Monday, February 29, 2016

Old Master Q Live Show @ Resorts World Genting

Cannot get enough of Old Master Q? Missed the show during Chinese New Year? Here are some snippets of the live show. I must say...Miss Chan really looks like she walked out of the comic book!

Miss Chan, being so feminine giving the introduction
Still in the mood for lion dance although CNY is over
Master Q and his friends posing after a drum performance
Dancing to festive and Cantonese tunes
Boss connecting with viewers
Master Q implying that his friend looks like a minion
More dancing to Cantonese tunes
A group photo with Master Q and friends
Old Master Q and I
From left, Boss, my sister Evy and Old Master Q
Mr Big Potato and I
To be honest, this was my third round at the Old Master Q exhibition and I still have not grown tired of it. I surprised myself by still being able to take tonnes of photos. My mother, my father and now, it is my sister's turn. All had their fare share of goofing around at the setup of Hong Kong's old town. Check out my previous visits here.
At the Master Q exhibition- Reminiscing the good old trishaw days
With old record players and old fashioned microphone
Let me treat your heatiness, young-man-from-the-future!

Art Exhibition at First World Hotel
Being a noob in abstract art, I honestly did not know what to do with the art pieces shown to me the first time at the First World Hotel. Read about my experience here.

I would succumb to the normal ploy of looking at the direction of the art, snap a pic as though they meant something to me and slowly walk away. Second time around at the art exhibition, I finally knew what to!
Sister Evy, either she really has a connection with the art or just employing my usual ploy
Behind my sister and I is the art piece of a 2-year-old
There is no right and wrong of an art interpretation, I was told. So this was what I did:
1. Look at the art piece
2. Let natural feelings evolve and sense the feeling that the art gives you. 
3. Then, express it out facially or through a pose. Snap a pic!
Colourful blobs gave me a joyful feeling
This jungle-like piece made me feel friendly and nature-loving
Flickers of colours with dark shades made me feel sophisticated and slightly flirty
This nebulous piece of whirled colours made me feel mysterious
This piece of blue bubbles empowers Evy!
Awkwardness is an art. Interpret that!
So try it for yourself! It turns out to be very fun actually. Take weird poses, unconventional photos that express your feelings towards the art.

Life is too short to be mainstream!

The art exhibition is up from now till 31st March 2016 for you to play interpret. If you have nothing to do, head up to Genting!