Sunday, March 6, 2016

Food Factory @ Resorts World Genting

Breakfast is extremely vital for that lasting energy especially in a place that has endless attractions like Genting. Here is one place you can go to pile up on your energy before you start your day on the highlands at an affordable price! My sister and I had a hearty breakfast at the Food Factory for only RM29 nett! Here is a much better alternative to grocery food breakfast from 7 Eleven.
Good morning from Genting! What are you having for breakfast?
Food Factory is located on 3rd floor at First World Plaza on a sprawling 23,578 sqft area that can accommodate up to 1300 guests. Extremely clean and neat, Food Factory soups up the spirit for an adventurous day ahead!
Food Factory sprawls at 23,578 sqft area and can accomodate up to 1300 guests
There are 4 counters for you to pick your food from which in my opinion, is enough to satisfy all walks of appetite. Also, Food Factory churns out its food with some amazing high tech machines specially purchased to fit the theme.

Western Counter
At the Western counter, the star of the buffet line has to be the pancakes and its syrup fountain. Pancakes are made from a machine that churns out a piece every 10 minutes with the right heat consistency and size.
Captivated by the syrup fountain behind
Pancakes are churned out by machines
Freshly made
Pancakes with 5 different spreads available (+1 more...syrup from the fountain)
Best of all, other than syrup sprouting from the fountain, you can enjoy your pancakes with 5 other different spreads. My favourite would be the chocolate! Yum!
Scrambled eggs
Sausages, grilled tomatoes, sauteed potatoes and baked beans 
The Western spread is quite simple, with the basics one can expect. Other than the delicious sausages, and fun pancakes, I quickly took interest in the next counter.

East Asian Counter
Being Chinese, its always heart warming to have a bowl of hot congee and steamed buns. Fried noodles, fried rice and chee cheong fun are also available for those who believe in carbs in the morning. Accompanying the oriental food is an assortment of condiments that will customize the dish to your liking.
Plain congee, fish congee, fried noodles and fried rice
Condiments to your liking
Hot piping steamed bun
Fried carrot cake with XO sauce gives the buffet spread a little more character. Its pleasant to find hawker food being respected enough to be brought here.
Fried carrot cake by Chef E-Wen
If you find the fried rice here to be fluffier than usual it is because it is cleverly cooked by a fried rice machine that gives that consistent stir throughout cooking. Not all machine made food is inferior. The tireless stir covers every grain of rice with egg and flavour.
The advantage of machine fried rice is a fluffier texture and more consistency
Freshly fried rice by machine
West Asian Counter
Being Malaysians, we cannot ignore our mamak taste buds too! The West Asian counter takes care of your curry cravings with a satisfactory range of Indian food. Check out the dips which includes my favourite hummus and coconut chutney.
Of curries, chickpeas, dhal and nasi lemak
Freshly tossed capati
Variety of dips- Baba Ganoush, Coconut Chutney, Hummus
Big wok of chicken curry
Pastry Counter
If nothing suits your appetite and you are up for some pastry, suit yourself at the Pastry counter where there are a variety of breads and buns for you to choose from.
Pastries and more pastries
Food Factory also makes its pizzas using a machine that is specially bought to fit the theme. Well, to me it is more of an instant oven expediting the baking procedure. The topped pizza goes through the machine and comes out ready in a jiffy.
Chef topping the pizza
Waiting for the pizza to be out
Abundant of spreads for your bread
I like the abundant of spreads available to thickly slab on my bread. The sensational (but sinful) bite of the thick spread before the bun is possible when there is free flow of butter, peanut butter, jam and kaya!
Jom breakfast!
End your power meal with some fresh sliced fruit to wash the palate or to supplement the daily fibre you need.
Sliced fruits to wash your palate and perhaps for the fibre of the day?

Breakfast @ The Food Factory
RM29.00 nett (adult) RM14.50 nett (children)
Children from 5-11 yrs old

Hi-tea @ The Food Factory in conjunction with the upcoming school holiday
5,6,12,13,19,20,26,17 March 2016
RM38.00 nett (adult) RM19.00 nett (children)

The Food Factory
Level 3, First World Plaza,
Resorts World Genting