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Of Crystal Clear Skin with Ido’s Clinic Skin Laser Aesthetics

I must admit that I was a greenhorn when it comes to skincare. Although I was made aware by profuse nagging that the skin could determine my fortune of attracting my other half, I remained negligent. I have never participated in any skincare other than selecting products off the shelves and pinching facials. This welcomed permanent scars on the skin.
Dr Ido's Clinic at Setiawalk Puchong

I was introduced to Ido’s Clinic (Ido pronounced as ai-doo) by chance when I received their invitation. When I reached the clinic, I saw a list of skin and body treatments offered. At first impression, it made me feel that calling my problems problems an exaggeration. I could be fixed in so many ways! In front of the list, I immediately began shopping for my treatment in my mind. Nonetheless, I thought it was too early and investigated further.

The list of treatments available  
I was then led to a roundtable with Dr. Lucas Chia, Medical Director of Ido’s Clinic which is founded in Singapore. The chain of clinics has been established in Malaysia for 5 years. Ido's Clinic specialties would be pigmentation treatments and skincare products. The clinics come under the Apex Group. By integrating research, manufacturing, distribution and clinics, Apex shows their commitment in the skin and aesthetic field. Dr. Chia decided to make it real by inviting us to ask questions regarding skin and beauty. The interactive session was very interesting and informative. It definitely opened my rookie eyes to issues pertaining skin. These are some questions and answers that arose:

Interactive session with Dr, Lucas Chia
How can pigmentation be treated? *Directed to the speckled lot*
This condition is suffered by most people. There are 6 categories of pigmentation- birthmarks, freckles/ ephelides, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation/ scars, melasma, Nevus of Horis and tattoo. Identify the pigmentation with a qualified consultant and apply the right laser treatment for it. One interesting fact is that only qualified medical doctors are allowed to use laser. Therefore, do not be duped by counterfeit laser treatments.

How can stretch marks be treated? *Attention to mummies-to-be!*
Stretch marks happen because the elasticity of the skin is compromised due to rapid stretch. Stretch marks can be categorized in 3 colours- red colour, skin colour and white colour. The marks should be treated when it is red. When it turns skin colour, the probability to erase it will be lower and when it turns white, it is almost permanent. To eliminate or prevent stretch marks, apply moisturizer generously on the affected or prone areas.

What is SLS and paraben? *The cleaner the better…or not?*
SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, an additive in products that is responsible for lather. Lather facilitates cleaning. This means excessive use of it will strip of natural oils and cause dryness or skin irritation. Therefore, if a cleanser leaves your skin squeaky clean, it might involve more additives. On the other hand, the product that leaves the skin feeling a little “unclean” may be a better product. Paraben is a class of widely used preservatives that keeps the ingredients of the products fresh. Inadequate use will cause skin irritation. Enzymes are a more natural alternative to preservatives.

Is it right for products to be labeled organic? *Those who boast organic products, listen up!*
Products sold in bottles have already been synthesized. At the least, preservatives are used to keep the ingredients fresh for shelf-life. Organic means a product is sans artificial chemicals. Organic plants have to be grown outside certain parameters of the city. Therefore, natural is a more accurate word for products.

How can kiloid or hypertropic scars be treated?
These scars are the bulging skin that arises after a wound. These scars can be zapped using injection to shrink the tissues or laser

How can indented scars be treated?
Indented scars are the ones that look like holes or craters after a wound. The skin can be stimulated with laser to be regenerated to its normal state.

What about those little bumps clustered around the eyes?
Syringoma is caused by genes and will reappear even though removed. Xantelasma however, is caused by cholesterol and can be treated. However, if cholesterol is not controlled, it will reappear.

What to look out when using fillers? *For those who intend to heighten the nose bridge or protrude the chin*
If given a choice, use hyluronic acid filler that resembles jelly. Those fillers are can be ingested by the body and safer than silicon. However, considering its wobbly nature, one has to take extra care when waiting for it to set. Fillers will wear out faster if one smokes, takes alcohol or lacks sleep as all these will increase metabolism of the body.

Just when I thought the discussion was the end of the event, we adjourned to a room where we witnessed demonstration of a few treatments.
Dr Lucas Chia and his wife Dr. Joslyn
Carbon Peel Laser *Brides-to-be don’t fret!*
Technology is doing the impossible nowadays. This laser treatment uses nanotechnology to burst carbons applied on the skin to give it a good clean. There were spark sounds as the laser sweeps the face. After the treatment, the skin instantly looks fairer and suppler. I have been eyeing this painless treatment for my wedding day.
Carbon Peel Laser

Fractional Erbium Laser *Goodbye to sagging skin*
This laser treatment is used to tighten the skin. The skin can be sensitive after the treatment as lasers are a form of heat and dries out the skin. Patients are advised to avert the sun and to apply the right hydrating product to soothe the skin.
Fractional Erbium Laser
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) *Angelina Jolie’s favourite treatment*
HIFU is Dr. Chia’s latest toy and is yet to be launched as Dr. Ido’s product. This technology uses ultrasound to tighten the skin. A tauter skin just by sound...extraordinary! Will dolphins screaming at my face work the same?
HIFU treatment

Dysport Injection*Better known as Botox*
I finally get to witness the much talked about injection, the Botox procedure. It was quick and easy and can last up to 6-9 months. Procedures are done by trained personnel and medical doctors. Apparently, Botox not only can prevent frown lines but also slims the face by shrinking the masseter muscle (jaw muscle). When asked, Botox is not harmful if used at proper dosage and the effects are reversible, meaning the muscle will return to its normal state. However, side effects will be not being able to smile as broad or to chew bone-hard food.
Witnessing Botox injection
The party has not ended yet even after the demonstration. We were treated to make a DIY moisturizer each. It was a fun experience as I get to determine properties the moisturizer has, its smell, and even its colour! I chose it to be exfoliating, whitening, pore reducing and soothing. I concocted it with my birth star scent, Libra and cast a bright red colour on it. The DIY moisturizer is only available to Ido’s customers.
DIY station to make our personalized moisturizer
Adding ingredients to my moisturizer
Giving my moisturizer a bright red hue!
Mixing my youth elixir
I went home with my elixir and most important of all, with a wealth of knowledge. My skincare expectation has upped a level. Technology has pushed the limits of skincare and is still being developed. I am impressed with the science behind an alabaster skin. Ido’s Clinic has changed my perception of skincare. The next time I meet a person with crystal clear complexion, I shall not be too perplexed. 
An afternoon well spent
23rd May 2015

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