Sunday, September 6, 2015

Black Paint- Pore Cleansing Soap

I was casually walking in AEON One Utama when I chanced upon a video of a beautiful Japanese lady. As I watched more, I got more curious. Her face was black! Then I looked around the counter and I my eyes caught something relevant- Black Paint. For a moment I actually checked whether I was at the ladies department or the hardware department. There were soaps everywhere. An interestingly strong name for skincare products, I thought.
Black Paint for healthier and more beautiful skin
With Miyuki Maeda,founder and president of Black Paint who humbly gave me a friendly handshake
A few days later, I got an invite to the launch of a top Japanese skin care product. Deja vu came in the name of Black Paint! Black Paint is an organic skincare that was established in Kyoto Japan 15 years ago. The advent of this brand in March 2015 in Malaysia with its flagship counter in AEON One Utama offers Malaysians another alternative to great skincare. Black Paint offers a wide range of products from skincare to haircare to body treatment. If you are in a daze about which to start with, I recommend some signature products below.
Flagship store at AEON One Utama level 1
Black Paint is a 7-time Winner of Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award.
Not only once but 7 times. Not only Gold but Grand Gold.
If you do not trust the advertisement, at least trust the awards!
The key products to try
The Black Paint soap is interesting because firstly it is black. It contains high-grade charcoal alongside with 27 types of plant oil. To use the black bar, it has to be soaked in warm water for approximately 40 seconds for it to be butter soft to release the essential oils, silk and honey. After applying it, massage for 20 seconds. The massage will push out black heads. Further cleansing after rinsing is not necessary as the soap is effective enough to remove even make up. Storing of the soap can be quite tricky as it will soften when it touches water. As I am allergic to wasting, I stand it on the smallest area of the soap so that the air will dry the rest of the area. A little fiddly but what is there to complain if it can remove my stubborn blackheads!
Black Paint soap bar
This is how you soak the soap and sponge

Black Paint paradoxically also sells White Soap!
This variety contains pearl powder mainly for more matured skin
Another product that I recommend is the Black Konjac Sponge. After soaking the hardened dry sponge in water, I gently rub the sponge along my face especially the T-zone area. The sponge picks up the impurities very well. Well there are steps to follow to storing it as well which can be a little troublesome but let’s not quibble over such a life saver. I cannot stop poring over my skin to see how clean it has become.
The Black Konjac Sponge that sweeps the face clean
Comes in white variety that contains pearl powder
Another unique product that I would include in my starter set would be Best Water. It has 30 mineral to quench the skin with nutrients so that the microbioms thrive. This fortifies the cells. Ever noticed that people living near hotsprings has beautiful skin? Other than its to-die-for relaxation, hotsprings also provide minerals and nutrients to the skin. Best Water is the epitome of spring water.
Best Water. Ever wondered why people living near hotsprings are so flawless?
Tighten pores with Oil Water Rose which is a blend of rose water and essential oils that is not emulsified synthetically. Emulsify the products yourself by shaking the product thoroughly.
Oil Water Rose's 2-layered content is proof that there are no synthetic additives 
To wrap up the basic face care ritual, lock moisture in with Water Cream. This argan oil and hyaluronic acid concoction amazed me when water droplets started to appear on my skin after a few rubs on my hand! The cream locks in moisture into the skin and displaces water from the skin itself. Sounds unbelievable? Trust me, I thought I was looking at magic and started playing with the cream all over my skin when I first tried it.
Water Cream. (They really manage to come up with very ironic names)
Water droplets forming on my skin after applying Water Cream.
The water oozed out from my own skin, not the cream. Bewildering huh
I was honoured to meet the president and founder, Miyuki Maeda who very genuinely expressed her belief in achieving not only beautiful but healthy skin. I was enthralled by her conviction that health of the body and skin hinges on the microbioms in that lives in us. We kill the microbioms by using synthetic cleansers that contain artificial preservatives like alcohol that gives instant but palliative effect. Black Paint vouches for pragmatic remedies which needs time and effort. (No short-cut to beauty) It was when an Arab royalty started patronizing Black Paint that Miyuki Maeda was introduced to the term Halal and ensured all her products are certified.

My sister seeking skin advice from the founder herself
I recommend Black Paint not only because it is all natural and organic, it works! It uses the best of nature to nurture healthy and beautiful skin, the right way. 

Price as of 3rd Sep 2015

Black Paint hair care range
Black Paint body treatment essential oils

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