Thursday, October 22, 2015

BWB Flaming on Table (Yakitori Bar) @ Sri Hartamas

There is a flaming new hang out place in Sri Hartamas. BWB Flaming On Table is set to impress with its stylish restaurant that offers dining experience that will satisfy not only the taste buds but your Instagram fetish too. One can be assured that this place serves food that looks as beautiful as it tastes.
Ready for a flaming meal?
Cosy corner
BWB Flaming on Table
The restaurant's interior is soothing to the eye with black walls and neat furniture. The ambiance seems versatile for any occasion- romantic for love birds, cozy for a gathering and cool enough for a party. 
Black walls and neat furniture
The bar counter
The bar in BWB completes the food range for customers who would like to include some booze during their visit. I must say this restaurant is exhaustive for events and celebrations. After a chat with the owner cum chef, I find that they also take their culinary side earnestly and resolute on improvement to ensure customers' return. 

Appetizer: Tri Specie (Three in a kind) RM30.00
From left: marinated jelly fish, tiny octopus and tubor shell

We were spoilt for choice at the appetizer department itself. Here are some that made an impression. Whetting my appetite most was the Three in a Kind entree. The marinated jelly fish packs flavours in its chewy mash while the tubor shell awakens the palate with a sweet and sour punch. Tiny octopus comes raw and blended with a tad of wasabi to stimulate the senses before the main course.

Appetizer: Secco Seppia (Grill marinated squid pullerRM12.00
Grill Marinated Squid Puller is simple yet powerful. This is the perfect order to be paired with drinks (beer for example) while you schmooze. A little tough but I did not mind keeping my teeth busy with the aromatic shreds.

Appetizer: Salted Shrimp (Fried shrimp) RM12.00
Addiction comes in the form of Fried Shrimp. The crisp is light and every bite is rewarded with sweet prawn flesh inside the crust.

Appetizer: Chicky Corns (Fried chicken top with cheese) RM12.00
I enjoyed morsels of fried chicken while waiting for the main course. A little dab of cheese adds a unique creaminess to the bites.

Appetizer: Piccante Mussels (Spicy mussel) RM18.00
Seafood sweetness is contained in the spicy mussels. The spiciness is just right to compliment the special sauce spread generously over each shell.

Appetizer: Sizzling Seafood (Sizzling seafood with homemade spicy sauce) RM30.00
Seafood lovers should treat yourselves to this platter of seafood that sizzles with the flavour of the ocean. Prawns, oysters, squid and fish bits converge to offer a delectable bonanza of seafood mix.
Appetizer: Oyster Box (Deep fried toufu with oyster) RM12.00
The Deep Fried Toufu with Oyster might not be so promising. The raw soy smell of white toufu masks the taste of the oyster in the middle. The oyster was as if non-existent despite some efforts to detect it.

Appetizer: Knuckle Bun (Mini bun with knuckle slice) RM10.00
The Mini Bun with Knuckle Slice is something that I would recommend. Tender pork knuckles sandwiched between crispy man tau won my heart over. The man tau was not oily and fried to a brownish crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Flaming on the Table main dishes are indeed worth the wait. There are five kinds of meat in the Flaming family- chicken, Wagyu beef, ocean trout, lamb and pork.
Oink oink on Burning (Flaming pork rib)
Small RM42.00 Big RM55.00
Flaming Pork on flames
Crazy Cow (Flaming Wagyu M5) RM48.00
Flaming Wagyu M5 on flames
Note that the eggs are cooked to precisely preserve the yolk runny
The Flaming dishes are all fascinating and makes great celebratory dishes. It is hands down the most attractive of dishes in the menu. Every Flaming number is not only to satisfy the tummy but also to feast the eye. Stylishly dished on a tile, the platter is bedecked with edible flowers and tastefully positioned greens.
Wake Up Sheep (Flaming grain N. Z. fed lamb belly) RM48.00
Flaming grain N. Z. fed lamb belly on flames
Angry Bird (Flaming chicken drumstick) RM35.00
Flaming chicken drumstick on flames
Ocean on Fire (Flaming ccean trout, scallop and prawn) RM65.00
My favourite would be the Flaming Ocean Trout. Savour the natural sweetness of the fish which speaks about its freshness. The cooking is finely done as the trout's meat is delicate and tender. Flames are ignited with a non-alcoholic liquid poured over the dish that contributes to a BBQ fragrance after the after burning. Try presenting a birthday boy/ girl a flaming dish instead of a lit candle for a change. The birthday wish will definitely come true. 

Skewers from left: Wagyu fuwagua (wagyu beef and foie gras) RM24.00
 yaki tori(chicken thigh) RM5.00
Skewers from left: tsukune (meat ball) RM10.00
 sunigimo (gizzard) RM4.00
 tebaski (chicken wing) RM8.00
Special sauce with raw quails egg
Skewers from left: shisamo (pregnant fish) RM4.00
bonjiri (chicken tail) RM4.00
Skewers are always a delight to have. My favourite would be the Wagyu fuwgua ( waygu beef with foie gras). Wagyu beef is cleverly paired on the skewer to bring out the best of the foie gras. The gamey taste of Wagyu will linger to accentuate the taste of the rich liver. Shisamo (pregnant fish) is also a wise pick. Popping flavourful fish roe in the mouth is enjoyable.

Preparation of Flaming Coffee
Flaming Irish Coffee RM38.00 for mild, RM55.00 for strong
Settle down with a glass of Irish Coffee skillfully pulled with flames and topped with cream. Heat consistency was watched to ensure that the cocktail coffee gives a smooth sensation in the mouth. 

SmokyTruffle Ice Cream (with bacon and sea salt) RM25.00
Cool down the flares with a cooling truffle ice cream with sprinkles of bacon. The sweet and salty combination teases your tongue to a fancy flavour that you will learn to appreciate.

These artistic food are not only good to see but are prepared with gastronomy standards. It has my vote for group celebrations and special occasions. 

BWB Flaming on the Table
8 (GF), Jalan 27/ 70A.
Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62063800