Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My First Carbon Laser Peel Experience at Ido's Clinic and I Love It!

I looked at the screen that managed to put a smile on my face on a very hot and hazy afternoon. The screen was showing the before and after photos of my face. So it really works! Before this, I only heard of the efficacy of the treatment which I thought was most probably marketing glib. I did not believe much in aesthetic treatments until I did it and saw the difference myself after only one carbon laser peel treatment. Check out my first post on Ido's Clinic here
Carbon is sourced from coconut husks
The carbon laser peel brightened my dull looking skin by lightening pigmentation. The carbon laser peel mainly helps cleanse the skin at the pore level using nano-particles from carbon. The only side effect of the treatments is a brighter, firmer skin and minimized pores which I can now proudly testify. After the treatment, I could see oil seeds surfacing on my skin, ready for removal with just a simple wash of the face or light physical extraction.
My before and after photo which made my day. Dark and dull spots are gone.
One week after carbon laser peel, I was treated with Magic Peel and Iontophoresis. Magic Peel is a treatment where a diamond exfoliator is used to scrub the skin. While exfoliating, there is suction to uproot impurities and soothing lotion accompanies. Ionto…what? Iontorphoresis is a process which ions flow diffusely in a medium driven by applied electric field. Phew! Complicated? In simpler terms, it helps penetration of nutrients from product to skin. The nurse used a smooth headed tool to massage nutrients into my skin. It feels warm, very soothing and definitely sleep-prone.

Magic Peel diamond exfoliator
The smooth-headed iontophoresis tool
I have to make another honest note. I have visited two Ido’s Clinics, one at Setia Walk Puchong and another at Kota Damansara. I must say that I am happy to return to the Kota Damansara branch. (Sorry for inciting the little intrabranch competition but I had to as I was so happy with the customer service there) I was attended to by nurse May Wong who was so kind and gentle. Look for her if you are there. 

For first-timers, she will not only alleviate your anxiety but will also patiently explain the technology behind the treatments used. This has a positive effect on people like me who wants to know what is being done on my face. She handed me a pillow and patted my hands during the laser treatment (It was not painful, but I was blindfolded and heard unfamiliar sounds from the laser) I was most comfortable when she did not hard-sell any product but tactfully educated me on the types of aesthetic treatments available. Throughout the treatment, I felt she was reliable in supplying information through casual chat in the room. 

To those who cannot be bothered to read, the employee plays an extremely important role to spread product information. Well done nurse May Wong! (Dear Ido’s Clinic, I’ll most probably hire her if I manage to start my own business haha) Customer service is commendable with a reminder the day before the appointment and a follow-up after the treatment just to ensure you are okay.
With nurse May Wong
Price of treatments
Carbon Laser Peel:  RM400
Magic Peel:             RM190
Iontophoresis:         RM240

To those who know me personally, you will know how I was famed by my unattractive skin. I am indeed a happy customer.