Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Survival Guide for MTV World Stage

So it was my debut appearance at the MTV World Stage 2015 that Saturday and boy was I nervous!
With 20 000 fans waiting for me....Sorry, I meant with 20 000 people partying with me, I did learn a few things through observation and through my own painful experience.
My debut appearance at the MTV World Stage 2015

Here are some tips to first timers like me going for the next MTV World Stage or for any concert or rave party for the matter. 
Where there is light

Wear comfortably 
Take note that you will be sweating A LOT and you will be standing throughout the 4-hour concert. Wear a comfortable shirt that absorbs sweat and shorts because jeans can make your legs quite drenched. Be kind to your feet and forget the heels. Make up? Possible but be careful of how much liquid your make up can take. 
Wear something comfortable
Eat before you go 
Since you cannot bring food in and you will be stuck in a sea of people, have a hefty meal before you go in. No one parties well with a growling stomach.
Hefty meal before the concert

Go early. Go very early 
Give some allowance to traffic jams, searching for parking, finding the right entrance and actually walking to the Surf Beach. Sunway Lagoon is not your little neighbourhood park. There will be 20 000 other people sharing the same schedule with you that time.

Do not bring restricted items 
If they say no water, and you try to bring water, you can still dispose the bottle. If they say no camera, then please DO NOT TRY to bring a camera. You cannot throw your camera into the dustbin, can you? They will either confiscate it or request you to keep it in your car. It will be torture to go back to your car after you have queued for so long and forced to re-queue.

Invest in a bottle of water each although the price is four times more expensive 
It is definitely worth it as you will be very dehydrated from sweating. If you skimp on water, you will end up leaving the concert early due to extreme thirst. You will have no mood to head-bang whatsoever.
The MTV bling

Bring useful utilities like a little fan or a poncho 
The MTV organizers did a great job providing us fans (cute looking fans summore) and ponchos (in case it rained). It will be stuffy because you are elbow to elbow with others. Without the fan, I think I would have fainted and been stampeded on. 
Bring a little fan. This is the MTV fan provided

Let your hair down and have fun! 
There may be groups that you are unfamiliar with or songs that do not tickle dancing feet. Have fun and enjoy them anyway! Put your hands in the air like you just don't care. When I first heard of Sekai No Owari's "Anti-Hero" I was like...what?! But that song is an acquired taste. The more I listened, the more I am hooked. Same goes to "No No No" from A Pink. 

Stacy with "Not For Sale". I came home searching for her video on youtube and nodding to her beat
Credit- K. F. Khoo

Emcees Alan and Hanli on stage
Credit- K. F. Khoo

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