Monday, February 29, 2016

Old Master Q Live Show @ Resorts World Genting

Cannot get enough of Old Master Q? Missed the show during Chinese New Year? Here are some snippets of the live show. I must say...Miss Chan really looks like she walked out of the comic book!

Miss Chan, being so feminine giving the introduction
Still in the mood for lion dance although CNY is over
Master Q and his friends posing after a drum performance
Dancing to festive and Cantonese tunes
Boss connecting with viewers
Master Q implying that his friend looks like a minion
More dancing to Cantonese tunes
A group photo with Master Q and friends
Old Master Q and I
From left, Boss, my sister Evy and Old Master Q
Mr Big Potato and I
To be honest, this was my third round at the Old Master Q exhibition and I still have not grown tired of it. I surprised myself by still being able to take tonnes of photos. My mother, my father and now, it is my sister's turn. All had their fare share of goofing around at the setup of Hong Kong's old town. Check out my previous visits here.
At the Master Q exhibition- Reminiscing the good old trishaw days
With old record players and old fashioned microphone
Let me treat your heatiness, young-man-from-the-future!

Art Exhibition at First World Hotel
Being a noob in abstract art, I honestly did not know what to do with the art pieces shown to me the first time at the First World Hotel. Read about my experience here.

I would succumb to the normal ploy of looking at the direction of the art, snap a pic as though they meant something to me and slowly walk away. Second time around at the art exhibition, I finally knew what to!
Sister Evy, either she really has a connection with the art or just employing my usual ploy
Behind my sister and I is the art piece of a 2-year-old
There is no right and wrong of an art interpretation, I was told. So this was what I did:
1. Look at the art piece
2. Let natural feelings evolve and sense the feeling that the art gives you. 
3. Then, express it out facially or through a pose. Snap a pic!
Colourful blobs gave me a joyful feeling
This jungle-like piece made me feel friendly and nature-loving
Flickers of colours with dark shades made me feel sophisticated and slightly flirty
This nebulous piece of whirled colours made me feel mysterious
This piece of blue bubbles empowers Evy!
Awkwardness is an art. Interpret that!
So try it for yourself! It turns out to be very fun actually. Take weird poses, unconventional photos that express your feelings towards the art.

Life is too short to be mainstream!

The art exhibition is up from now till 31st March 2016 for you to play interpret. If you have nothing to do, head up to Genting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Style It Your Way With YFS Concept Store

This is one clothes reservoir that you can add to your to-go list to gratify your fashion needs especially this Chinese New Year. YFS Concept Store has been established since 1980 and has proliferated to more than 50 outlets nationwide. YFS which stands for Young, Fabulous and Sassy offers fashion and styling options for both male and female comprehensively. When I walked into the store, my eyes grew wide at the broad range of apparels and accessories that can accommodate many characters, body shapes and skin complexions.
YFS Concept Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya
Chinese New Year is the perfect reason to embark on a shopping frenzy which made my trip to the YFS Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya an exhilarating one! The store is a fashion playground. This year, the brand has revamped its fashion line to the Korean fashion street concept with a new tagline "Style It Your Way" which I happily obliged. 
Ladies apparel
Apparel for men
During the "Style It Your Way with YFS" launch in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, YFS made sure we were dolled up with make-up booths and a photo shoot corner.
Prettying up with some make up
Getting myself face-ready
Clothes fitting came faithfully after make up. Although clothes fitting can be quite troublesome to me (with the repeated dressing on and off), I always enjoy the reward of finally getting the right fit and match. Another less told fact about fitting is that I easily get distracted with the mirror and end up examining my face. What about you? Do you always find fitting fun?
Love the half transparent skirt but mom won't like it all black and grey for CNY
This combination looks pretty casual and decent but not stylish enough for my liking
After several trials, I took home with me a Yin Yang set consisting of an airy 3/4 pants which gives abundant comfort (especially during the CNY heat) without compromising on style and a white embroidered sleeveless blouse which is minimalist yet classy- versatile with other pieces in my closet. Combined, they clad me with elegance while their simplicity give me lots of room to play with accessories.
Ah perfect! Balancing the Yin and Yang
White Sleeveless Blouse RM49.90
Sandy Dark Blue 3/4 Pants RM59.90 
YFS provides an assortment of interesting clothes with good cut and in various colours. I especially like the fact that fashion from YFS does not come with a big price tag. Materials used are of quality and it gives me the confidence that I will not be looking like I sourced them from a RM10 rack at market. YFS clothing line, however, is best suited for the young, like its brand suggests. One thing that I always believe in regardless of brands is to get adventurous with fashion before its too late! Youth is an asset with a due date.
Jeans of various cuts. I got mine for only RM39.90

Please support me in the YFS
'Style It Your Way Fashion Challenge' 
by liking my photo on
from 6th February to 6th March 2016
I am participant number 15!

Evy Hooi

L1-23, 24 & 25, 1st Floor, IOI City Mall, 
Lebuh IRC Resort City, 
62502 Putrajaya, Sepang, Selangor.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

A dose of cuteness goes a long way. My weekend was like a rainbow after a visit to Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia at Viva Homes. I did not expect to find joy in the cartoon character as I thought I have outgrown that stage of life but I surprised myself. Scroll down to see what I saw at the exhibition. Perhaps it would make your Chinese New Year and Valentines Day a little cuter this year! Hurry as the exhibition ends on 14th February 2016. 
Ready for lots of cuteness at Hello Kitty World
It's hard to imagine Hello Kitty is 42 years old
Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by a Japanese company called Sanrio. The cat was then brought to the United States in 1976. This kawaii (cute in Japanese) sensation is a character with a global market worth 5 billion USD per year by 2010. Initially targeted at young girls, Hello Kitty now captures the hearts of old and young alike and undoubtedly many boys too. Hello Kitty even made it to the skies as Eva Air's aeroplanes. [1]
Hey Kitty!
Flowers for you
Hello Kitty florist
You can take lots of photos sans Hello Kitty too as the backdrop and interior are just as pretty
Temple of Apple
Japanese Garden
In the Hello Kitty claw vending machine
Hello Kitty and friends
Not everyday you can strike a post at the bus stop like this
Adding to the exhibition are interactive corners that allows fun Hello Kitty activities like tote-printing and letter writing. Hello Kitty stamps and post cards are the perfect collectibles for fans. The Hello Kitty Post Office is not only an exhibit but functional too! Send an adorable postcard or two to your loved ones here.
Print your own tote bag with cute stamps
Real Hello Kitty stamps and post cards 
A real post office where you can post a letter to a Hello Kitty fan
On the Hello Kitty Express
Game booths make the visit merrier as Hello Kitty and her friends turn on the sporting mood in a cute way. Tickets can be bought at RM60 per 10 tickets.
Hello Kitty game booths
May look kid friendly but the games are quite a challenge
Fun to watch visitors play
Kids will also enjoy decorating posters with sequins to make sparkling decoration pieces.
Activity and workshop corner
Hello Kitty Memory Garden
Cute photo corners
With mum
Sweet memories
Thunder kids
Play with coloured backdrops
Hello Kitty Go Around
Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

20th January 2015 – 14th February 2016
2nd Floor, VIVA Home Expo Hall
85, Jalan Loke Yew
55200, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 8.00pm (Admission is allowed up to 45 minutes before closing time)
Ticketing Counter Opening Hours: 10.00am – 7.15pm
For enquiries, please contact us at
Get your tickets at Viva Home Expo Ground Floor or

By car:

Viva Shopping Mall is directly accessible via Jalan Loke Yew from Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Cheras. You can also access Viva Home Shopping Mall directly from Jalan Cheras.
Access to Viva Home Shopping Mall from other parts of the Klang Valley like Petaling Jaya, Subang and Bukit Jalil is made very convenient via the Smart Highway, KL-Putrajaya Highway and Sungai Long areas.

By MyTeksi:

Key in HKGA10 in the MyTeksi app to enjoy RM10 discount for 2 rides to & from Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Malaysia. For more information please visit


The Miharja LRT station is linked directly into Viva Shopping Mall via a covered pedestrian bridge. Station – Miharja
Operating Hours- 6.00 a.m. till 11.45 p.m. (Weekday) / 11.15p.m.(Weekend)