Friday, June 19, 2015

Papa, My Curry-loving Hero

I drive the car- and I only drive the car. I have never had to wash it, service it or pump the petrol. Sometimes, I do not even need to drive as I will be chauffeured to my destination. I get updated with the latest news because every morning there is a fresh copy of newspaper in my study room. I almost never need to buy them. Every morning I am greeted with hot and hearty breakfast and never went to work hungry before. No, I am neither a superstar nor am I a rich kid. I dare not think that I am worthy of any of those treatments. But, to my father, I am his princess.

I am my father's princess
Buddies with Papa
I am sure we are all familiar with the hotline emergency numbers that we star-marked in our phones. Papa’s phone number represents all those numbers. When I got my first vehicle (a pink bicycle) my father was my first instructor. He is my first mechanic when he took out the training wheels and fixed the loose chains. When I turned teen, I would keep papa busy by calling him when my car battery died, my car tire punctured and when I reversed the car into a drain (yes, did I tell you I was and still am a great driver?) Papa never left me alone on all those occasions. He was at beck and call and appeared right by my side. Not to mention, he bore all the expenses of my blunders. It was quite a bargain to be able to get the car fixed at a cost of absorbing some nagging. Until now, papa is still my automotive advisor.
Papa always making sure I drive with the tank full
Papa's gesture of love: Fresh newspaper every morning
Papa has always been a DIY man. The house becomes an installation of his creativity. I noticed that we rarely have handyman visits because everything has been taken care of by papa. He is either painting or constructing the store room or nailing art on the wall. This will definitely up the standard for his sons-in-law. The 9-month-pregnant belly will not stop him from tessellating the bedroom floor, building the storage room or fixing the filter. Being the only man in the family, any purchase from the hardware shop is surely papa’s. He has all the know-hows to solve my mechanical woes. Now that he is older, it is heart wrenching to see him still championing the role of the protector to mend the house with sores and aches. I try my best to help but there is so much a girl can do. It’s a shame calling myself an engineer. Papa’s hammering and sawing is still the neatest!
Go Pa go!
Papa has a big “Mahathir” nose- a trait that I have inherited from him. I wonder if he uses his nose to smell his knowledge as he knows a lot. He is the only one whom can mentor me about news and general knowledge. From the electricity watts to what is going on in United States, papa knows. When national politics becomes too complicated for me to follow, papa patiently narrates the whole turmoil so that I do not lose out when having conversations with others. Papa, who else will so selflessly impart knowledge to me when you are no longer around?
Now you know where I got my big nose from
Papa, although occasionally steaming with sternness, has his adorable side. He attracts babes like a magnet- children that is. No baby can resist his 9-month-pregnant belly that cushions their diapered bum. If all of us were to open our hands to a baby, the baby will, hands (and knees) down, crawl to papa. Papa is fantastic with kids and his kindness towards them has been experienced first-handedly by yours truly. Happiness is all he wants to give his children. I remember that he was given an assignment in Melacca. Knowing that that his kids love jumping on hotel beds, he troubled himself with a 2-hour drive back home to pick us up after work to share his privileges. Not being very well-to-do at times, papa still manages to provide my sister and I adequately. He saved to buy me my first laptop when I was 18 years old so that I could complete my assignments. He never let us feel any lesser.
Papa's chemistry with kids is unexplainable
Papa holds my hands till now and never got tired of it
Papa commands through his righteousness. He may be strict but nothing can rival his sincere intention for us. To me, he is the epitome of forgiveness. His daughters could make him hit the roof but still will not hold any grudges on us. He is the only one that makes sure that I have transport everywhere. He does not mind sacrificing his well-deserved nap just to make sure I have a car ride home instead of the bus ride. He makes sure that I remember handphone and money. He will wait at the door till I am back home. He calls to make sure I have an umbrella with me when it is raining. He will deliver the documents that I have so mindlessly forgotten even though it means he has to rush from KL to Terengganu. He is always there for me.

Papa drove me to work battling the 2-hour jam everyday, to and fro, when I fractured my foot
Papa, thank you will never do justice to what you have done for us. To my curry-loving hero, you are always my first love and irreplaceable in my heart. Papa. Happy Father's Day and I love you!

Bali with Pa