Monday, March 21, 2016

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4

The Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) reality show returns with 14 more aspiring models in Season 4. Let more heels, gait and poses captivate you with competitors hailing from all over Asia. This season gets more interesting with models from Mongolia and Myanmar competing for the first time.
Who will be Asia's Next Top Model?
The premier was held lavishly at Indulge TGV One Utama with Model Mentor Kelly Tandiono and our very own Malaysian candidate, Tuti, gracing the event. No matter how shallow the society thinks modeling is, models at the event strut their stuff with self-confidence and self-worth, setting the perfect epitome for International Women's Day.
The region's most prestigious model search returns for its fourth season
Cheers! It's International Women's Day too
Brought to you by Star World and Indulge
Kelly Tandiono stood out with her incredible height and sharp features that evening. Towering at 175cm plus some ridiculously high heels, Kelly approached me with a smile and a sociable handshake. Of course, I did not let the chance of a photograph with her slip away. In Asia's Next Top Model, the Indonesian model plays the role of the mentor, overseeing the contestants' improvement, modelling skills, attitude and well being. She co-judges the contest with Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai. She feels that character and attitude are important to scale the ladder in the modeling industry. 
With Kelly Tandiono, model mentor
Malaysia is not be left out in the interestingly fierce competition. Nuraini Noor, or more known as Tuti, is our Malaysian contestant in the highly popular reality show. At a glance, I did not harbour much confidence in her as her face was not what I always thought models would look like. But after witnessing her taking up the show's challenges in the first episode, I realized there is much more to modelling than just a pretty face. For first time viewers, this show brings out the depth of the highly challenging industry. 
Our very own Malaysian representative Nuraini Noor aka Tuti
While Tuti admitted that her looks is not of conventional model material, she proves that she no less than others with her mettle, talent and character. Tuti is competitive and did Malaysia proud in the first episode itself. Check out how our compatriot fairs every Wednesday with a flag wrapped around if you can. Malaysia Boleh!
A light moment with Tuti
The premier party continued to mesmerize the crowd with a fashion show, with of course Tuti as the celebrated model.
Zalora fashion show opened by Tuti
Zalora minimalist and chic 
I totally adore that cape jacket!
All pieces can be found at Zalora's website
The alluring pieces showcased during the fashion show was by Zalora, AsNTM's official online fashion shopping partner. The online clothes giant emerged to appeal not only to the masses but also to the fashion mavens proving the brand to be versatile and trusted. Anna Nishaburi, Head of Partnership and PR of the brand, expressed that Zalora 2nd time sponsorship does not only feature stylish wear in the show but also forge synergy in the industry. Visit Zalora's website here to get pieces from the fashion show. 

Make up comes as an utter necessity in the show. Assuming the crucial role of the official make up partner of AsNTM is Maybelline. The brand demonstrates itself to be the vehicle for models to achieve any look desirable. According to Maybelline's Marketing Manager, Pink Fong, the brand believes in empowering women to achieve self-confidence aside from facial artistry. Good news for fans, the make up on the models in the show can be recreated by getting the products from Maybelline counters and following video tutorials at Maybelline's website here. Show off the look that you have recreated and join the Maybelline X Asia's Next Top Model 4 "Make IT Yours, Make IT Happen" contest to win lots of Maybelline goodies. More info at and
Have you got what it takes to be Asia's Next Top Model?
With Sasha Saidin
The talents in this season is diverse and the competitiveness is going to be intense. We wish our Malaysian contender, Tuti, all the best and hope she shows the world what Malaysians are made of.
Premier was sponsored by Indulge, TGV
The winner of AsNTM S4 will drive home the all new Subaru XV as well as become the 2016 face of Tresemme. She will also have a huge fashion spread and grace the cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore and jet off to Europe to be represented by one of the world's most prestigious modelling agency- Storm Model Management

Asia's Next Top Model Season 4 will premier on Star World (Astro Channel 711) and Star World HD (Astro Channel 722) every Wednesday at 9pm beginning 9 March 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nutella Has A New Name...Yours!

Some things in the kitchen finish extra fast. I must admit the frustration when my newly replenished jar of Nutella disappears like nobody's business! And it happens...all...the...time. Now Nutella has a new name and it is EWEN! A jar that is all mine to eat because it bears my name!
My very own jar of Nutella
Nutella has a new name. Yours. #yournutella
Your Nutella campaign has reached Malaysia! For those who are familiar with the international scene, you would have seen your friends in Europe having their jar of Nutella personalized. The campaign then migrated to the Middle East before landing in Singapore just recently. Happening from 9th-13th March 2016 at the Concourse of One Utama's old wing, you can print your name on the label of a Nutella jar.
Belinda Chee hosting the launch of Your Nutella
For just RM15.90, your name will be where the brand should be in Nutella style on a 350g jar of yummy hazelnut chocolate spread. Tips: The shorter the name, the better it looks on the jar- chic and trendy. Look at the samples below.
Leonardo, Marketing Director of nutella SEA launching the campaign with the first personalized jar in Malaysia
When I had my name printed on it, there was no way to describe the personal connection with that special jar of sweetness. I cannot bring myself to put a 'Do Not Touch' sticker on normal jars as it is seen as selfish. After all, I do want to share good stuff with my family and friends. So a name on it does the work...well at least until that unique jar finishes.
Make sure when  you key in the names, check the spelling before hitting enter
How do you like your Nutella? On waffles, pancakes and bread? Or with fresh fruits like how I like it? Or better still...a dollop of pure Nutella on its own just like that! The launch featured food that was complimented by the addictive chocolate spread.
Waffles with nutella
Have it with fruits
Add a layer of nutella on your pudding and desserts
Nutella has a unique taste and so delectable that can make any bad day wonderful. To me, it is the hazelnut that makes all the difference- melted praline that matches with anything in the dessert department. Not only is its chocolate delicious, Nutella contains no artificial colours or preservatives.
Mama nutella and baby ewen nutella.
Wish my nutella could reproduce on its own in my fridge!
I must praise the person who germinated this idea as it brings happiness to anyone who receives that special jar. Anyone! It is a perfect gift to family and friends. The gift itself is literally sweet. It is now even more valuable when purchase is only limited to one person per jar! I had to queue several times to get all my intended gifts done. Was it worth the trouble you ask? To me, yes.
Made it for my family and friends
From mid-april to end of May, participating supermarkets and hypermarkets will carry the name label standees, with selected stores running promotional events for fans to get their own name labels. The list of stores can be found here

For fans who are unable to find their names in the standees, the website which will be launched on 14th March 2016 will allow anyone to customize their own labels and have them sent to their email address.

To contribute to the campaign, take a picture and tell your story and tag @nutellasea #yournutella

instagram @nutellasea

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting

Breakfast is extremely vital for that lasting energy especially in a place that has endless attractions like Genting. Here is one place you can go to pile up on your energy before you start your day on the highlands at an affordable price! My sister and I had a hearty breakfast at the Food Factory for only RM29 nett! Here is a much better alternative to grocery food breakfast from 7 Eleven.
Good morning from Genting! What are you having for breakfast?
Food Factory is located on 3rd floor at First World Plaza on a sprawling 23,578 sqft area that can accommodate up to 1300 guests. Extremely clean and neat, Food Factory soups up the spirit for an adventurous day ahead!
Food Factory sprawls at 23,578 sqft area and can accomodate up to 1300 guests
There are 4 counters for you to pick your food from which in my opinion, is enough to satisfy all walks of appetite. Also, Food Factory churns out its food with some amazing high tech machines specially purchased to fit the theme.

Western Counter
At the Western counter, the star of the buffet line has to be the pancakes and its syrup fountain. Pancakes are made from a machine that churns out a piece every 10 minutes with the right heat consistency and size.
Captivated by the syrup fountain behind
Pancakes are churned out by machines
Freshly made
Pancakes with 5 different spreads available (+1 more...syrup from the fountain)
Best of all, other than syrup sprouting from the fountain, you can enjoy your pancakes with 5 other different spreads. My favourite would be the chocolate! Yum!
Scrambled eggs
Sausages, grilled tomatoes, sauteed potatoes and baked beans 
The Western spread is quite simple, with the basics one can expect. Other than the delicious sausages, and fun pancakes, I quickly took interest in the next counter.

East Asian Counter
Being Chinese, its always heart warming to have a bowl of hot congee and steamed buns. Fried noodles, fried rice and chee cheong fun are also available for those who believe in carbs in the morning. Accompanying the oriental food is an assortment of condiments that will customize the dish to your liking.
Plain congee, fish congee, fried noodles and fried rice
Condiments to your liking
Hot piping steamed bun
Fried carrot cake with XO sauce gives the buffet spread a little more character. Its pleasant to find hawker food being respected enough to be brought here.
Fried carrot cake by Chef E-Wen
If you find the fried rice here to be fluffier than usual it is because it is cleverly cooked by a fried rice machine that gives that consistent stir throughout cooking. Not all machine made food is inferior. The tireless stir covers every grain of rice with egg and flavour.
The advantage of machine fried rice is a fluffier texture and more consistency
Freshly fried rice by machine
West Asian Counter
Being Malaysians, we cannot ignore our mamak taste buds too! The West Asian counter takes care of your curry cravings with a satisfactory range of Indian food. Check out the dips which includes my favourite hummus and coconut chutney.
Of curries, chickpeas, dhal and nasi lemak
Freshly tossed capati
Variety of dips- Baba Ganoush, Coconut Chutney, Hummus
Big wok of chicken curry
Pastry Counter
If nothing suits your appetite and you are up for some pastry, suit yourself at the Pastry counter where there are a variety of breads and buns for you to choose from.
Pastries and more pastries
Food Factory also makes its pizzas using a machine that is specially bought to fit the theme. Well, to me it is more of an instant oven expediting the baking procedure. The topped pizza goes through the machine and comes out ready in a jiffy.
Chef topping the pizza
Waiting for the pizza to be out
Abundant of spreads for your bread
I like the abundant of spreads available to thickly slab on my bread. The sensational (but sinful) bite of the thick spread before the bun is possible when there is free flow of butter, peanut butter, jam and kaya!
Jom breakfast!
End your power meal with some fresh sliced fruit to wash the palate or to supplement the daily fibre you need.
Sliced fruits to wash your palate and perhaps for the fibre of the day?

Breakfast @ The Food Factory
RM29.00 nett (adult) RM14.50 nett (children)
Children from 5-11 yrs old

Hi-tea @ The Food Factory in conjunction with the upcoming school holiday
5,6,12,13,19,20,26,17 March 2016
RM38.00 nett (adult) RM19.00 nett (children)

The Food Factory
Level 3, First World Plaza,
Resorts World Genting