Monday, October 26, 2015

Plusify Fashion Boutique- Online Boutique for the Plus-sized

From now onwards, please do not tell me you don't want to dress up because you are fat! Being plus-sized is not an excuse to give up on fashion or to dress up. At the Plusify Online Boutique's one year anniversary celebration, I was impressed with how Cheryn Tan, owner and founder of Plusify, is acceptant of herself being curvy and how she nurtures her self-esteem. She sets an example to many big women out there that being presentable and fashionable is completely applicable. I was more awed by her passion and her determination than anything else that day.
Fitting session at Plusify
Plusify's one year anniversary sale

Meghan Trainor sang in "All About That Base" that it is pretty clear that she ain't no size 2 but she can shake it shake it like she is supposed to do. Beauty comes from within. The sexiest perfume a woman can wear is her confidence. Cheryn proved that one does not need to be stick thin to start being presentable. When I met her, I felt glow and shine radiating from that cute entrepreneur. 
Cheryn Tan, a very positive and driven entrepreneur.
She is the owner and founder of another 2 companies- WebWeaver Learning Centre and
I Can't Sew Fashion Boutique at POP@ JayaOne

I am blessed to have a naturally slim physique. Some asked what was I doing there. Well, although my size wouldn't fit, at least my appetite for positive energy did. Although chubby, Cheryn did not conform to the public's biased perception of being fashionable. She discovered her own market share by providing quality clothes to plus sized women around the world. Plusify enables them to feel confident and proud with hand-picked designs. 
Emcee Gina Ee (in white) introducing Cheryn Tan who is also one of the finalists in Beauty Bound Asia 2015 competition
Plusify Online Boutique showcased in actual at Cheryn's studio in Jalan Ipoh

I also overheard a conversation from one of the customers that day that shops like Plusify understands their needs and their pain of shopping. Many ladies left with affordable pieces that brought the best out of their curves.
Lovely pieces at affordable prices
Shoppers were overwhelmed to find clothes that fit
Who says bikinis are only for the skinny

I got myself a charming bracelet from Plusify for only RM19 and most of all, a valuable take home message that excuses are for the weak. If there is a will, there is a way. I am going to dig out this article in the future to remind myself if I ever get lazy to dress up because I am not thin enough, not fair enough, not flawless enough bla bla bla...
Many items are handmade by Cheryn herself
My charming bracelet from Plusify