Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Exclusive Kid's Fashion with Junior Lookbook @ Pavillion

Mummies and daddies can now express their penchant for haute couture through their little ones. This exciting new concept store takes care of luxury and premium fashion labels that are sure to float your boat. Kenzo Kids, Paul Smith Junior, Little Marc Jacobs, Boss Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld Kids, DKNY, Junior Gaultier, Aigner Kids, Chole and Zadig & Voltaire are some of the most well-known designer labels brought in by Junior Lookbook for kids from years 0 to 16.

From left: Matthew Benjamin Yoon, Brian John Yim and Elaine Tan
Junior Lookbook at level 5 Pavilion
Located at Pavilion level 5, the scintillating new store not only offers quality apparels and accessories for kids but also exquisite taste of remarkable lifestyle. What better way to reward your children this Christmas for being good boys and girls.
A polished interior at the Junior Lookbook store
From left: Sister Evy, Elaine and I
Check out the vogue of the season for your kids that will spell class and charm. All merchandise are directly brought in from Europe for your shopping pleasure. Junior Lookbook is a one-stop luxury fashion and concept store that panders to the desires of fashionista parents. With hunky-dory Christmas looks like Sawyer's and his little sister Cheryl's, your kids are sure to gain admirers!
Sawyer Leong and his little sister Cheryl in style
Photo credit: www.facebook.com/sawyerleong
Let them know who is the boss with Boss Hugo Boss for babies age 0
Smarten up your little ones with Karl Lagerfeld Kids
Karl Lagerfeld Kids was launched by the Head Designer and Creative Director of the Fashion House Chanel as well as the Italian House FENDI- Mr Karl Lagerfeld himself early last year. Karl Lagerfeld whas a different design philosophy as he goes by the 'less is more' concept. He believes in objectivity, simplicity and elegance. Karl Lagerfeld Kids collection reflects the designer's own identity and influences to create a fresh modern and easy-to-wear selection for juniors.
Kenzo Kids are here to satisfy your kid's fashion needs
In 1970, Kenzo Takada installed a patch of jungle inthe Galerie Vivienne in the heart of Paris. With its colourful prints and declaration of freedom, Kenzo shook up the couture codes of the time by irreverently breaking the rules. Today, Kenzo is still known for this joyous and colourful heritage.
Boots are made for walking by Karl Lagerfeld
In 1976, Paul Smith started his first men's wear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label. Today Paul Smith is a global name in the fashion industry. In 2011, Paul was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design award at the British Fashion award for his exeptional contribution in the British fashion industry.
Sawyer and Rayyan looking dapper in Little Marc Jacob (Rayyan) and Kenzo (Sawyer)
Little runway models in Junior Lookbook's apparels
During the launch of Junior Lookbook, the highlight was the kid's fashion show that not only stole the attention of many but also melted many hearts. The little darlings showcased exclusive apparels that transform toddlers and teens into superstars as only one piece is available for every size.
From left: Sawyer in Kenzo, Cheryl in a red Junior Gaultier, Dada in white Junior Gaultier, Mia in a metalic Karl Lagerfeld, Jaden in Paul Smith Junior, Rayyan in Little Marc Jacob, Bella in Paul Smith chequered dress and Mia's mom in the same Karl Lagerfeld design for mini-me
Our youngest gentleman, baby Ari, in Boss Hugo Boss
Model Mia striking a pose
Mia in Karl Lagerfeld pieces
Little Bella all stylish in a Paul Smith chequered dress
The exclusive Junior Gaultier white dress that is one of the two pieces in Malaysia
Dada in the Junior Gaultier's white dress that was up for auction starting RM4999
Shopping with class
Make sure your kid's closet is keeping up with yours
With little Rayyan who stole people's hearts in Little Marc Jacob
Getting a Kenzo for myself! Fits adults too
Junior Lookbook's beautiful 360 outlook
 At the launch of Junior Lookbook


Lot 5.48.00, Level 5,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

For more information contact Junior Lookbook at 
Tel: 03- 2110 0820

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Every Child is a Winner at Rockstar Gym

Parents, it is time to pull away those iPads and smartphones from your children. While Barney and Friends work magic to keep those cries and wails at bay, it is not going to bring much development to their social skills, not to mention degrading eye sights. Social skills among children should not be underestimated and one of the best ways to cultivate it is through sports and games. After a day of fun at RockStar Gym with my bestie little A and little C, I realized this gym can be a wise investment for my future kids.
With the little ones at RockStar Gym
Located at the Mines Shopping Mall (also branches in Tropicana City Mall, SS2 and SetiaWalk Puchong) this brand new gym occupies most of level 5 of the mall, providing ample space for activities and fun for children from 6 months to 16 years. Sports activities provided here include gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, futsal, tennis, basketball, swimming and dancing.
Newly launched RockStar Gym at The Mines Shopping Mall in Seri Kembangan
Before coming to a gym like this, I joined the many parents who think that these play centers are not necessary. Adults of my generation and before never had to go to a gym and just grew up fine. However, in those days iPads never existed, more parents stayed home and the world was not as complicated as now.
With the mascots and friendly instructors

6 Benefits of Enrolling in RockStar Gym

1. Multiple activities in one place
What I like most about this gym is that it provides multiple activities all at one place. Imagine you had to drive your kids to tennis class, basket ball training and swimming lessons. If it does not stress the kid, it is going to stress the life out of the parents. Parents can drop or join their kids here which will take care of a few sports at once.
Little A dancing together at the launch
Amused with balloons!
Little A on the tunnel slide!
The outdoor playground at RockStar Gym
Little C watches while her brother trains at the basketball court
2. Developing kids' social skills, confidence and independence
For a moment, forget about the books. Kids' social skills, confidence and independence, in no matter how small a scale it is, are important! How else your kids can have so many other little humans to play with. There is a difference when they start polishing their interpersonal skills young. I know I won't want my kid to be able to spell 'tyrannosaurus' but is afraid to talk to people. It is also a great bonding time for busy parents and their children. 
Michael Jordan in the making
You go little champ!
Outdoor activities that pull the kids away from ipads
The Seri Kembangan branch is equipped with a pool
3. Safe and good facilities
The facilities here make me want to enroll in the programmes myself! The swimming pool, basketball court and the classes were clean and inviting. Also, safety is taken into consideration with mats and soft barriers spotted. It is safer than bringing your children to the adult version of the sports. Unlike having them run around in the open where they are exposed to kidnappers and accidents, it is much more controllable in an invigilated area like this.
Warming up at the gym
Little A peeking under the parachute
Jumping on the trampoline
Balancing on bars
4. Trained and friendly instructors
Various programmes and activities are coached following international competitive standards or syllabus set buy their respective bodies. Instructors here have to have some sort of passion for children and are trained to handle their delicate skills. The equipments used are appropriate and suitable for the specific activity. 
Hanging like a monkey
Little A learns coordination and balance
Look at that cheeky face
There you are little A!
5. Affordable
If people can casually spend RM100 on unplanned things on a weekend, the fees here is one way to turn your spending into a smart one. It only takes less than RM100 per month for your little ones to enjoy all the fun classes up to three times a week. I would call that an investment instead of extra expenditure.
Dear adults, good luck trying to fit into my world!
Cultivating peace and focus with yoga at a young age
Baby Yoga in the 'Mom and Me Yoga' programme
Baby C enjoying the stretches in baby yoga
Ballet facility at RockStar Gym
6. Lose that energy in the name of fun!
My friend testified that he has a more blissful weekend when his kids' energy is drained. I believe they sleep better, think better and eat better after the classes. A child's never-ending energy channeled to something that he or she enjoys with lots of fun and laughter with friends of their own age range. When they move their body or simply run around they involve in cognitive learning that triggers creativity and that is already a winning child!

Warming up for gym class
Get them to move it move it!
A place where parents can bond with their kids
The Move and Groove class is a cheerful place to be!
RockStar Gym is currently keeping the children of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines fit and skilled through 18 gyms with 3 of them being in Malaysia

RockStar Gym is now available in The Mines (Seri Kembangan), Tropicana City Mall (SS2) and SetiaWalk (Puchong)

For more information on classes, schedules and membership, do visit www.rockstar-gym.com/my