Monday, September 28, 2015

Star World's Woman of Worth

The return of Olivia Pope and Cookie Lyon on our domestic screens was celebrated with much glamour. FOX International Channels (FIC) drew inspiration from hit series Scandal and Empire to celebrate women at the posh Le Meridian Pool side. Not only women were invited to the event, supportive men and die hard fans of the series attended the event themed corporate chic or luxe and glam. Beautiful people dressed up to the nines in heels, shimmering in diamonds and sequins graced the event.
Woman of Worth by Fox International Channels on Star World

Evy and I
Paula Malai Ali and I
The elegant evening, aiming to empower women, applauded three inspiring women in their own light- Low Ngai Yuen, famously known as a host at a local women’s show and a current director behind Kaki Seni, Choo Mei Sze, a blogger and owner of a social media management firm who has battled the Big C and Paula Malai Ai a former MTV VJ and current presenter for FOX Sports. They were invited to share their struggles, joys of being successful.

Low Ngai Yuen juggles multiple important roles in her life
Choo Mei Sze speaking about turbulence battling the Big C
I enjoyed Paula's frank sharing

We were treated to a sit-down three-course meal as Sufiah Noor (Malaysian Idol finalist) serenaded us through the dinner. Each table is brilliantly labeled with a quality of the empowered woman. My table was “Courageous”  
Elegant table setting
Sufiah Noor crooning 
Assorted Mushroom Timbale
Fish and herbs risotto cake by Le Meridian
Sumptuous dessert

Penny Tan, Marketing Director of FIC said, “Woman of Worth Celebration is an extension to our programming where we hope to see women encourage and empower each other as a community in general. At least our viewers could find a common ground and draw inspiration from the 2 female lead characters Olivia Pope and Cookie Lyon as they return in Scandal Season 5 and Empire Season 2 respectively.”
My sister and I enjoying the classy ambiance
The down-to-earth and friendly Low Ngai Yuen

After meaningful sharing session by Low Ngai Yuen who awed the audience with her slim physique after giving birth to 4 children, Choo Mei Sze told us her struggle with colon cancer. Pastry Chef Loh Mee Fong was invited to demonstrate her finesse in making tiramisu in front of the guests while sharing her experience being a female in the industrial kitchen. Paula Malai Ali then took the stage, winning the crown with humour-filled elocution of how she switched from the superficial world of VJ-ing to the technical world of sports.
It is not easy being a woman in the industrial kitchen
Sharing session with these triumphant ladies

We privileged to be treated to the special premiere of Scandal Season 5, ahead of the global premier. Scandal Season 5, part of Star World’s Same Day as US programming, is a high-powered drama centered on Olivia Pope who dedicates her life to protecting public images by keeping secrets under wraps. She also battles her conscience compass during her ongoing Scandal with a big cheese. Scandal premiered on Star World (Channel 711) and Star World HD (Channel 722) on 25th September 2015, Friday at 9.00pm
Credits to Star World Asia

Another female-driven series, Empire returns as a sexy and powerful drama about a music mogul whose 3 sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne. Lives and loves will be lost as the complicated family come together and fall apart over the elusive throne. Scandal shows on Star World (Channel 711) and Star World HD (Channel 722) on 24th September 2015, Thursday at 9.00pm
Credits to Star World Asia