Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wear 78% Water in Your Eyes with New Generation Lenses- Biotrue ONEday Lenses

When I first heard that it has 78% water content, I cannot help but imagine that I am basically wearing liquid! I can feel bountiful freshness swashing in my head, fizzling with a rich supply of oxygen. That is how much water our cornea is made of. So is the Biotrue ONEday contact lens.

From left: Belinda Chee, host of Bella NTV7 and Nadia Heng, host of Hypptv
Our cornea is made out of 78% water
Bauch and Lomb is introducing a whole new way to see the world now. Their latest product mimics the human eye with 78% water content. It is able to hold 16 hours of moisture, providing 100% oxygen content the eye needs. How is it possible that the contact lens is able to hold water? Does it mean that we can squeeze the lens when we get thirsty? The tear is made of three layers. The nature-replicating contact lens acts like the top lipid layer of the tear film which prevents moisture from evaporating into the environment, holding moisture to our eyes. The lens is made of hypergel which is the next generation of material after hydrogel and silicone hydrogel. They are the first optical company to use this revolutionary material. Bauch and Lomb impressed me with their bio-inspired approach in developing their products and of course their expertise in their extensive research in biology.  
Hypergel works as the lipid layer that prevents evaporation of moisture from the eye
With us during the launch of the brilliant product was Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia World 2010, who shared her woes of wearing contact lenses for 10 years. The host of Hypptv empathised with most contact lens wearers as she also faced the same dryness after long hours of lens wear. Vision will be blurry following the dryness. This answers why I had to constantly blink my eyes to adjust my vision. But the world cannot always wait for you to blink a few times first right? As an active person, I have to resort to contact lenses to keep going. There is nothing more irritating then compromised vision. When the eye turns red, it indicates lack of oxygen. Trust me, red is only sexy on the lips...not in the eyes.
Sharing session with Nadia Heng, hosted by Belinda Chee
When I popped in Biotrue, I have to say, I felt I was wearing my nothing but my own eyes. Emcee of the launch, Belinda Chee admitted that they are so comfortable that she forgot she was having then and fell asleep with it. (Having said that, remember not sleep with your contact lens on)  I did not have to worry about eye strain and the ability of the lenses to breath after one month. Since they are dailies, I saved myself the trouble of cleaning it too! I understand that we, conventional lens wearers take some time to have conviction in daily lenses. But, your precious eyes are really worth the change. However, an honest note from me- when you are used to dailies, it would take gargantuan effort to revert to monthly lenses. Biotrue is patented with HD optics which reduces blurred visions, halos and glare. It cuts out harmful UV radiation too. They are undeniably premium contact lenses...with a price that matches.
Nadia Heng and I
Belinda Chee and I
Biotrue ONEday lens are priced at RM125 per box of 30 pieces and will be available from 10th August 2015 at all leading optical outlets nationwide. Biotrue Multi-purpose Solution is available in twin pack (355ml x2) at RM61.50.

Biotrue products are bio-inspired by the eye
You may look cross-eyed but the eye exercise is good for you
During the launch, Bauch and Lomb introduced a charitable initiative by teaching us an eye exercise which is more interestingly known as the “eye push-up”.  See the example of the “eye push-up” in my video below.

Nominate three other friends to do the same and remember to include hashtags #baushandlombmalaysia and #careforyoureyes. 

This movement runs from 11th Augst- 30th September. The leading eye care giant is pledging to donate RM5 to the Malaysian Association for the Blind for every video on the “eye push-up” posted on Facebook.

I have done my video. It’s time to do yours for a good cause!

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