Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 2/4)- Superstars of Magic 4

During the days when I still believed in tooth fairies my eyes would be surgically attached to the TV when magic shows were on air. I screamed to the universe and back wondering how were all the tricks possible but yet a part of me rather not know because I enjoyed the lure of mystery. Although I spent all my childhood believing in rabbits born from hats and levitating humans, magicians and I were always separated by the TV screen. Slowly, I started believing that they were somewhat camera tricks and did not pursue more.
Superstars of Magic 4
Magic did not give up on me

But then magic did not give up on me and by a twist of fate I was at the Genting Superstars of Magic 4- my very first live magic show. The show started with a grand appearance by Jay Mattioli with his superbike accompanied by upbeat pop that drummed up my excitement. If you would just Google him, Mattioli earned his fame from the reality show America’s Got Talent. He wowed the crowd with his sense of humour and charm. He was also the host of the show and introduced his family on stage. Do watch out for his finale which still makes me spin with disbelief whenever I think of it.
Jay Mattioli in his superbike
Check Mattioli in America's Got Talent
Magic can surely be inherited when Shawn Farquhar, 4th generation wizard, startled us with a special “pet”. This Canadian performed his dexterity with cards that sent me to a different dimension. My eyes were so focused that I swear I did not let any movement escape. There was no camera trick- only my bare eyes and the bare hands of the president of International Brotherhood of Magicians.
Shawn Farquhar
Don't blink while he is in action
Asia conjures its own magic as well when One Gun from Korea (who looks like a K-pop star by the way) has his way with his clothes-changing performance. Be mesmerized also by One Gun’s countryman Ted Kim who plays with modern screen technology.  Jeff Lee from Taiwan, an award-winning celebrity magician delights us by extracting things out of his TV.
One Gun qualifies as K-pop star
Ted Kim
Jeff Lee
My jaw was left agape when I finally saw the classic dove magic. Magic has been pictured with appearing doves all my life. This is the show that never fails to make me look like I have seen it for the first time over and over again. Just where on earth the birds appear from!? Joseph Gabriel from United States was impeccable with showmanship. And seeing this live on stage, just blasted my mind away!
Joseph Gabriel working his magic
Jopseph Gabriel and his beautiful assistant
The high of the teased mind leaves a tingling sensation of happiness. The kid in me never did grow up. Superstars of Magic 4 is a great dose of entertainment that would buy us a few more years of youth in our stressful lives. For a moment, I was back to the time when tooth fairies existed and it was simply wonderful.
A dose of entertainment 
Superstars of Magic 4 is Asia’s largest magic variety show and is into its 4th year running. It is an hour and a half long. Catch them before they disappear from10th July- 25th October 2015

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