Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Not Wrong But It's Just Not Right

When I was taking my daily dose of Facebook this morning, I stumbled upon clip with a simple title that stole my attention anyway. After playing the clip, I felt a compulsion to put my rekindled opinion into words before it fades again. I may be putting friendships at stake or landing myself in tonnes of depreciation but I don’t give a hoot about it if it means even a small chance of diluting the moral decadence among youths today.

Where I learnt where I was from
I learnt about where babies come from from a book which my mother stowed away when I was young. Indeed, the issue was very taboo-ish then. I was under the impression that premarital sex was evil. It was easy to make me squeamish at erogenous scenes and the prudish me always had the idea that marriage is the only permission to sex. Whenever such topic arose, I would be embarrassed and resorted to the usual ploy of examining the air. It was never known to me why my parents were so strict about it but I knew that I would be in no good if I involved in it. Therefore, I listened.
Whispers about taboo topics
I do not know how the iniquity of premarital sex that I grew up knowing about dimmed but as time passed, I learnt that all those that were apparently evil and dirty are becoming O.K. When I was in high school, it was suddenly easy to find people of my age who were capable of telling bedroom stories out of their own experiences. I saw how sex is increasingly being advocated as the key to a boy-girl relationship. Youths are giving love quite unconditionally to the point that public display of affection is not impolite but a state of being open-minded. Of course rumpy-pumpies are still discussed in whispers but in an undertone that you are the most uncool person until you have tried it. I knew a girl who blamed herself for abstaining intimacy with her boyfriend who called off the relationship. I know that boy is not the only one who threatens girls in the name of love. With melting discipline among youths in this issue, it is unsurprising to find that youths are having sex at an earlier age1.
Child pregnancy
Before you convict me as being holier than thou, try to understand that I am not putting a curse to all who have premarital sex. I am merely suggesting that it would be very helpful if they knew, and of course, accept the consequences of their doings because it is, in the end, their choice. In the pretext of passion and love (whichever way they interpret it), youths are most ignorant to the possible fall-out of such relationship simply due to the pathetic lack of knowledge. For all I care, teenagers can go ahead with their new found excitement but if little girls are found to be pregnant before they are ready for it, will the matter be confined to only two people? If lucky, wedding bells can be heard very soon. After that is taken care of, are the young parents capable of buying baby needs? Stealing to feed the baby may sound forgivable but as far as I know, it is illegal. Most importantly, are they matured enough to bring up the kid to not end up as a social problem? There is no need for replicas of abandoned babies, illegal abortions or abuse to prove that the Ministry of Social Welfare2 is functioning. It was reported that Bulgarian mother Kordeza, 11, expressed that she would quit schooling because she is now a mother of her newest ‘toy’3. I must say it’s a pretty smart way to avert algebra, for a girl who didn’t know that sex could make her pregnant.

Innocent little human
If a cute little baby does not cause much harm to you, what about sexually transmitted diseases? There is a reason why people condemn promiscuity. Minors now bail themselves with human rights when advised against their will, claiming that they know what they are doing. Well, nobody needs a genius to figure what that three-letter-word means. What does a teen who is still enduring pictorial textbooks know about the consequences of sex? According to The Medscape Journal of Medicine, young people aged 15-24 years account for 40% of new HIV infections globally in 20084. It doesn’t look like the kids know what they are up for. It is a disappointment to the group that is supposed to be future leaders of the nation. Many say they were deluded by lust and seduction. Sadly, it is not very sexy anymore, finding out that you have to bear with a disease for life.  

Call me conservative for writing this article and condone to a slew of social illnesses that could be affecting your future generation. It would be very convenient to blame the phenomenon on television, magazines or Beyonce’s concert5. It is the same with blaming the winter for flu after jogging shirtless in the park. To me, parents are responsible for protecting their children by educating them about the risks involved. How can we forget what Spidey taught us; that great power (to bring children to this world), comes with great responsibility (to protect them). Clothe them with all the right attitude and awareness before releasing them in the cold wilderness. If you cannot teach them properly, bear the pain of letting their failure do it.

18th Nov 2009