Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Systema 3D Clean- Cleans Every Part of Your Teeth No Matter What You Eat

You are perfectly healthy but what makes you think twice before touching that favorite cookie of yours? It is that sticky bits of nosh cemented on your teeth after chewing. It certainly will irritate the life out of me. My tongue will be sore from playing with the corners of the teeth stuck with food. Even after brushing, stubborn bits will still be deposited in the mouth leaving me to resort to physical extraction a.k.a toothpick. I am the kind of person who needs my teeth to be clean. If not, I will not be able to move on with my day. 
Time to berus gigi

Systema 3D Clean is the latest toothbrush brand by Southern Lion from Japan. I tried it during a roadshow in One Utama. Yes, I brushed my teeth in public. And it has been quite a good feeling. The first feature that was outstanding to me was the soft and flexible bristles. I could feel that the bristles were working on multiple sides of the teeth, living up to its middle name, 3D. My current toothbrush also has soft tapered bristles but somehow, it only scrubs the teeth in one dimension at a time. The bristles are 0.02mm thin, which is why it is able to pick impurities from the narrowest corners in between the teeth.
Brushed my teeth in public

I appreciate that the head is of optimal size to reach hard-to-clean areas like the wisdom teeth all the way back and my very unevenly structured chompers. Its tip extends the brushing in most neglected areas, scraping away more plague than my ex-toothbrush. 
Free dental checkup by Systema at the roadshow

I also like the grip when holding Systema 3D Clean. It feels snug in my hands and I feel that I have more control of the brush. After brushing, I felt my teeth with my tongue and the clean sensation is what I have been looking for. 
Testifying for Systema 3D Clean, a quality toothbrush that cleans every part of your teeth after eating my popcorn

I am very sensitive to food waste stuck in the pockets of my ivories. It can drive me nuts and attracts all the attention from me. I particularly despise layers of plague deposits. It is not only disgusting, if uncleaned, tartar will form especially on the gum line which can look horrid! A good toothbrush is a necessity. 
Quality toothbrush is essential and a good investment
It is true that regular brushing contributes to the health of the gums. I nearly lost a tooth for taking teeth-brushing for granted. That is why I holler to all to take it seriously. It will be too late to realize the value of your teeth if you wait till you start losing them.   
I love clean teeth and brushing is an essential activity in my daily life

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