Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Authentic Malay Cuisines @ Resorts World Kijal

When in Rome, do what the Romans do...and eat what the Romans eat! Food is inseparable from the whole travelling experience and trying local food is really a must do in all my travels. When I was in Terengganu, Resorts World Kijal not only took care of the comfortable slumber (check it out here) but also the food. The hotel earnestly presents the local culture through authentic Terengganu cuisines. You know the food is very local when there is no English name for them. Whether you are from abroad or local, your taste buds will appreciate the staple of the state. 

Breakfast and Lunch @ Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris
The breakfast and lunch here is a true representation of what the locals serve throughout the region. What I like about this restaurant is that it saved me the trouble of going around to find the food. Its wide variety of Malay dishes helped me tick off most of the foods that I wanted to try on my travel list. This place is suitable for business and casual occasion as this restaurant flavours the local food with pride. 
Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris
The restaurant faces the pool and sea
Enjoying my steamy hot kopi in a koleh (tin mug)
The mug enriches the drink with the kampung character
Terengganu's famous nasi dagang
Nasi dagang has to be eaten with fish curry. It reminds me of my breakfast in Kemaman everyday last time 
Roti canai and luxurious dhal
 I am a dhal person and I know when I see good dhal. I actually drank the creamy and smooth gravy without roti canai.
Enjoying my lontong
Breakfast came in the form of glutinous rice cake and fragrant coconut soup
English breakfast- baked beans, bacon, sausages and toast
For those who are still working on getting accustomed to the local taste, there is also Western food to keep you fueled
Nasi Kerabu is interesting because the rice is blue! Coloured with blue flowers, this rice is eaten with a variety of ulam (raw vegetable), budu (anchovy sauce) and some curry
From left- ikan tongkol (mackarel) and daging gulai sawah (beef curry)
The decoration gives a warm paddy field village feel which shows the origin of the race
They also serve food that satisfies the regular appetite like the lemon chicken and prawns 
The restaurant has a very cultural setting which lets you feel like you are in a Malay village
Gorengan which means fritters is a delicious snack irresistible by all 
Kerabu is a sort of appetizer which is tangy and savoury at the same time-usually made of young mangoes and papaya
The sup tulang is so good that I had to help myself to seconds.
What can beat generous chunks of beef in herb infused soup
There are a wide selection of local desserts like kuih ketayap- coconut rolls
Sago gumpal
Kuih cara manis
Sekaya is one of my favourites because it is like jelly in coconut milk flavour
Bingka susu
Tapai pulut- Becareful of the tapai which will form alcohol in body. Taken to heat up the body during cold season
Cannot get enough of the old fashioned koleh (tin mug) which depicts the Malay culture
Lovely lunch with my friend who has settled in Kemaman

 Dinner @ Oasis Beach Bistro
Let me introduce you to one of the most romantic dinner places in Kemaman. I have to say it is the Jimbaran of Terengganu. It did not take me a second more to fall in love with this place. The Oasis Beach Bistro lets you dine with your feet planted in the sand while the sea breeze caress your hair. The old fashioned oil lamps illuminate the beach for an ethereal ambiance. Scrumptious barbecued seafood just makes it all perfect.
Oasis Beach Bistro
Oil lamps illuminate the beach
Dig your feet in the warm sand and let the cool breeze caress your hair.
The 'Jimbaran' of Terengganu
The buffet line under a white tent
Cultural performance upon request
The dances are performed and choreographed by true locals.
The intricate costumes and elegant steps of the Malay dance mesmerized everyone that evening. 
Barbecue of fresh seafood by the sea
Desserts backdropped by the horizon of the sea- an extremely beautiful combination of food and nature
Barbecued squid, prawns, crabs, lamb and beef. Seafood is fresh and innately sweet
Delectable dessert spread
Celebrated my birthday in the enchanting place
Glowing tent at night
A bon fire can also be arranged to your liking
An elegant evening with friends

  Dinner @ Open Herb Garden
The Resorts World Kijal has many gems and one of them is the Open Herb Garden. Dinner in the garden is just bliss. The al-fresco dining ensures that guests are immersed in nature while enjoying delicious local cuisine. The moon and stars are fully in view and the sea wind could still find its way to us. I must applaud the hotel for the evening in this garden. The set up was brilliant and down-to-earth with undiluted Malay culture. Food is neatly presented in stalls. I admire the kampung setting that is done with panache. Even the waiters were interestingly dressed in local attire. 
The homely Malay culture is presented in a classy way 
The spacious garden is great for holding parties and events
Laksa lemak is rich with flavour of fish and creamy enough to get your appetite hooked for more
The best of Kemaman's food is showcased here in the garden
The tantalizing roti jala which is everyone's favourite
Barbecuing seafood and sata (fish wraps)
Fresh seafood of crabs, prawns and squid which got me frequenting the corner
Their nasi dagang of rice and curry is faithfully waiting to whet your appetite
My FAVOURITE corner! The durian stall
Oh my goodness! Do not leave me in places like this...I might just turn into a durian overnight!
I could not even wait to make it dessert. I went straight to the stall after I could not withstand the sight of durians calling for me.
And yes local dessert is the ais kacang. Mix and match to your liking!
I love mine with extra milk and brown sugar. Slurp! 
Do not leave the garden too soon!
Order a freshly pulled teh tarik or kopi tarik and sip the Malaysian drink while basking under the moonlight.
Perfect for catching up or just to absorb the romance with your loved one.
A beautiful dinner in the garden with friends is just a beautiful way to spend the weekend.
Resorts World Kijal sets the standard for hotels to promote local food and culture. Dining experience in the hotel is laudable and I recommend it. Here, there is a good relationship between local friendliness and world-class standards. The hotel is a testament that being proud of their own culture and heritage creates a unique character that will serve the guest and themselves well. 

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