Friday, June 19, 2015

Papa, My Curry-loving Hero

I drive the car- and I only drive the car. I have never had to wash it, service it or pump the petrol. Sometimes, I do not even need to drive as I will be chauffeured to my destination. I get updated with the latest news because every morning there is a fresh copy of newspaper in my study room. I almost never need to buy them. Every morning I am greeted with hot and hearty breakfast and never went to work hungry before. No, I am neither a superstar nor am I a rich kid. I dare not think that I am worthy of any of those treatments. But, to my father, I am his princess.

I am my father's princess
Buddies with Papa

Friday, June 5, 2015

Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen 2015- Could It Be Better?

“There are 3 ways to my heart- Buy me food, make me food, be food.” I have always been proud of Malaysia’s capability to satisfy the most demanding appetites. Being brought up in this country, I am spoilt for choice. Therefore, it is very difficult not to relate to food because Malaysia is food!
Malaysia is food
My sister and I
Our country’s food scene boasts variety and taste. Some of the best being camouflaged as street food behind alleys or as village stalls. How can we bring them together to our fellow tourists? If only we could gather our nasi lemak royale from Alor Star, Ipoh chicken rice, satay celup from Melaka, mee kolok from Sarawak, longan drink from Petaling Street and keropok lekor from Kemaman for the American tourists who need to be taken away from the doughnut staple or the English travelers who has tried enough fish and chips.