Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dengue Mission Buzz in Klang Valley

We always say we protect our loved ones. How? By keeping your daughter behind your house door grill? Or by walking like a bodyguard beside your girlfriend? Danger does not always come in the form of a knife. Things as feeble as the mosquito can be just as life threatening if not more. In the first half of 2015 alone dengue cases in Malaysia rose to a staggering 66721 cases, with 165 deaths  nationwide. Each year, 10000 cases are reported in Malaysia at a cost of around USD13 million.

Launch of the Dengue Mission Buzz by Sanofi Pasteur, SC Johnson, Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysian Society of Infectious Disease and Chemotherapy (MSIDC)
Opening dance of Dengue Mission Buzz
This alarming statistic brought together four parties to hatch the Dengue Mission Buzz campaign. Sanofi Pasteur, SC Johnson, Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysian Society of Infectious Disease and Chemotherapy (MSIDC) combined resources to create this campaign. This initiative is veined throughout the Klang Valley with a Dengue Mission Buzz Truck that spreads awareness about preventing dengue. If you see this truck, take the opportunity to know more about the importance of preventing dengue and how.
The Dengue Mission Buzz Truck
The truck aims to circulate awareness in Klang Valley about dengue prevention
The challenge is that society feels distant about the issue. The mentality that “it will never happen to me” and the apathetic attitude should be weeded out. Dengue does not discriminate. That is why the importance of educating and raising awareness about dengue prevention is paramount. SC Johnson believes that cleaning, killing, repelling and protecting can be achieved with their help and are the effective steps to fight the epidemic. Always make sure your surrounding is clean. Do not leave stagnant water around to allow mosquitoes to breed. Kill the pest with your trusted insecticide. Repel them with necessary repellents. In my experience, parents will thank repellents that protects their babies who are not able to ward off the insect themselves. Protect your loved ones even if it means hanging mosquito nets.

Four influential bodies coming together for this campaign
Sanofi Pasteur is a global company that is a world leader in the vaccine industry. Vaccine for dengue is under their study. Being the expert in pest control for 60 years in Malaysia, SC Johnson feels responsible enough to champion the movement. Regular household members like Baygon and Ridsect are products of the 129-year-old company.
Know your products that can help you

The campaign will be ongoing as long as possible. Roadshows that comprise of games, prizes and memorabilia will be given out wherever the truck goes. The cure for dengue has yet to be found. Prevention is the best cure!
Towards a safer life with Dengue Mission Buzz