Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Petsmore's Pets Day Out

Mini Schnauzer. White. Male. 2 months old. I had a photo shoot with my new furry friend. He was overloaded with cuteness! He definitely melted my heart with his pink paws and soft fur. I hope my dog at home, Jack, doesn’t get jealous hehe. I am hands-down a dog lover and I was delighted to be able to join other like-minded people at Petsmore’s Pets Day Out at their SS2 branch (corner lot next to Mahogany)
My new puppy friend
Photoshoot with the cutie
Jack...don't get jealous

Petsmore in SS2 is healthily equipped with 4 levels of pet supplies and services. It has everything from pet essentials to luxuries. Pets nowadays are not like animals of the yester-years. The trend of pampering our pets is rampantly establishing in Klang Valley. Masters now endear themselves to their pets instead. Spa, nail care, ear cleaning and fur grooming are just a few basics to spoiling your pet. 
My sister with a baby Rottweiler
How could I resist that doleful face and short snout
Wide range of needs and luxuries for your pet
Treat your pet like a baby

COO of Petsmore, Mr. Sean Saw announced their latest promotion on their latest grooming services.

1.      RM150 ONLY for the first trial cat basic grooming package. For 5 sessions, customers will save RM265 when their feline friends get services such as ear cleaning, nail care, bathing and blow drying

2.      RM100 ONLY for the first trial dog basic grooming package. For 5 sessions, customers will save RM195 when their canine friends get services such as eye trimming, leg trimming, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, nail care, shaving of paw pad, stomach, private area, cleaning of anal gland, bathing and blow drying
Mass grooming demonstration
Stay still now...while she snips snips snips

I know there is no limit for owners when it comes to providing the best for their family members. So here is more of what you can do at Petsmore!

            SPA Grooming Service- Micro Bubbles SPA System. This system offers anti-bacterial deep cleansing, deodorization and moisturization of fur and skin, itchiness reduction and calming therapy.

Petsmore’s Pet Hotel is a newly launched service. Petsmore Pets Hotel provides 5-star boarding services to every pet. This includes individual ventilation system for each hotel room, daily cleaning and disinfection of the room, food and fresh water supply, daily dry bath grooming and hygiene care to ensure the pet is in good condition. Prices start at RM42 per day for a maximum of 1 pet at Superior Suite and RM73 per day for a maximum of 2 pets at the Royal Suite
A very comfortable and friendly environment
Pets saloon and pets spa at 4th level

I cannot believe what I just wrote there! SPA and Royal Suites? It will be a haven for Jack! I am not sure if Jack wants to return home once he step foot in the hotel…just kidding. On a serious note, I will be assured that my beloved “brother” will be in good hands when my family and I are away. No more worrying if he is fed with poison by rascals or if his food is spoilt by rain.
Befriending a few new friends
Her name is Happy
This ginger furred cat is beautiful
Her name is Baby

I noticed that Petsmore’s staff consists of youths who work with the company out of choice. I had the opportunity to interview one of them and she said that one will not be able to work with animals if they have no passion for them. To be able to choose a career at a petshop at such an early age, they have to be more than animal lovers. They are not only trained but are very passionate and I can tell that they care for the animals as if they were their own children. On the event day, many of the staff brought their own pets to join the fiesta.
Petsmore staff brought their own beloved pets
The trend of dying fur seems legit
Ah of course...bunny ears as if my ears are not long enough

Petsmore, the largest pet retain chain store, ensures professional pet services and supplies. Their loyalty card at RM12 per year offers attractive deals and privileges. I got mine and will be bringing Jack for a complimentary 2 day hotel stay. Be sure to check them out when you are at your nearest Petsmore shop!
Petsmore a one-stop pet store

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