Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sorella Lingerie Private Workshop, Tropicana City Mall

It gives you support when you need it. It protects you during rain and shine. It boosts you up when you are down. Sounds like a best friend doesn’t it? How many women consider the bra as best friend after so much it has done for us? Do you know how to pick your best friend in the first place?

The bra is women's best friend
I was invited by Sorella to attend a private workshop on lingerie. Immediately, an aspiration in a form of a lingerie model pranced in front of me. Sounds like I can use a little workshop to accentuate my womanly side! When I was there, I could not help noticing that the boutique business hours were clipped just for the workshop. Shoppers were intrigued by what was going on behind the shutters half closed.

Attending Sorella Lingerie Private Workshop

Boutique hours were clipped for the workshop
Lingerie expert all the way from Taiwan, Ms. Chen Ting Chen was invited to share basic lingerie knowledge. Chen Lao Shi (Teacher Chen), as she was known throughout the workshop, has 32 years of experience in the industry. She demonstrated her expertise by being our Google in answering our questions. I felt comfortable disclosing my long time concerns on the topic as participants were of the same gender and Chen Lao Shi was very approving. Lingerie, she said, is something that women cannot skimp on. Lack of knowledge will only cause more money spent on buying bad experience. It is time for women to know how to pick the right bra by themselves instead of blindly trusting the promoter who only eyes your sales.

Chen Lao Shi and I
Other than sounding feminine, Sorella actually means “sisters” in Italian.  Sorella is a Singapore-based company founded in 1975. Their products have been widely sold in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam. Prior to this, I am a Sorella user myself. Witnessing the company’s commitment to quality made me feel clever for making the brand my choice. For that, I must award myself a pat for instinct!

A Sorella user myself
Lingerie in elegant designs
Being an engineer, I was attracted to the technicality involved in designing lingerie. Do not underestimate the engineering part of undergarments. It is the one that transforms a delicate bra into weapon of men’s destruction *wink to sisters* Sorella’s side seam is 13cm long for better support of the side boob. The mid-panel is 2cm vertically high compared to other bras that are usually 1.0-1.5cm high. Better support will give the breasts a sexier 3D shape. The New Generation bras, which Sorella labels their products, are also known as Wellness Bras which offershealth benefits. Their new collection incorporates the latest Cool Fabric that keeps the skin 1.5 oC lower. There are also bras that produce Far Infrared Rays that promotes detoxification, prevents electromagnetic radiation and improves blood circulation. Even panties are high-tech nowadays. Sorella uses a fabric which has Nanometer Liquefied Titanium which absorbs unusual smell, eliminates body odour and has anti-bacterial qualities. Impressive! There should be a whole physics class on learning these technologies. I especially like the one with air and baby oil pads that can massage the breasts. So think again if you feel shallow reading lingerie catalogues.
Technologies incorporated in the lingerie
Sorella recently launched 3 new collections. The Dazzling Night for heavy chested, the Dreamy Crystal for the medium sized and Romantic Whisper for the fun sized. The bras inherit the Far Infrared Ray technology except for the Dreamy Crystal collection which has the new Cool Fabric sewn in instead. Ofcourse aesthetics of the bra is vital. They are elegantly designed and  can turn any woman attractive. In my opinion, the bedazzled ones have the potential to facilitate a romantic evening.

The 3 newly launched collection
These are some knowledge that I took back after the workshop:

To get the perfect bra size for yourself, firstly you have to know yourself.

A.    To get the size of the bra, measure the circumference of the body just below the breasts.
68-72 cm               Size 70
73-77cm                Size 75
78-82cm                Size 80
83-87cm                Size 85
88-92cm                Size 90 

B.     To get the cup size, calculate the difference between the circumference of the body where it is the thickest around the breast and the bra size.
10cm difference    A cup
13cm difference    B cup
15cm difference    C cup
18cm difference    D cup
20cm difference    E cup

Chen Lao Shi demonstrating how to measure the bra size
 Interesting facts about bras

1.      The lifespan of a bra is until 90 times of washing.
2.      Bras are important to maintain the shape of your busts. Is an extra flesh under the armpit a familiar sight to you?  That used to be breast. That is caused by wrongly fitted bras.
3.      Do not wear bra when sleeping. This is because we are not conscious of our movements while we sleep and this might cause the breast to run out of the mould of the bra.
4.      The front and back of the bra has to be level when worn. If the back of the bra is lifted, it is time to change the bra.
5.      Dry the bra upside down by clipping the lower panel so that the weight of the water does not pull the elastic sides. Do not dry it directly under the sun.
6.      The ideal tightness of the strap is when only one thumb can fit between the shoulder and the strap.

Shopping for my new best friend
We took turns to have a private session with Chen Lao Shi who measured us and picked the right bra that was unique to us according to standard size. I had the opportunity to shop for the design of my choice that comes with a matching panty. When shopping in Sorella, do not worry if your panty is up a size. The cutting of the panties is smaller. Best of all, the prices remain the same even after GST. Being a fan of bling, I chose a black number with rhinestones. Hope this new best friend will make me look elegant and sexy. Thank you Sorella for the experience!
Chen Lao Shi measuring each participant
Prices remain the same after GST

16th May 2015, Saturday

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Invitation is courtesy of Sarah Mai of www.smallnhot.com
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