Friday, November 4, 2016

A Small Change Goes A Long Way #AirAsiaMAKNA Campaign 2016

What can 10 cents do nowadays? Air Asia again proved that nothing is too small an amount through the #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign 2016. For one month from August to September, AirAsia had pledged 10 cents from every flight booking made on its website. Using the magnitude of Air Asia's position as the leading low-cost carrier in Asia, RM350,000 has been raised for the National Cancer Counsel of Malaysia (MAKNA) to help cancer patients. A small 'change' indeed went a long way.
At the #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign
Awareness is raised and education is spread about this deadly disease during the campaign. While the consequences of such a diagnosis is very much life changing, the big C is not a ticket to perish. Harikrishnan, is a living testament of life after cancer. Hari is a stage-4 cancer survivor. At 24 years old, he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. Anybody could not have digested the cruelty that befell him. But that day, he sat just next to me and perhaps was in a better shape than I was. 
Hari, you are definitely a fighter and an inspiration to me. Thank you for enlightening me.
God must have sent you to give me strength when I am clouded with negativity.
It was not for nothing that fate acquainted me with this young bloke. He radiated so much positivity that I could not bear being strangers with him. At only 28, Hari had gone through enough to know the real struggles of life. When I heard the story of this fighter, I am ashamed of myself for complaining about my so called 'miserable' life.
Wish you all the best with abundance of health and happiness Hari
When life gave him a million reasons to give up, Hari gave life a million reasons to smile. Adopting the power of attraction, he told himself that he is fine even when he had to trudge down chemotherapy. He told me how he found strength deep within him while being nurtured by angels who were willing to stop to care in this seemingly cold society. Giving up was not his choice and he was not allowing negativity to sentence him to death. Overcoming the threshold not only made him percieve life differently, it also made him a mighty example of determination to patients and non-patients alike.
Kaka Azraff dishing out the opening performance
Guests and Avenue K visitors were treated to live performances by local powerhouse celebrities such as Kaka Azraff, SonaOne, Joe Flizzow and our darling Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. The event also brought together free clinical examinations, health talks, health food sampling and of course a wealth of information about cancer.
Air Asia CEO Aireen Omar very much believes in giving back to the society
Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad said that the airlines company is committed to the #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign in helping patients nationwide to battle the disease. Be it a cheque to MAKNA or sponsored holidays to patients, Air Asia makes sure they keep flying with compassion.
Check presentation from Air Asia to MAKNA for more meaningful achievements
Last year, #AirAsiaMAKNA raised close to RM265,000 through Travelling Beruang and will continue creative means of charity in the future.
Dato Siti Nurhaliza serenading the crowd with her melodious voice
The pysical, emotional and financial toll cancer can inflict on not only patients but also their families can be devastating. Every year, countless numbers of people lose their battle against cancer due to lack of financial means.
Rapper SonarOne entertaining with his hits

Do not take health for granted. Do not be oblivious and while we try to live on positive thoughts never think it will never happen to you. 

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