Friday, October 30, 2015

The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong

If you are in Kepong, there is a new restaurant for you to check out. The Champ Kitchen brings you classic chinese food that will satisfy your gut. Located in the midst of the industrial area in Kepong, this restaurant is casual and comfortable even on your wallet. 
The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong

猪多宝 (zhu duo bao) Pork Treasures

Clean and casual 
Pork being their specialty
Herbs are the core ingredients

The Champ Kitchen's specialty is their pork knuckle. When you enter the restaurant, there is a quiet but huge wok at the front. Inside, lays their treasure. Pork knuckles are braised for 72 hours in their family recipe that has been inherited from the owners ancestors. The pork meat is tender and infused with the fragrance of the special mix of herbs and spices.
Claypot Pork Knuckle RM28.00 (small) RM38.00(medium) RM45.00 (big)
Drunken Pork Knuckle RM55.00
Great for communal eating
Pork knuckles broiled in a huge pot for hours to seal in the herbs and spices

Big bowl rice is a classic Chinese representation. With a chopstick, get ready to push hot and fluffy rice with pork knuckle, salted vege (ham choy) and preserved vege (mui choy) and egg into your mouth. This yummy bowl of pork knuckle rice completes your meal at a very reasonable price. Comes in variations of meat and gravy.
Pork Knuckle Rice RM8.00
Pork Hind Rice RM10.00
Japanese Curry Pork Rice RM13.00
Slow Braised Beef Brisket With Rice RM15.00
Its always nice to go back to the classic big bowl rice

Other than rice, those who prefers their carbs in the form of noodles can choose from one of their combo big bowl noodles. The noodles are of the wantan kind (sang meen). Noodles are springy and flavourful. Scrumptious when gravy seeps between them.
Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle Dry RM10.00 
Pork Hind Noodle Soup RM12.00 
Very flavourful
This Pork Lard Rice is heavenly. Forget about its sinful side and just indulge. This is the most fragrant rice one can have. Take it with Crispy Pork Lard. I guarantee that you leave the restaurant smiling!
Pork Lard Rice RM3.00
Crispy Pork Lard is nothing like eating fat. It is not oily at all. It is fried till it is light and aromatic. It will leave you asking for more, trust me. 
Add-ons: Crispy Pork Lard RM2.00
If you do not know what to eat, choose this fried man tau bun with pork gravy that cannot go wrong. The fried mantau is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Every bite exudes the breads natural sweetness.
Snack: Fried Man Tau Bun RM3.00

Minced Meat Toufu is one of the best sellers in The Champ Kitchen. Salted fish as it is known, will make you go for doubles on the rice. The saltiness is occasionally diluted with chunks of soft toufu that makes it more lip-smacking. 
Minced Meat Toufu with Salted Fish RM12.00

This dish creates a very invigorating sensation in the mouth when its cold toufu awakens the palate. Wait for the taste of the century eggs to emerge after the bland toufu.
HK Cold Century Egg Toufu RM12.00

The pepper masked the lamb odour very well with a little gravy on the grilled flesh that just falls off the bones. Spiciness can be numbing...well, it is Szechuan style...what do you expect?
Grilled NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper RM18.00 per100g

The chef does not skimp on herbs and ingredients in this Forever Young soup boiled in a coconut shell that inherits all the sweetnes. Black chicken feet, fish maw and mushrooms were boiled to create a soup texture that soothes the throat.
Forever Young RM38.00

.Watch out for different soups of the day that makes your meal more interesting. This Lotus Root Soup is smooth and rich in flavour.
Soup of the Day- Lotus Root Soup

The Grilled Horse Mackerel, or known as Saba fish is sweet but the gravy a little to the salty side. I thought the minced radish at the side was rather refreshing when eaten with fish.
Grilled Horse Mackerel with Szechuan Pepper Sauce RM15.00

The Dang Gui Salted Chicken flesh was smooth and toothsome. Wolfberries and Dang Gui paired well to give a wholesome taste.
Dang Gui Salted Chicken RM18.00 RM33.00

Minced Meat Omelette is down-to-earth yummy as minced meat falls from the folds of the eggs. The concentrated gravy makes it more charming and enticing.
Minced Meat Omelette RM10.00
The Braised Lamb Belly however, made my appetite shrink as the odour was a tad too strong. Having said that, I found my friend who is a very gamy meat-eater appreciating this dish.
Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly with Foo Zuk and Fermented Beancurd Sauce RM38.00

The wanton skin is thin yet textural. I enjoyed biting bits of turnip mixed with the meat. Soup was mediocre.
HK Wanton Soup RM 20.00 for 8

Wrap-up with a scoop of their homemade ice-creams. I must say that they are very smooth and silky. The Sea Salt flavour is pretty interesting. There were mixed feedbacks as some like its eccentric taste and some dismissed it. Truffle with bacon also has the salty feature. Go try them and see for yourself.
Homemade Ice-cream RM5.00
From left: Macha (greentea flavour), Sea Salt, Truffle with Bacon 

It was a pleasure eating hearty big bowl rice in this restaurant. Would definitely introduce it to my relatives who are big fans of olden and classic chinese food.
My hearty meal
For more information:

The Champ Kitchen
No. 19, Jln KIP 1, 
Tmn Perindustrian KIP,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Party at Surf Beach- ACV Music Festival 2015

The ACV Music Festival, I admit, was used as a validation, that after so long I still have not lost it! The pairing of Saturday night and a beach party still managed to appear in my calendar. And who else more suitable to party with than my partner in crime- my baby sister.

It was one entertaining Saturday night
2 VIP tickets to the ACV Music Festival

I have heard of Leng Yein for a long time and followed her on Instagram but I have never heard her music live. That night I finally saw her on stage dishing out party mix with her beau, PointBlanc who was also her MC. She was in a whole new light when she display her dexterity on the sound board. The somewhat "shallow" persona with never-ending plastic attachments, boldly tattooed skin and overexposed body seemed vindicated with her music intelligence. I must admit her music rocks!

DJ Leng Yein on set

A new respect for her in my eyes developed when she personally thanked me for tagging her on Instagram after the concert. Over 400 000 followers and I still receive a personal note from her? She deserves her legion of fans!
Leng Yein working her stuff on the sound board
Sky Blu (8ky 6lu) took over the stage after LYPB. He simply swore too much. The four-letter word punctuated every sentence he spoke. I don't know how "cool" is interpreted in Los Angeles but I did not enjoy his performance much. So my sister and I took a breather at the side of the beach. Sorry fans of Sky Blu, but it was more interesting waiting for Havana Brown with some Somersby Apple Cider in hand.
Enjoying Somersby on the beach benches
At the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Havana Brown appeared effortless in a blue superman t-shirt but was Havana Brown! Her music was smooth. Her sweet face was never short of smiles. Through her sexy songs, Havana Brown made sure everyone was entertained.
Havana Brown appeared in a simple Superman t-shirt and a matching bandana
Check out the Havana's super shorts and thigh high boots
The emcees of the event was Arnold and RD. I cannot contain my disappointment in them. Perhaps I overestimated the duo.  Being radio announcers of the program that I have always enjoyed ( morning crew) I thought they could do better. RD made it pretty obvious that they were buying time and used the same introduction twice for Havana and Paris. His overload call of "make some noise" did irk me a little. But nonetheless, I supported and we made some noise anyway...hehehe. Well guess it isn't easy emceeing a concert.
My sister and I having a good time
The event backdroped by the majestic Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel
The anchor of the the night's show was supposed to be the hotel heiress Paris Hilton. She came strutting out on the stage in a short green dress that flattered her fit and slender body. However, the cat-ear hair band and green heart-shaped shades reduced her appearance to . She did a little awkward dance with the background dancers before commencing her work on the sound board.
Paris Hilton's opening strut
Honestly, I was between being sympathetic and critical. The crowd began to disperse when she appeared. She left her songs quite flat when she whipped out her mobile phone several times for a selfie. Well, I'll give her an A for effort though. At least she aspires.
Paris Hilton on the board
Paris Hilton attempts to sing
Those being said, my sister and I enjoyed the night thoroughly and had a wonderful time. Thank you to the sponsor of the ticket! May there be more to come :)