Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Garrett Popcorn is 66 Years Old and Opening at Gateway@KLIA2

Every time I am in One Utama, I will be lifted by the nose by the aroma of Garrett popcorns. They are not only normal snacks, they are called gourmet popcorns. It simply means, if Musang King is the cream of all durians, Garrett is the Musang King of all popcorns.
This bucket of gold

On 18th September, this premium popcorn brand celebrated its 66th birthday with a cocktail party at Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur. In conjuction with the celebration, Garrett also announced that its 4th and latest addition to the family will be opened at Gateway@klia2 on 3rd week of October.
Garret in quart tin,1 gallon tin, 2 gallon tin and the giant bucket

I decided find out on my own the quality of Garrett's compared to normal ones. So I scrutinized. Usually it would be like treasure hunt to find for the coating on a normal popcorn. But in Garrett's, it is difficult to find the white spots instead! Every kernel is generously coated with the secret family recipe.  
Garrett 66th anniversary cocktail party at the Le Meridian 

Chicago Mix they call it. It is a mix of sweet CaramelCrisp and savoury CheeseCorn. I personally prefer the CaramelCrisp on its own. The richly encrusted caramel popcorns add so much more pleasure during movies and parties. But beware! The crunchiness of each flavour-laminated popcorn will unknowingly make your hands reach out for more...non-stop. That is what it did to me at the cocktail party.  It was the only time I enjoyed having my fingers sticky.
From left: CaramelCrisp, Chicago Mix and CheeseCorn

Garrett started in a small show on 10 West Madison Street, Chicago, USA. It began at the Garrett family kitchen table when each family member was challenged to create a caramel popcorn recipe. One creation stood out from the rest. It was called CaramelCrisp. It has a unique creme brulee flavour. The 1949 opening of the first Garrett Popcorn Shop generated a long queue of customers all eagerly waiting to purchase a tin of handcrafted Garrett Popcorn made on-site throughout the day. Today, the brand remains a Chicago tradition, still handmade daily in copper kettles using only seven simple quality ingredients and no preservatives.
I am a happy food lover

Garrett also provides for special events and as gift options. For more information please go to