Monday, October 3, 2016

Raffles College 36th Graduation Showcase Fashion Show @ The Royale Chulan Hotel

There is something inspiring that keeps me drawn to Raffles College's graduation fashion shows. The graduates might be new in the industry but their creativity is untainted and their aspiration raging. This term, their hardwork and mind-busting brainstorming are  thrown ON AIR. The theme On Air signals that these graduates are ready to face the real deal in the industry. Here are some of the designs and cuts that caught my eyes.
Outfit of the evening

LETTRE D'AMOUR by Park Yu Ra (1st Runner Up)
Her designs are themed on prints of letters. Great casuals for summer.

Dea Bellica by Shin Mei Chian (My Favourite)
Dea Bellica is marries white with gold details that makes it so ethereal. It is eye catching with its simplicity. 

Confined by Siow Ai Chia
Confined collection, in my opinion is not much of outstanding design. Yet it is appealing to me as its design is simple and minimalist. Suitable for corporate wear.

Ame Ethnicque by Julia Sunyoto (2nd Runner Up)
Julia's collection reflects the warm of ethnicity. Stylish with character. 

Meraki by Pancheeva Vattanaariyakit
Meraki's cuts are soft and elegant yet bold through its contemporary layering.

Fixation by Nur Aishah Yahya
Nur Aishah's collection is striking and bold with a touch of Middle Eastern flavour. Her asymmetrical skirt shouts modernity.

Fouette by Rivenia
While the Fouette collection has room for more innovation, her collection came out as adorable to me and would be a comfortable wear without being too outstanding.

Half Baked Dream by Tee Chin En
Men's number by Half Baked Dream brings out the masculinity without compromising on style.

Origin by Chong Ler Shiuan
My favourite piece from Origin. Sheer trench jacket that accentuates sexiness yet blending in ruggedness with a leather strip at the top.

Ten Thousand Miles by Kang Rui Yee
Kang Rui Yee's men's collection is classy and elegant. It does not come off too strong for a regular guy.

More Than A Lover by Ardeshir Hamedani
Ardeshir's designs come with a hint of batik peeking out from black. Very chic and trendy with a batik theme.

Inked by Selina Tang
Inked by tribal designs, this collection is chic and comfortable. Its tassels add a cute feature in its pieces.

Bon Voyage by Tan Pei Mun
Marine themed, some of the pieces from Bon Voyage can be quite regular. Nonetheless, its sexy jumpsuit is worth my wardrobe space.

Neo Futurism by Tazuin Chowdhury
Neo Futurism has some bold and edgy cuts that still depict elegance. A clever way to feature themes that are ahead of time.

L'obscurite by Ellista Djohan Theodore (Winner)
This winning collection is consistent in its pieces. Its theme is about balancing life and death. It has a very morbid and satanic tone. Not quite my cup of tea to be honest. 

Winner Ellista Djohan Theodore with her collection L'obscurite
Judges Jaishana Logan and Syomir Izwa
With fashion blogger Jaishana Logan. Love her peacock dress
Joan Goh and I
Joan and Jaishana
Every term, Raffles dishes out very talented batches of fashion designers whom I am sure will make Malaysia proud in the fashion industry one day! Congratulations on your graduation and kudos for your inspiring projects!

Criteria of the showcase were: 
1. Story board (creativity and design)
2. Workmanship of garments
3. Commercial viability
4. Hanger appeal
5. Colour, fabrics and accessories
6. Catwalk presentation

If you are looking for a course in the creative industry, Raffles College of Higher Education has expertise in providing these courses:

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Fashion Marketing and Management
Jewelry Design
Multimedia Design
Visual Communication
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Applied Psychology
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