E-Wen's Wish List

Havana, Cuba
Oh those music and dance and vibrant culture! It has always been my dream to visit Latin America. And of all South American countries, Cuba seems exciting! Other countries shortlisted are Brazil, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Would love to dance with the Latinos for once in my life!

Hokkaido and Tokyo, Japan
I have traveled to almost all Asian countries except this one! The Land of The Rising Sun still tempts me after so many years. They say that Hokkaido's beauty is unrivaled and is sure to win your heart with its unadulterated nature. Tokyo on the other hand is palpitating with eccentricity and creativity that is out of your mind. How I wish the Japanese stamp is next on my passport!

Serengeti Wildlife Park, Tanzania, Africa
Africa! I want to go Africa experiencing culture and environment that is totally different from where I come from. And which part of Africa? I have researched for a long time and I choose Serengeti Wildlife Park! Reaching the border of Tanzania and Kenya will bring me much satisfaction in life. I live to travel!

Santorini, Greece
Santorini Greece! I admit that the much talked about honeymoon destination got me yearning for it. I have read lots about Grecian culture and legends. The residue of the great empires and goddesses is surely worth a visit. By Herculean power, hope I get to step foot on that ancient land!

Kak Deyla (How are you?), spaceeba (thank you), nyet (no)- all these russion vocabulary and more! I did not learn them for nothing. Being surrounded by Russian friends once upon a time, I was always in Russia at heart. Wish to take the famous Trans-Siberian train that runs across the largest country in the world, visit markets that are home to original Matryoshka dolls and meet the Korean population that have grown deep roots in Russia.