of wine and herbs accentuates the flavour of chicken meat. Do not be deceived by its lack of colour as the taste turns out to be piquant with potency that will make you nod in agreement at the first bite.

Stewed Preserved Meat with Arrowhead Fried Rice- RM45.00 nett per order
Chinese New Year somehow makes lap cheong (waxed meat) more valuable than usual as they simply enhance the festive zing. Saltiness is balanced with slices of arrowhead making the rice a pleasant medley of comforting staple.

Pan-fried River King Prawns Vietnam Style- RM188.00 nett per order
Hot and steamy sweet and sour sauce poured over the sugar globe
When the globe melts, it hatches the delectable dish
The next dish stole our hearts with an impressive globe embellishment made out of malted sugar caging the crimson king prawns. Hot and steamy sweet and sour sauce is poured over the globe which then cracks to divulge the delectable crustaceans. King prawns are meaty and its sweetness spoke a lot about its freshness. Slathered with sweet chili gravy rich with ginger and garlic, every bite is an indulgence. My father and I were moping the thick gravy with the garnishing lettuce.

Chilled Creamy Green Tea Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Chilled Creamy Red Bean Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Chilled Osmanthus Flower Jelly Cake- RM26.00 nett per order
Towards the end, we calmed the palates with Chinese chilled cake that comes in three flavours. The Chilled Creamy Green Tea Cake gained most popularity as its matcha fragrance is pronounced, filling the mind with a refreshing comprehension of Chinese sticky cakes. The red bean version could be better with a little more flavour although there were whole beans embedded. The Osmanthus Flower flavour tastes a little simpler but with more jelly texture.

Special Traditional Pineapple Tarts- RM25.00 nett for 12 pieces and RM35.00 nett for 20 pieces
If you have the chance, do try Resorts World Genting's Special Traditional Pineapple Tarts which are distributed at Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant and Hainan Kitchen. Its pastry has a hint of crisp amid the soft buttery texture which makes it special, encasing a big lump of pineapple filling.

My papa and I savouring CNY prosperity menu at the Genting Palace
Genting Palace 
Guests can choose from 2 8-course menus, both at RM1600 nett for table of 8-10 people. 
Opening hours 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 9.30pm for dinner.

Prosperity Reunion Meals at Ming Ren
Guests can expect an equally wonderful time with 10-course meals priced at RM1800 nett for a table of 8-10 people

Fine Imperial Reunion Menu at Imperial Rama
Dine in with 10-course meals priced at RM2000 nett for a table of 8-10 people

Coffee Terrace Buffet Gets Festive

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet at the Coffee Terrace on the Lobby Floor of Genting Grand for only RM98 nett (adult) and RM49 nett (child). The coffee house opens for dinner from 5.00pm to 9.30pm

Rajawali's Impressive CNY Buffet
Eat to your heart's content at Rajawali Coffee House at the Lobby Floor of Awana that is well-known for its generous buffet and lovely mountain scenery. Available only for dinner on 7th February and for lunch and dinner on 8th and 9th February the lunch buffet is priced at RM48 nett (adult) and RM24 nett (child) and dinner buffet at RM65 nett (adult) and RM32.50 nett (child)

Specialties at Food Factory
During the festive season, the restaurant offers a special CNY buffet from 8th-13th February 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and from 6pm to 9pm for dinner. At only RM36 nett (adult) and RM18 nett (child) guests can enjoy so much for so little.