Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ghosts Wanted!- Scare School @ Nights of Fright 3 Sunway Lagoon

In Monsters University, we saw how Mike and Sulley ace in Scare School where they teach monsters how to be the scariest, creepiest, most horrifying creatures in the human world. Guess what! Scare School exists! And I am one the lucky ones who sat among the ghosts of Nights of Fright 3 at Sunway Lagoon.
Looks friendly and all at first...wait till you scroll down

Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright 3 7.30pm onwards every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the month of October

To those of you who think that being a “scarer” is like taking candy from a baby, then you have underestimated the whole art of feardom. Sunway Lagoon has taken the fright game to a very professional level. Hence, the Scare School. Dominic McChesney, director of live attractions worldwide, is a theatrical who coaches actors in the Nights of Fright 3. 
Wait for the Festival of Fear in October

The energetic instructor invested a fair bit of time to instill confidence in the actors to substantiate their belief that they are indeed able to scare. Then he moved on to teach methods like using words and intonation. Haunted house actors should be mentally and physically ready to scare at the same energy level throughout the opening hours of the theme park. 

Dominic McChesney coaching the actors
Lots of technicality involved in being a zombie

Short actors are not necessarily less scary than the taller ones. In fact, they can be a whole lot creepier having a midget running around at waist level. Actors are trained not to touch participants to avoid accusations of physical harassment. By the way, if the actors are good enough, a good scare does not need to involve any touching. 
Actors are trained and they scare professionally

We were then exposed to the make-up for the dead. Latex and tissue are pivotal ingredients to create rotten flesh and torn skin. With some red paint, no one can tell that the torn flesh and Dracula bites are fake…from 3m away. Contact lenses can do a brilliant job transforming anyone into a walking dead. It is amazing how the colours of what women call sexy smoky eyes are key colours to a ghoulish look. A little white powder and purple lipstick made 8TV Quickie host Brandon Ho a pretty good looking zombie. So be on the watch out for Brandon in Sunway Lagoon! Being a fainthearted soul, I was taken aback when one of the made-up actors reared its ugly head at me. I mustered courage to take a photo for article sake. Geez…such a wimp! If I come out alive from the haunted maze on the premier of Nights of Fright 3, Sunway Lagoon owes me a BIG meal!
Dracula bite
Princess with rotten flesh
His wound gave me shivers down my spine
Red paint for blood
This clown made me jump! I finally got the photo
Brandon Ho being made up
Brandon Ho's final look
Sunway Lagoon is also searching for talents to be actors for the Festival of Fear. Kindly contact the below number if you think you are a potential ghost or zombie.

Nights of Fright 3 is a Halloween festival by Sunway Lagoon every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2nd to 31st October 2015 at 7.30pm-11.30pm. Tickets are priced at RM58 per pax. This event is strictly for 12 years old and above. New mazes and scare zones include Death Port, Escape from Pudu 2, Kevil Hill, Sadako Dori and Toxic. Zombies, ghosts and spirits will be roaming around the whole theme park. Get ready for the scariest place unearthed this October! Dress your spookiest to suit the mood. (Perhaps you will scare a ghost or two) I will be there for the premier and let’s see how I survive! Read about my experience on the real day here.
For more information please go to http://www.sunwaylagoon.com