Monday, September 14, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 4/4)- Resort Seafood Steamboat

The sun retires and the night pulls its crisp cold blanket of mist over Genting. While the chilly atmosphere endeared to my face and the hands, my stomach growls for some warm affection. A steamboat meal is the perfect choice for the temperate weather. In the most happening highlands in Malaysia, make your way to Resorts Seafood Steamboat.
Resort Seafood Steamboat

This restaurant is revamped to offer a comfortable dining experience with its spacious setting. The stretch of opened windows promises a cool environment to enjoy heart-warming communal eating with family and friends minus the sweat.
Simple and comfortable environment
Spacious and airy

My eyes grew with anticipation when our soup base arrived. The herbal chicken soup was brought to boil in a yin yang style black pot while we flecked our dinner with a myriad of sauces. The simple activity of identifying our favourite condiments and being adventurous with unfamiliar tastes out of no less than 20 freshly prepared sauces was fun. Allow yourself to be poured a cup of Genting’s specially grown Pu-er tea or opt for the zesty ice-crushed calamansi drink (RM4 nett) to wash your food down your throat.

Before you start, prepare your dining table with condiments of your choice

Our set for 8 persons (RM502/ RM456 for members) include a delectable mix of fish balls, grass prawns, ostrich meat, chicken slices, pacific clams, grouper slices, green vegetables, eggs, noodles, bean curd roll and a variety of mushrooms. All of the mentioned were tossed into the soup for mouth-watering consumption. I must say that the ostrich meat scored as it was tender and gamy. Freshness was pronounced in the grouper slices as it was intrinsically sweet. Grass prawns and clams brought savoury aroma inherited from the sea. Little spheres of fish balls that contained a smidgen of chicken meat inside delighted me with every springy bite. The hearty set meal allowed 3 potful of cooking. More dishes can be added from the menu if you have a gut that never ends!
The set for 8 pax (RM502/ RM456 for members)
Ostrich meat is my favourite
Fresh grass prawns
Naturally sweet grouper fish slices
Chicken slices

Remember to savour the soup after it is sweetened by all the ingredients. The herbs tactfully seasoned the soup with natural goodness that translated into slurps of satisfaction.  Diners can trade up to more exclusive choices of soup like the fish head stock (RM33/ RM30) for members) which is brewed for hours and the kampong chicken soup (RM14/ RM12) for members) that I reckon will effortlessly charm the palate.
Remember to taste the richly flavoured soup after everything is tossed inside

Ala carte dining is also available with choices like waygu sirloin, Denver lamb ribs, smoked duck, Canadian geoduck, Australian snow crab, Boston lobster and 20 types of fish and crustaceans right from the aquarium. The jade perch from Australia and Norwegian black tilapia are recommended for steaming with light soy sauce that I assume will taste good even without any seasoning.
Steamboat provides great bonding time while your food simmers
Dinner ended gracefully with the appropriately themed Steamboat Icecream. A pot of chocolate ice-cream that is topped with strawberries, longan, jackfruit and grapes gave a very agreeable combination. It is sure to give you doses of joy as you end your steamy highlands meal.
Steamboat icecream got us all curious
Fruits and ice-cream are an agreeable combination

Resort Seafood Steamboat information:
Level 1 Resort Hotel
Opens daily for lunch at 1200-1430 and dinner at 1800 – 2200
The restaurant seats 256 persons
For further enquiries, please call 03-6101 1118 

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