Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nights of Fright 3 @ Sunway Lagoon

I attended a wedding ceremony recently. It was simply an occasion to die for! The couple was so perfect for each other that they sent shivers through my bones. The groom, Mr Chaos, had his mouth charmingly slit while his wife, Ms Chaos accompanied him with sunken eyes and blood dripping from mouth to her neck, tainting her white dress. The dramatic union of the two unleashed the Pandora’s Box resurrecting every dead, evil and malicious to witness their coming together. Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear is officially open!
Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear
Nights of Fright 3 here I come
The opening act started with normal mortals walking down the aisle.
I actually thought they were real couples holding their ceremony in Sunway Lagoon
Some couples like uncanny weddings...who could tell if it is real or not!
Then Mr Chaos and Ms Havoc stole the minister to officiate their union!
Dramatic opening act
Mr Chaos and his bride Ms Havoc
Sunway Lagoon’s 3rd year Halloween celebration brings triple the fear and triple the chaos. With me that night were my sister and my friend.  My friend must excuse me for nearly crushing her hands and my sister must not get angry for not talking much because I was busy screaming! My heart was racing for a few days even before I reached Bandar Sunway. Some might ask aiyo E-Wen why so wimpy? That’s because I know certain things that you don’t. Read about Scare School here.
What is there to be afraid of you asked?
Creepy deco 
Kudos to the creators who were successful in setting up such spooky ambiance

I went to Scare School and saw how Lynton V Harris’ team, a professional entertainment company, prepared for this festival. I am telling you, they are all out to scare! In the midst of being freaked out in the park, I still gathered some mettle to look at the demons and devils in the eye to appreciate how detailed they were. They put in massive effort in make-up, costumes and scare tactics that made everything look real! There was a pirate which I particularly remember who did not have a patch of skin uncovered with make-up which made him rotten to the core! I could not stand a second sight of him. (I took a picture of him but I will leave this one for you to find in the park)
The bride was EVIL!
The revenge of the mortals. Remember to get your face painted. I love mine
I screamed like there was no tomorrow
The environment felt so real

I got my first taste of terror in Escape from Pudu 2. This maze was dead unforgiving. The inmates there were deranged! They hate free people and you will go insane with them. Remember to visit Kevil Hill where evil lies. I dare you not to cringe in the cryonics where the dead are determined to seek revenge. This is one of the most thrilling attraction for me. Save some courage to go for Mummies Revenge: Tomb of Terror in 3D. I found myself in confusion whether to be afraid or to be amused by the beautiful graffiti in 3D. We wore 3D glasses and the sights will surprisingly keep your eyes open. All actors will not touch visitors which gives them another feather in the hat for professionalism.
Deranged inmates
Kevil Hill residents are not happy
Enjoy the bright 3D paintings on the way
So you think you are scare-proof?

We took a break from the heart attacks by entertaining our exerted souls at the Carnival of Chaos. The stage where Halloween is harmoniously presented with dances, stunts and acts. We took a breather before we continued to the silent but horrifying attractions.
My sister was afraid of even me in make-up hehehe
She prefers the friendlier ones
They were always around
Excellent costumes and make-up 

I was paralyzed at Sadako Dori. That alley was awfully full with slow mo phantoms that did not need to do much to make me scream. Think Ju-On. (gives me the creeps while writing this) My friend who was supposed to be the brave one fled when she came to notice “something” was staring at her from a dark corner.
Sadako Dori is a killer!
Enough said
You think you are spared in the toilet?
There was no shortage of roaming creatures and “lost souls” that night. Us trio were perpetually pumped with excitement and running around. It would be a waste not to take photos with the actors wearing state-of-the-art costumes. Throughout the night, regular attractions and unlimited rides were still open. To recondition our minds, we sat the Colorado Splash and River Rapid. Fun fair was also available to those who decide to wait outside. Remember to stay till the end for the finale where they bring out an eerie coffin and all ghosts, demons, devils and creatures will be paraded. 
Carnival of Chaos
Enjoying regular rides- Vulcan
Time for a breather from the ghosts- Butch Cassidy Trail
Drinks for RM10 each packet of "blood"
Sucking on watermelon "blood"

Despite the scare pangs and frights, thank you Sunway Lagoon for such a fun and memorable night!

I shall return next year!


Visitors may dress up in their spookiest outfits when going for Nights of Fright 3 at only RM58 per person. But be ready to sweat.

Day time park guests who wish to continue with Nights of Fright 3 in the evening can enjoy a special rate of RM35

Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear @ Sunway Lagoon is happening on 2nd, 3rd, 8th-10th, 15th-17th, 22nd-24th and 29th-31st October 2015, from 7.30pm till 11.30pm

For more information please call 03-5639000 or visit and

Well done Sunway Lagoon!
Night finale