Friday, October 30, 2015 - Quality Korean Beauty Products To Your Doorstep is an all new website that brings Korean beauty products right to your doorstep. We are not talking about the normal ones from the shelf at the malls. Oakavenue offers brands that are not available in Malaysia and quality that you can be assured of.

Oakavenue hand-picks products that are potent and free from parabens (artificial preservatives) to be their line of brands. They source products directly from the manufacturers which allows them to provide a more competitive price to customers. 

If you have skin problems and looking for quality products that can make a change, try surfing at Oakavenue. 

Premium brands that are available are:
1. MD Promise
2. JessicaBling
3. Mibella
5. JDY

I got myself a few products to try:

Mibella Bentonite and Cleansing Soap
Mibella Bentonite and Cleansing Soap US$68.57 for 5 pcs
This soap has a very natural fragrance as it has no perfume and colouring. Its main ingredient is bentonite which has many healing properties. This soap cleans very well removing dirt, grime and make up. After 2 weeks using it, I find it very trustworthy. I can always count on it to give me fresh and clean skin after work. I think for RM50-60 (conversion of RM4 per US$) per bar of good soap that keeps my face clear, it is worth every cent. Premium soaps like this can cost much more over mall counters.

Bentonite is a mineral found in volcanic ash. Benefits of Bentonite are [1]:
1. Healing to skin diseases like Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis
2. Remove toxins
3. Allow cells to receive more oxygen
4. Alkalizes the body
5. Boosts probiotics
6. Relieves digestive problems
7. Boosts immunity by killing harmful bacteria and virus
8. Improves health of teeth and gum
9. Purifies water
10. Used as baby powder alternative

Mibella Fresh Dental Care
Mibella Fresh Dental Care mouth wash sold in Mibella products in sets
To be very honest, this mouth wash has a very peculiar taste. It has a very strong herbal smell which I presume comes from bentonite. Although the taste is not favourable, this mouthwash is effective in removing plague.
Sediments seen is reaction between bentonite and plague
The purplish brown liquid, when spit out, contains sediments which is plague. As Bentonite has the quality of expelling toxic, it is well used in dental care. I always like to feel the surface of my teeth with my tongue. After rinsing my mouth, there is satisfaction from plague-free smooth teeth.

The Silkda Inner Cleanser
The Silkda Inner Cleanser (Feminine wash)
Silkda Inner Cleanser (feminine wash) comes in foam form. It is very gentle to the skin and leaves a tingling minty sensation. It keeps me feeling fresh and confident to take on my daily chores.

JDY Abdomen Slimming Patch
JDY Abdomen Slimming Patch US$75.43 for 10 pcs
This slimming patch helps burn fat at the stomach by simply sticking it at the targeted area. After trying one patch, I did not observe or feel any difference. However, I felt a heated sensation at the stomach and effects should be obvious after a few patches. To me, a flat tummy won't appear by using the patches per se. Exercise remains as the main fat burning activity. This patch is helpful in promoting the slimming process. Say, you need to fit in that dress by this weekend pronto! By the way, the lady in the packaging of this slimming pack is Jung Da Yeon (JDY) herself, South Korean diet writer and fitness guru. The 48-year-old fitness personality (1966) puts younger girls to shame with her stunning figure. Check her out on the internet!

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