Monday, September 21, 2015

The Crazy Bites @ Subang Jaya

There is a new kid in town. His name is Kirikuru. I met him in his new restaurant in Subang Jaya. The Crazy Bites is the latest addition to the many eateries in the student-populated area near Taylors College and Inti College. The Crazy Bites is just over one month old, having opened its doors on the 14th Aug 2015. I went to see how crazy my dinner would be.
Kirikuru- maskot of The Crazy Bites.
The plush toy is not for sale yet but there will be future plans 
Happy thoughts

Just down the road from Taylors and Inti College

It was difficult to ignore the happy splashes of colours in The Crazy Bites. Even after the crazy traffic and rush from work, a cheerful sensation incubated when I entered the restaurant. The contemporary and cartoonish setting gave me a laid-back feeling, away from the thoughts of work. Complete with wifi and corners of MTV broadcasts, it is no wonder patrons looked at ease whether dining in for dinner or just for casual bites in between meals.

The interior of the restaurant
No pork, no lard and wifi available
Casual and laid-back environment

The Crazy Bites serves mostly western variety- pasta, burger and pizza. But to asian food lovers, do not dismiss this post just yet. The restaurant also offers local delights that are quite commendable. 

Left: Hot chocolate RM9.80
Right: Cafe latte RM8.80
Forest Fruit Milkshake RM13.80

Maracuja Pineapple Tea RM9.80
"What to drink ah?" "Anything la" Well don't let it be just anything. May I suggest one of the refreshing mocktails in the menu. If your palate feels bland, the Maracuja Pineapple Tea will do a good job whetting your appetite for a bigger meal. The concoction spruces the spirit up either for an easy chat or for serious chomping.

Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta RM12.80
The Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta is down-to-earth, promising flavours that cannot go wrong with white cream sauce and grilled chicken to accompany.

Clam Vongole RM12.80
Slurp away with Clam Vongole that holds seafood goodness with pasta soaked in clam soup. Clams attached with its shell will add morsels of adventure in your mouth.

Spaghetti Seafood Carbonara RM12.80
What is a good menu without the regular Spagetti Seafood Carbonara. Unlike the Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta, this dish is sprinkled with chilly flakes for a little spicy kick. Adorned with squid and mussels, that is cooked just right to a springy yet bite-able texture.

Lamb Kofta Pasta RM16.80
To those who is craving for a more meaty sensation, Lamb Kofta Pasta will serve your appetite with a juicy lamb patty that tops twirls of pasta drenched in tangy Carbonara sauce.

Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice RM13.80
This Thai Sytle Pineapple Fried Rice is one that I wished I had the whole dish for myself. Rice is not only flecked with pineapple but also well seasoned with tumeric, generating aroma that just picked me up by the nose. There were generous amounts of prawns exhumed from the fragrant rice. With sambal on the side, you will not divert your attention from it. 

Johan's Nasi Lemak RM13.80
Do not underestimate this Western food restaurant as Johan's Nasi Lemak is a little treasure discovered among the burgers, pastas and pizzas. The rice earned a point for innovation as it is pandan flavoured (which explains the green colour). This number also apprehended me when the fragrance reached my nose. I actually stopped photo taking for a while to get another whiff of the dish. 

 A gang of burgers
Goat Bites (Lamb) RM16.80
The Crazy Bites is serious about their burger business. The burgers are bulgy with stuffing that only a skewer can keep them in place. There are 8 variety of burgers to choose from. Each accompanied by sweet potato strips, not fries. Sweet potato strips are more solid and contain innate flavour of the tuber. Filling enough to provide energy till the next meal.  

Ox Bites (Beef) RM13.80
For those fickle minded, let me narrow down the choices for you. Indulge in Ox Bites for a very beefy meal.

Apple Mushroom Bites RM13.80
Herbivors will like this fruit and vegetable fusion in the Apple Mushroom Bites. A creative combination of apple and mushroom sauteed to a flavourful filling is something unique. 

From top: Crazy Lamb Pizza RM14.80, Crazy Mushroom Pizza RM12.80, 
Crazy Seafood Pizza RM14.80
The restaurant's inventory of pizzas is wide. My favourite will be the Crazy Seafood Pizza with prawns and mussels embedded in a spread of cheese baked on a thin crispy crust. What I like about the pizzas is that their portion is just right for one person.

Crispy Onion Rings RM5.80
Calamari Rings RM13.80
For those who do not want to take their meal too seriously, there are many finger foods to choose from. Crispy Onion Rings and Calamari Rings are good chat facilities.

Chicken Honey RM14.80
The chef did not skimp on ingredients when he cooked the Chicken Honey. Chicken breasts are marinated in tabasco sauce and honey made it more lip smacking. 

Chicken Fire RM14.80
Try the super spicy Chicken Fire that challenges the taste buds. Do try this if you are the kind who likes sweaty meals even in air-conditioned environment.

Jacket Potato RM13.80
The Jacket Potatoes are alternative to a casual meal. Baked with cheese, tomatoes and chicken shreds, this is suitable for those who wants to keep it simple yet filling.

Me and my Crazy Seafood Pizza
The Crazy Bites is worth a try. Gatherings and group meals, I reckon, can be fun here too!

The Crazy Bites
A13, Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Telephone: 019-264 1886
Instagram: @thecrazybites