Friday, September 4, 2015

Resorts World Genting (Part 1/4)- Behind The Scenes Tour

Laundry. Only 9 kg of laundry, I surmise, an average person in Malaysian weather would have to do on a weekly basis. Ah the wonderful process of washing, drying and folding- my favourite activity…not! I am sure many would feel the same way. Try guessing how much the largest hotel in the world has to do on a daily basis? With 7351 rooms, at least double that amount of towels and a few times that number of linens, laundry is indeed a department that requires its own factory! All this amazing exposure and more was experienced with the Resorts World Behind the Scenes Tour (BTS tour).
At the Behind the Scenes Tour Resorts World Genting
Genting International Show Room (GISR)
While we cheer and clap among the glitz and glamour of a show, there is a group of people silently working at a corner of the auditorium, orchestrating it all. Lights do not dance by themselves and music cannot not shake our heads if there were no audio, video and light engineers. We were shown how all effects are controlled with a cool board that pours spectrums of colours onto the stage at a touch of the screen, releases mystery with mist or makes the stage spin with pattern projections. We were shown the importance of managing the show room that can accommodate up to 1200 seats. GISR also has 5 LED walls that worth 3 million ready to up the visual experience of every show.
The mist effect
Lights projecting patterns on the stage with a myriad of colours
My Tony explaining very comprehensively about the functions of the board
The sound console. One drum needs 6 microphones!
Therefore, a good auditorium needs to have the capacity to cater for an orchestra
Genting First World Hotel Laundry Plant
The tour then migrated to the largest laundry plant in Malaysia which spans over 26000sq ft. If your laundry at home is driving you crazy, you should see how it is done here with 38 tonnes of linens washed, dried and folded per day. They have power washing machines that can handle up to 55kg of laundry per compartment and there are a sturdy amount of 12 compartments. Every step is automated. 
Staff feeding dirty linen onto the belt
One bag of dirty linen weighs 55kg. That's as heavy as me!
Power washing machine can even wash a human
When it comes to folding, they have a group of women hand-folding them after wash…I am just kidding! How is it possible to hand-fold 38 tonnes of linen per day without bleeding fingers? They have 3-in-1 drying, ironing and folding machines that produce crisp clean sheets folded at the end. There was also an ironing demonstration that shows how a customer’s shirt is ironed industrially (nothing like the ironing machine at home) and folded just like brand new.  The laundry plant agenda may be substituted by the Snow-making tour in SnowWorld, depending on arranged schedule which you can check out here.

Of course they do not hand fold them. Automated folding machine, which I could need one day
Among tonnes and tonnes of laundry
Ironing is different from home. This is how they iron a standard men's shirt
Professional folding
See, Do & Eat Workshop
At the See, Do & Eat workshop, we got to decorate our own sushi and doughnuts. The DIY steps do not need much thinking. Just relax and have fun piping creams, sprinkling chocolate chips and pattern-punching seaweeds. You can make as many as you like and eat them right-away or take away to enjoy it later.
DIY your own sushi and doughnuts
Got to play with the piping bag! Chocolate was my choice
Decorating sushi!
One for you and one for me *wink*
Horizon 50
We were taken on a journey through time at Horizon 50 which is the latest attraction at Resorts World Genting. The galleria which sprawls over 16000 sq ft showcases a glimpse of the past when Lim Goh Tong persistently paved the road up the mountain. It fed us with also fun facts of current Genting like 1.6 million eggs are used every 80 days, every 3 months Genting consume rice equivalent to the weight of a blue whale and more. Genting is 70% Pahang and 30% Selangor rising from the 130 million-year-old rainforest.

Fun facts all over the wall. Daily consumption of Resorts World Genting
Though the time tunnel
Genting’s Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP) and Twentieth Century Fox World are worth RM 5 billion, promising an integrated tourism and entertainment one-stop venue. Activities and entertainment in Genting are lined-up back to back not leaving a single chance for visitors to be bored. I have set my eye on Twentieth Century Fox World which is opening in Nov-Dec of 2016. Imagine playing alongside characters from mega blockbuster movies like Avatar, X-Men, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, Night at the Museum and Ice Age. I could not contain my excitement and the magnitude of my impatience!
Twentieth Century Fox World coming soon in 2016!
I could not contain my excitement and the magnitude of my impatience
More movies!
Under the GITP also, the Sky Plaza and Sky Avenue is set to turn the peak into a shopping haven that will satisfy your shopping frenzy!

Life begins at 6000ft
The Behind the Scenes information:
Tour dates: Check here 
Time: 2.15-5.00pm
Price: RM28 per pax (RM 25 for Genting Rewards Member)
Max pax: 30
Meeting place: First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter or Registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park (next to post office)
Reserve the tour by email via

Go experience and learn while you have fun!

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