Thursday, September 24, 2015

Calling for Stuntmen Wannabes in Malaysia- The Stunt Training Academy MAPS

My heart was pumping like crazy. “Ready?” he asked. He jolted the gear and the car catapulted to the fore! Before I could establish my bearings, the car shrieked into a drift and flung 180 degrees. All motion then stopped. The car purred back to the clapping crowd. In the vehicle with me was Cameron Ambridge.
Just got down from my stunt vehicle

I sat in a car that was drifted by Cameron Ambridge!
Adrenalin pumping


Who? You ask. Cameron Ambridge is the humble superstar behind the many high-budget action movies we see on screen. He is the daredevil that makes adrenalin flow through our veins in blockbusters like Mad Max 4: Fury Road, Hangover 2, Chornicles of Narnia and the upcoming one, Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales. The 35-year-old stuntman is currently in Malaysia being appointed as the lead trainer for Stunt Training Academy, the first stunt school in Malaysia.
Cameron Ambridge the stuntman behind many blockbuster movies
Cameron displaying stunts
Easy peasy for Cameron

Being a stuntman does not resonate much with career prospects to many especially in Malaysia. Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) however begs to differ by launching the first Stunt Training Academy which provides a professional platform for home-grown stunt performers. The school offers standard modules that polishes aspiring Malaysians in the industry. Graduates of the school will be stared in Stunt Legends, South-East Asia’s first car and bike LIVE stunt show in MAPS. MAPS is Malaysia’s latest leisure and entertainment attraction that sprawls across 52 acres of land in Ipoh. The theme park is currently under construction for its target opening in mid-2016. So stay tuned guys!
Cameron conducting a session of the stunt class in Proton facility Tanjung Malim

Other than Hollywood stuntman Cameron Ambridge, our local budding star Ilia Iryani, 29, will also be a part of the academy. Ilia is no rookie in the industry as she is one of Malaysia’s unusual population of stuntwomen. She expressed her excitement in being the Assistant Show Producer of Stunt Legend. Cameron and Ilia demonstrated some heart-arresting stunts at the Proton facility in Tanjung Malim.
Ilia Iryani Malaysian stuntwoman
Mark Eady Producer of Stunt Legends

Proton cars will be used for training and bikes are sponsored by KTM, an international brand motorcycle manufacturer. The Stunt Training Academy will be conducted from 19th October to 25th October targeting a total of 120 participants. An audition will be conducted in November and 50 participants will be shortlisted. At the final stage, top 25 participants will be chosen and fully employed by MAPS for the Stunt Legends show. After speaking to some participants, I found them highly spirited and admire their interest in this unique career.
If you think you have what it takes, enrol in the Stunt Training Academy
Me perhaps? :)

Having done my own stunts offshore, I am supportive of unusual careers like this. The event was an eye-opener and I am happy that Malaysia is opening its doors to contemporary ideas of a career. The collaboration between MAPS, Proton and KTM will definitely help Malaysians to make the country proud internationally in the future.

Proud that Malaysia is hosting a show so unusual
Those who are interested to enrol in Stunt Training Academy or know someone who fits the job check out

Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) is an upcoming theme park in Ipoh! Do wait for its opening in mid 2016. The park offers more than 40 attractions in 6 themed zones that includes:
  • Stunt Legends- South East Asia's First Car & Bike "live" Stunt Show 
  • DreamWorks Adventure Zone featuring The Croods, Casper etc
  • The Smurfs 'Live' animation attractions
  • The Home of BoBoiBoy animation attractions
  • Megamind Megadrop- Malaysia's tallest drop tower
  • Diverse variety of themed performances, F&B and retail outlets