Monday, October 24, 2016

Be Beautiful with Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016-2017

I understand, sisters. They always say that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. But, we know very well that nowadays laziness is no the only thing that cause us to sigh when it comes to prettifying ourselves. Just take a look at the price tags out there! And then, Worthy Book came along. This time, its exclusively for us ladies. 
Worthy Book Ladies Edition will excite you about beauty all over again
Worthy Book Ladies Edition is a compilation of coupons and vouchers focusing on beauty, fashion, wellness and health. My eyes definitely grew wide as I flip through pages of goodies! At only RM25, this book leads you to a more beautiful self while you save more than RM30,000 worth of freebies and discounts. Worthy Book collaborates with some of the most sought after brands to bring the best of shopping to you. Let me show you what I mean.
Worthy Book Ladies Edition lets you save more than RM30,000 worth of freebies and vouchers at only RM25 per book
Things I like about the Worthy Book Ladies Edition:
  1. Genuine offers with no catch- If it is stated that there is a discount, there will be a discount. However, do glance through the validity of the voucher. Some are available only in participating outlets
  2. It is indexed well- Something that I absolutely love about this book is that it is indexed not only according to category, but also area and shopping mall and states so that you do not have scrutinize the book for a deal.
  3. Its size- This book is small enough to easily fit in any shopping bag. I ALWAYS bring it along so that I don't miss out on any freebies!
  4. It covers a wide range of women's needs- From jewelry to clothes to SPAs, I cannot think of anything that this book has missed out on giving what women adore. It deserves its title as Women Edition well. 
  5. Great gift- If this was to be a gift, it is not only a book but a present of jewelry, clothes, make up and more! It can also turn into a good men's reference book of gift ideas that are kind to their wallets.
Young Hearts Nightie
As my nighties have served me well with the most comfortable slumber, some have already passed their prime time. So off I went shopping for some cute pajamas.
Young Hearts a fun loving and young spirited brand of lingerie
40% off for bras
Bought this cute nightie for myself. Orignal price RM89.90
20% off the bill RM18.00 saved

The face gives the most important first impression. There is no better way to use the discount tickets than to stock up on my personal favourite Himalaya product to keep my face clear and radiating.
Himalaya offers some great value vouchers
Stocked up on my favourite Himalaya product at original price of RM31.70
20% off the bill RM6.35 saved

Christy Ng Shoes
As usual, women will never get enough of shoes shoes shoes! Christy Ng is one of the featured brands in Worthy Book and it led me straight to my latest pair- a black peep-toe boots at original price of RM150.
Christy Ng shoes

Shoes are one of women's best adornments
RM50 cash voucher saved RM50

My shopping is still on going. The vouchers in this book is valid until June 2017. My next targets will be:
  • Naquirkee bag using the 50% off voucher
  • OPI nail polish using Buy 2 Free 1 voucher
  • Borneo Pearls earings using RM28 voucher
  • Jatomi Fitness unlimited access of the club using FREE 7 days pass voucher

Happy shopping and stay beautiful with Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016-2017

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016-2017
Available at MPH, Times, Kinokuniya,, Popular, Borders and 7Eleven
Check out the Food edition at

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