Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Watsons Move Your Body Zumba Party 2016 @ Sunway Lagoon

What is better than dancing your heart out? Dancing your heart out with more than 5000 people at a beach party! This is one event that I look forward to yearly. As a health initiative, Asia's leading health and beauty retailer takes exercise to the next level by injecting utter coolness in the event at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. They made it a glow-in-the-dark themed Zumba this year. People are literally glowing in health!
Watsons Move Your Body Zumba
For those who take exercise as a chore, Watsons Zumba Party will change your perception of exercise forever! Watsons showed their commitment in quality by inviting international Zumba instructor David Velez all the way from Columbia (where Zumba originated) and Michael Thomas from Australia for the event. Enroll once, and you will get addicted like yours truely.

5 reasons why I look forward to Watsons Zumba Party:

1. Music is dope! 
To begin with, Zumba does not even feel like exercise. It is dancing all the way. Everyone has a little dancer inside of them. The beats, amplified by fantastic sound system just get every cell in your body moving. Your foot will start tapping and your head will start nodding without you knowing it. Before long, you already have your hands in the air!

Zumba Instructor David Velez from Columbia the origin of Zumba
Theme: Glow in the Dark 

The sea of people literally glowing in health
Move, dance, repeat and occasionally, selfie!
2. Great space and ventilation at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Those who have not been must be thinking that it would be stuffy and hot with lots of encounter with sweaty humans. Well, sweaty is true but people tend to make space at the event. There was no need to crowd the front as  screens were sufficient for people to look at at every corner. And there was plenty of air to dry off your sweat as the surf beach is equipped with powerful fans.
Instructor David Velez moving the crowd
Coolness in my glowing glasses
Screens aplenty so that you can get moving from every corner of the beach
The glowing dancers on stage
3. Face painting and freebies
The Zumba started at 8pm and lasted for approximately 90 minutes. You do not have to dance for the whole 90 minutes. Just dance to what you can cope with and the rest of the time can be used to collect freebies! Some of Watsons' participating brands that evening were Blackmores, Brands, Bausch & Lomb, Kinohimitsu and Redoxon. That is what a backpack is for. Want more fun? Draw the Zumba spirit from face painting!
Games for you to win freebies
Face painting to elevate the spirit
4. It is suitable for EVERYONE
If you think, Zumba is only for ladies, you are missing out on great time with the rest of the population. Men were seen aplenty at the event and they did not seem any less manly. Groups of friends were spotted rekindling connections at this event. The young and old of all races were brought together by Zumba. 
Group of friends rekindle through zumba
A fun and healthy event for family. Get them starting early

Age is not an excuse. The ladies are even accessorized with chinking belly dancing belts
The event made it in to the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation for Glow in the Dark Zumba
5. The party continues after Zumba
Good music just fuels the night. After Zumba, top DJ like Jakeman & Skeletor, Leng Yein, Chuckies & Whackboi and H3 were on the table spinning beats that kept our limbs excited. Four gigantic balloons were rolled out to pump up the fun.
DJ Leng Yein spinning the table
Had a glowing good time!
The party continued with non-stop zumba hitz spin by top DJ line including Jakeman & Skeletor, Leng Yein, Chukiess & Whackboi and H3
A medal to prove that I Zumba-ed all night long!

See you at the next Watsons Zumba Party in 2017!

For more information, visit www.watsons.com.my/moveyourbody