Thursday, October 1, 2015

HappyFresh- Online Grocery Shopping Delivered in 1 Hour

I sat in front of my lappy looking at the stack of assignments to be done. I heaved a sigh, went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. No more juice. No more fruits. No more biscuits. It was 3pm and there was nothing to satisfy the palate for tea time. It was hot, hazy and I was plain lazy to brave the traffic, hunt for parking space and walk under the hot sun to pay parking fee to get to the grocery store. Damsel in distress…what to do? I went to back to my lappy and clicked on HappyFresh. 
I went grocery shopping on my lappy from my home

Instead of going to the shop myself, I let HappyFresh do the shopping for me. Groceries are delivered to my door step in as little as one hour in Kuala Lumpur traffic. HappyFresh is available in the form of mobile app (Android and IOS) and website. I prefer to do it with the luxury of a bigger screen. Therefore, I went to
HappyFresh available on Android IOS and web

The steps are so easy to follow (that even my grandmother can do it *wink*) All your worries are taken care of. This is what I experienced during my first time shopping with HappyFresh. I chose to shop online at Sam Groceria.

Clear cut steps to shop for your items
  • Professional shoppers. If you are worried that your fruits and fresh produce are not properly chosen, HappyFresh ensures that only the freshest and the highest-quality items are selected. Shoppers are trained to do the scrutinizing for you. To those who do not trust others but themselves…time to change and relaaax…I chose a fresh whole chicken just to test out their reliability and HappyFresh passed!
  • One hour delivery time. I have tried HappyFresh and they do respect the 1 hour promise. I am very happy with the delivery and can gladly vouch for this. They deliver in motorcycles to beat the traffic. 1 hour is indeed possible.
Delivery motorcycles on standby in Bangsar
  • Easy-to-use application. If you feel that you are not computer savvy enough to jump into online shopping, fret not. The process of shopping is completely guided and very user-friendly. HappyFresh says that they are a technology-first company that invests a lot into making the user experience simple, enjoyable and personalized. True enough, I find the prices, order lists and payment are crystal clear. Also, there is an option to save my shopping list or mark some as Favourites so that I do not need to repeat the search for regular items in the future.
  • High resolution pictures of the items will be provided so that customers will have a clear view of the products eg. ingredients. The aim is to provide the convenience of looking at the item as close as looking at it from the store. I had fun scrolling, panning and dragging the mouse before putting it into my e-cart.
  • You only pay for what you accept. If in any case products chosen do not meet with customer’s expectation, they can leave it with the delivery boy. How is that for a return policy!
You only pay for what you accept
  • Items out-of-stock will be replaced with similar products. After I have placed my order, I received a call from HappyFresh very politely informing me that the soy drink, grapes and yogurt drink of my choice are out-of-stock. They asked if it is alright to replace the unavailable items with other brands. This is exemplary customer service! Thumbs up!
  • Pay with credit/ debit card or cash. In my opinion, the convenience of paying by cash really gives an upper hand to people who are not comfortable doing monetary transactions online…like me! It feels like buying from the shop itself. 

One hour later, I heard a beep at my door. My orders had arrived! The friendly delivery boy Amirul even helped me check the items one-by-one before I signed the invoice and handed over the money.

My orders are here!
Comfy in my house clothes
HappyFresh even helped me check the items according to order list

While HappyFresh did the shopping for me, I managed to clear my work pile off my desk. If it could buy me more time to finish my work, I can absolutely relate how it will add a few more hours to the day for working mothers, expatriates and just about anybody who needs an extra hand. 
Had more time to do my work as HappyFresh went through the hassle for me
While I did get my basic necessities sorted out, I could only order from one shop per delivery. There are brands of my choice that are only available at other shops. Another order from a different shop tantamounts to another delivery charge. This can be a slight drawback to the fantastic service that already won most of my heart. 

Prices of products may differ from in-store price as there is a small service charge added on-top of the in-store price. Delivery charge for the next hour delivery is as follows:
RM20 if order size is less than RM100
RM15 if order size is more than RM100

If you do not need your groceries in the next hour, delivery charges will be slightly cheaper:
RM15 if order size is less than RM100
RM10 if order size is more than RM100
FREE if it is more than RM300

There is no maximum or minimum order. HappyFresh service is available at the same time with the opening hours of the selected shops. Currently HappyFresh is available for customers in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Puchong. The company is working on expanding its reach to larger perimeters. HappyFresh is also operating in Bangkok and Jakarta.

For more information, kindly go to or email to
HappyFresh aims to keep customers happy with fresh groceries

Step-by-step guide to using HappyFresh on website

1. Sign-up and log in
I got first one month free delivery from the date I signed-up
2. Choose the shop you want to shop from
3. Start shopping.
Items are organized by type just like how its done in the shops 
4. Check you shopping cart and check out when you are happy with the shopping list
A very easy phone verification
Confirm your address. So you can actually shop for other people as well.
My mother definitely does not mind this as her daughters can now take part in grocery shopping at any part of the world
Check your sum
Choose whether you want to pay by credit/ debit card or cash
Sit back and wait for your groceries to arrive